The Beekeeper (2024) Movie Review

We can finally see Jason Statham on the big screen again after starring in Expend4bles (2023). In his latest action movie called The Beekeeper, there is something new and different from many movies starring Jason Statham, that is, this movie reminds us of the story John Wick, his most recent film received a lot of praise from critics.

Another difference is that this movie was directed by David Ayer, who is famous for his brutal and sadistic actions in every movie he stars in. Take for example Fury (2014) and Suicide Squad (2016), which of course we’ve seen. Can The Beekeeper please us like John Wick?

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Summary of the movie The Beekeeper

In the large house occupied by Eloise Parker (Phylicia Rashad), Adam Clay (Jason Statham) rents a warehouse and a portion of land for beekeeping and daily activities.

One day, he discovers that Eloise committed suicide, and after being investigated by her daughter and FBI agent, Verona Parker (Emmy Raver-Lampman), her mother died because of the money she managed. appears to have been siphoned off by a systematic, organized cyber fraud. .

Verona does not know that Adam Clay is a former member of a secret organization called the Beekeepers that only a few people in the intelligence community know about. After learning that Eloise died because of this, Clay sought revenge on those behind the scam.

He contacted his colleagues and was shocked to learn who was behind this organized crime. Clay then took extreme actions and scared many people, because this crime touched people he could not reach.

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Reviews of the movie The Beekeeper

Brutal brutal action with captivating choreography

Watching The Beekeeper reminds us of the classic premise that appeared in John Wick (2014). This premise, which is actually very simple, turns out to provoke the anger of the main character who tends to stay silent to take the next action.

If in John Wick, the trigger is the loss of the car and the dog, then in The Beekeepers, the trigger is the death of Eloise, making Clay extremely angry and take extremely extreme actions.

Once again, David Ayer’s trademark is present in portraying a strong and brave protagonist. This character is successfully created through the image of Jason Statham, who can perform martial arts actions against many people at the same time, with his bare hands or with a gun.

This act is of course done with the sadistic David Ayer style that we often see in his movies. There’s a scene reminiscent of John Wick where the operator is tasked with tracking down Clay. Fortunately, the similarities do not continue, if it continues to be done many times, The Beekeeper will certainly be directly compared to John Wick.

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The story is neat with the tension maintained till the end

It can be said that The Beekeeper is one of Jason Statham’s solo films in the past decade. The story is well-structured and uses game-style standards, where the tension continues to build as you face enemies that become increasingly more difficult as time goes on.

The similarity of the Beehive or beekeeper’s hive is that it was originally responsible for eliminating defective queens or in this case, bees.

Without any significant reduction in tension, Ayer is able to maintain the pace of this film and keep the audience sitting and enjoying the action this film presents until the end.

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Conclusion about the movie The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper is very definitely the best action movie of this year. The story is very modern and unmarketable. Cybercrime is currently on the rise and this film has succeeded in implementing it in a very interesting way on the big screen.

The action scenes remind us of The Transporter saga, the beloved action movie of everyone who idolizes Jason Statham. However, Statham’s actions have now reached new heights with Ayer’s sadistic style, and will keep us awake as we watch this movie until the end.


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