The Doll 2 Movie Review

The Doll is a very popular horror-thriller film from Indonesia. In addition to The Dolls 1, 2 and 3, there is also the movie Sabrina, a sequel or a spinoff of The Doll 2. On this occasion, Bacaterus wants to review the movie The Doll 2 here.

The movie The Doll 2 is quite closely related to the previous film, although the use of dolls is different, there are mentions of issues from the previous film. Instead of being curious, just check out the following The Doll 2 recap and review!

The Doll 2 movie synopsis

  • Release year 2017
  • Genres Adult , Based on True Story , Family , Horror , Mystery , Thriller
  • Soraya Stone Director
  • Cast Herjunot Ali Luna Maya Sara Wijayanto Maria Sabta Rydhen Afexi Ira Ilva Sari

The film opens with a panicked family. They asked two psychics to go there. One of the psychics, Laras (Sara Wijayanto), says that the family entered a room that was forbidden to open because there was a Ghawiyah doll in it. From the conversations of the psychics, it is known that this is not the first time Laras has dealt with the haunted doll. According to him, the doll is still in the world because there are unfinished works.

Laras begins to pray and tells the demon possessed Shela, one of the children in the family, to ask him for help. The demon also invited Laras to discuss. In fact, the demon repressed his anger towards Laras because he thwarted his earlier revenge tactics (see The Doll first). The Devil would calm down if Laras felt what he felt, namely the loss of his family.

Laras immediately ran home when he remembered his daughter at home, Shera. Apparently Shera was possessed by a demon. Using Shera’s body, the knife-wielding demon kills the domestic worker at her house. Then he stabbed Shera’s body with the same knife. Shera and her maid were both found ‘hanging themselves’ in the backyard of the house.

The Doll 2

The story shifts to Maira (Luna Maya), who appears to be playing jigsaw puzzles with her daughter, Kayla (Shofia Shireen). The scene is presented in the form of material taken from Kayla’s POV, because this girl loves to record everything that happens in her life. From a game of ‘hide and seek’, Maira found Kayla’s favorite item that was intentionally hidden, a doll named Sabrina.

That night, Kayla’s father, Aldo (Herjunot Ali), invites Maira to dinner with his boss because he has just been promoted at his office. They wanted to leave Kayla at her parents’ house because they had agreed that they wouldn’t leave their baby with a babysitter unless they were with the family. Unfortunately, on the way their car broke down and caused an accident. All survived except Kayla.

After Kayla’s death, Maira was devastated. Every day he seemed to ignore Aldo. He also takes time to daydream. If not, he’ll stay in Kayla’s room, watching a video of his son holding a Sabrina doll.

In order to relieve his wife’s stress, Aldo bought a cake because today is Kayla’s birthday. He wants this family to remember the sweet memories, Kayla will calm down, not sad anymore. Aldo also wishes one thing before blowing out the candles alone, which is to hope that Kayla can make Maira smile again.

That night Maira woke up to hearing voices. Like the toilet flushing and the TV turning on by itself. That’s Kayla’s routine when she wakes up in the middle of the night. He also found Sabrina’s doll that was supposed to be in the closet but ended up in the bed. However, Aldo, who found his wife, tried to come up with a logical explanation for this.

In the morning, Maira asks Yani (Ira Ilva Sari), the maid at her house. The TV in the downstairs room is clearly broken, so it shouldn’t be on. The house has guests, it turns out Elsa (Maria Sabta) is playing there. Elsa invites Maira out of the house so she won’t be too late. However, in the cafe there is a small family that reminds him of Kayla.

Elsa also suggested that Maira call Kayla with the song “Lingsir Wengi” which is said to be able to summon spirits from another world. That night, Aldo had said that he would be home late, so Elsa and Maira were free to do the funeral at home. Maira plays an instrument while singing. They both do everything stated on the internet about the spirit summoning procedure.

