The Book of Fish Movie Review

Exiled for being accused of studying Catholicism, a scholar trusted by the king, Jeong Yak Jeon, is exiled to a remote island. While living in exile, Yak Jeon meets a local young man who is smart and knowledgeable about fish.

A young man named Chang Dae, who works as a fisherman every day, has created an interest in the world of fish and the sea.

Yak Jeon plans to write a book about fish with Chang Dae’s help, instead he is willing to teach the boy to understand books.

The friendship between the two begins as a teacher-student relationship, until Chang Dae is faced with a difficult choice. What is the story of their friendship? Summary and Review of the Book of Fish (2021) you can see the following!

Summary of The Book of Fish

Release yearYear 2021
CategoryBlack and white, Drama, History, Religion, Sageuk
ManufacturingCineworld Megabox Plus USA
ManagerLee Joon Ik
CastSol Kyung Gu

Byun Yo Han

In 1801, King Jeongjo (Jung Jin Young) welcomes Jeong Yak Jeon (Sol Kyung Gu) into the kingdom to serve him. The king was not interested in Yak Jeon’s family’s hobby of learning Western lessons.

The king just wanted Yak Jeon alive because one day he would need him. The meaning of Western learning is clearly the teaching of Christ.

The three Jeong brothers, Jeong Yak Jeon, Jeong Yak Jong and Jeon Yak Yong, are accused of teaching satanic lessons that could harm the country. So, less than a year after King Jeongjo’s death, the court officials demanded that they be punished

Jeong Yak Jeon and Yak Yong were arrested, while Jeong Yak Jong (Choi Won Young) bravely left himself.

In a state of bondage and helplessness, Yak Jong remained steadfast and said that the Catholic Faith is absolute truth. He will not change his faith just because it is forbidden.

The only thing he regrets is that his two older brothers, Yak Jeon and Yak Yong (Ryu Seung Ryong), rejected the faith he believed in. Among Yak Jeon and Yak Yong, only Yak Jeon sided with the palace.

Yak Yong himself is willing to die to protect his two brothers, in contrast to Yak Jeon, who is willing to exterminate Catholics in ten days.

Apparently the choice Yak Jeon made really confused the royal party. They couldn’t justify Yak Jeon killing his two brothers, but if the palace didn’t kill Yak Yong, a thousand executions would be meaningless.

After that, the palace began to search for the whereabouts of their grandson, Hwang Sa Young. To conceal it, Hwang writes a letter to the Jeong brothers, instead, this act is considered a betrayal.

Knowing that the matter was known to the palace, Yak Jeon protested. Because in the letter it was clear that he and Yak Yong did not agree with Yak Jong, as well as Yak Yong swore to the king to renounce Catholicism.

Yak Jeon can smell the bad intentions of the palace officials, who just want to erase the deceased king’s will. Palace officials then devised another plan by banishing Yak Jeon to Black Mountain Island; a remote island.

The residents of Black Mountain Island were surprised because that day they saw Governor Eom Bu Gil (Jo Woo Jin) coming to the beach. Apparently, Bu Gil came to greet Yak Jeon.

However, when Yak Jeon arrives there, Bu Gil introduces him as a traitor to the people. They immediately discovered rumors about the ‘Western Lessons’ that Yak Jeon was learning.

Bu Gil then asks one of the residents willing to take over Yak Jeon. Among the many, a widow named Gageo (Lee Jung Eun), is appointed by Bu Gil.

Despite showing disapproval on his face, especially since he lives alone, Gageo follows Mrs. Gil’s orders. When he got home, Gageo was quite friendly. He even prepared a meal of raw fish slices for Yak Jeon.

The raw fish that Gageo serves is caught by a young man named Park Chang Dae (Byun Yo Han). Chang Dae is a pretty smart young man on the island. He read a lot of books and started to run out of them.

After living on the island for a while, Yak Jeon happened to meet Chang Dae on the beach. Talking for a bit, Yak Jeon can guess that the young man who explained to him about the sea anemone is Chang Dae.

Soon the two met again. This time, Yak Jeon asked Chang Dae to study with him. However, instead of enthusiasm, Chang Dae vehemently refused. He didn’t want to learn from the traitor and didn’t want to be influenced by him.

Chang Dae’s words made Yak Jeon both angry and thoughtful. At the next meeting, Chang Dae unexpectedly saves Yak Jeon, who is trying to commit suicide after being distraught by circumstances.

Yak Jeon then has a chance to return the favor by helping Chang Dae get out of prison for fighting Bu Gil.

The relationship between the two, which was initially not so good, began to improve clumsily. Yak Jeon is increasingly fascinated by Chang Dae’s knowledge of fish and intelligence.

Yak Jeon was inspired to write a book about seas and fish with pictures. He intends to invite Chang Dae to collaborate, to be exact, to trade.
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