Maira and Elsa think that what they are doing is not working. Elsa also gives another suggestion, which is to let Maira rearrange her life by doing the things she usually does. Starting with lifting the clothesline, Maira felt herself going crazy because the clothesline she had taken was suddenly reattached.

Later, Maira finds a Sabrina doll nearby. That drives him crazy and he runs to Kayla’s room. There, Sabrina’s doll lay on the bed with the words “play” written on a piece of paper, just like Kayla had written.

Elsa also takes Maira to visit Laras, because what her friend needs is not a psychologist but a psychic. Laras, who is traumatized by his son’s death, is reluctant to help, but he eventually finds himself entangled in Maira and Aldo’s family problems. What does Kayla really mean?

The Doll 2 movie review

Beautiful filming

For the scale of a horror movie, I admit that the footage is very, very good. The director not only included important images but also added beautiful scenes here and there. Not only that, ‘normal’ shooting looks good too.

An Ancient Horror style jumpscare

This 2017 movie still uses sound effects and scares in the old horror movie style. It’s not a big deal, because even now many people still use techniques like this. Perhaps this is more in line with the audience’s preferences, which horror spice they prefer.

Review The Doll 2

Personally, I like horror movies that don’t have exaggerated sound effects or scenes that shock me. Because in this movie there are too many scary scenes that lead to discomfort, not scary.

Spoiler alert! Apparently Aldo and Yani had an affair. All because Maira really wanted to have children, while they still didn’t have children.

In fact, Kayla’s intentions were good, namely to tell her parents what really happened, namely that Yani paid someone to cut the brakes on her owner’s family car. that. But, why should everyone get hurt first, huh? Although his father and mother are the ones he cares about, right?

In my opinion, the bloody scene where the two psychics were injured because they were able to prevent Kayla from taking revenge was absurd. Like, let’s make the situation more sinister and intriguing since there’s a lot of bloodshed everywhere.

But, then his father and mother were also hurt, even more because Yani suddenly became as if he had superpowers to kill his two masters.

Maira also seems very weak as she cannot be as agile as Yani to respond to all her treatments. The strange thing is that Maira is still alive and still able to move despite Yani being stabbed with a knife, beaten many times and suffocated with LPG gas.

Some of the details are a bit absurd

At the beginning of the film, Kayla is shown as a cheerful kid who loves filming. However, Kayla’s video looks too professional for a small child, doesn’t it? Although it can be done as if it were an amateur video with camera shake for example. So it would be clearer if the person filming the video was a child.

There are also small details left out, such as Kayla’s grave. The graves should have been just red mounds. However, as can be seen in the photo above, Kayla’s grave was overgrown with grass like an ancient tomb.

Movie The Doll 2

Then there’s the scene where Yani is tied up. It doesn’t seem that easy to break the wire, especially if you’re only using light shards that are supposed to be… not very sharp. But, Yani can easily do that, you know! Yani is very stylish, like Evelyn Salt’s incarnation in the action movie Salt (2010).

Although her daily life consists of cleaning, sweeping, and washing clothes, she suddenly takes the place of Maira, who happens to be taller than her. Anyway, the rope (which is very thick) is also neat, if cut with a lamp, it will become a cake, a messy rope.

Interesting acting

Luna Maya and Herjunot Ali, who doesn’t know them? Both are seasoned actors. They are young, but their activities in the world of cinema are already numerous. The acting of the two is no longer debatable, it must be said that it is good. The chemistry between the two of them as husband and wife is also very good.

I don’t think the supporting cast is the problem either. The weakness of this movie is not in the actors but in some of the points that I mentioned above.

Overall, this movie is quite enjoyable to watch. Especially if you follow all these movie franchises, because the stories are interrelated. However, if you can’t stand a lot of gore, you might feel a bit nauseous at the end as it becomes more of a horror movie than a horror movie.

Did you also see the movie The Doll 2? What do you think about this movie? Story in the comment column, let’s go.

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