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The Batman Moview Review (2022)

After several delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, director Matt Reeves will finally release Batman on March 4, 2022. This Batman movie is a new chapter in Robert’s version of Bruce Wayne. Pattinson, which has previously been played by a number of actors including Adam West., Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck.

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In January 2019, Ben Affleck, who played Batman in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), decided to leave his own Batman movie project. Warner Bros. then recruited Robert Pattinson to play Bruce Wayne in The Batman. Said to be Affleck’s replacement, but no, Pattinson turned out to be the non-DCEU Batman.

Batman’s plot has absolutely no connection to the DCEU. This movie even follows the start of Bruce’s new career as Batman in Gotham for two years. Besides Batman, this movie also features a series of iconic DC characters, including Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin and others.

Batman tells the story of Bruce, who has lived his Batman life for two years. Amidst the chaos of Gotham, the city is suddenly shaken by the murder of the mayor. From these murders, many puzzles arise that prompt Batman to reveal Gotham’s dark secrets. Let ‘s  find out more details about the movie Batman: Expose the truth with Movie Salenhanh !

Synopsis of the movie Batman: Expose the Truth

The content of the new Batman movie (The Batman 2022) tells the story of Batman becoming a crime hunter in Gotham City for 2 years to terrify criminals. In the action, Batman teams up with his trusted ally, Alfred Pennyworth as his personal assistant, and Lt. James Gordon.

In acts of vigilance to crush corrupt city officials or capture other high-profile criminals, Batman is recognized as the only one who can bring revenge to the citizens who are angry with the criminal. the behavior of criminals.

Batman Movies

Until one day on Halloween night, Don Mitchell Jr. who was once the mayor of Gotham is found dead at the hands of a serial killer known as The Riddler. From the crime scene, Batman finds a special message addressed to him.

Along with his two allies, Batman conducts an investigation as well as finding the meaning behind the special message. While the investigation continues, The Riddler is looking for another victim, Police Commissioner Pete Savage. Another message is found by Batman and becomes a series of puzzles to be solved.

While trying to solve the puzzle, Batman and the team find a photo containing Mitchell with a woman named Annika. The photo was taken at an Iceberg Lounge club run by Oswald Cobblepot or Penguin. However, when Batman encounters Penguin, no clues are given.

Batman Exposing the Truth

Batman and The Riddler chase each other. The victims continued to increase. In his quest to unravel the mysteries behind The Riddler’s message, Batman must uncover the great secret behind the past of his family and Gotham City.

The Batman (The Batman 2022) Movie Review

It’s no secret that DC movies are synonymous with dark movies. Whether Warner Bros. now starting to make DCEU movies and series with softer shades, DC’s dark color image still lingers. The presence of The Batman further extends the list of DC movies with dark nuances and far from comedy.

Not only the story, the film’s choice of image tones is also really dark as what you can see in the trailer. The film’s darkness is further supported by a plot so suspenseful that you can feel the tension from start to finish. The more puzzles Batman solves from the Riddler, the more thrilling this movie will be.

Review Batman 2022

The Batman director and writer, specifically Matt Reeves, deserves the audience’s support! In terms of information, this movie focuses more on telling the Batman side of the detective. Reeves has crafted a detective story that is solid and full of unexpected mystery. The puzzles that Riddler plays are clever and you will be amazed to witness how Batman solves the puzzles.

Reeves also tried to create a Batman that has its own characteristics. After watching The Batman, it’s hard to compare Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman with Ben Affleck’s Batman, Christian Bale’s, Michael Keaton’s or any other version. You see, Pattinson’s version of Batman has a charm of its own that other versions of Batman don’t have. Once again, congratulations to Matt Reeves!

The Batman movie is very long

One thing you need to know before watching The Batman is that this movie has a duration of 2 hours 56 minutes or you can consider it almost 3 hours! For a solo superhero movie, The Batman has a pretty long run. However, such a long time does not make this movie feel boring at all, even it feels like 3 hours is really too short because viewers are completely absorbed in each episode of the film.

Movie Batman Salenhanh

The power of the story is so intense that you have to wait for what will be revealed next. The way Riddler plays Batman and the way Batman solves Riddler’s puzzles are the main points that make you feel attached to this movie.

The problem with most series is that there are often a few scenes that don’t really matter. However, director Matt Reeves tries to make every second of The Batman’s three hours count. There are no lengthy and unimportant scenes in this movie. You see, each scene supports Bruce and Batman’s character development. In addition, this movie also shows eye-catching action scenes.

All the actors in Batman have done their roles well

When Robert Pattinson was first announced as Batman, many were skeptical of the decision. Most people disagree with choosing Pattinson because of the actor’s experience in the Twilight series. Despite his doubts, Pattinson managed to prove that he was the right man to play Brue Wayne in The Batman.

Robert Pattinson

Not only does Pattinson appear perfect, almost all the actors in this movie give their best, especially Paul Dano, who plays Riddler. When Riddler wore the mask, Dano presented a character that everyone feared because of his intelligence. As Riddler takes off his mask, we’re all the more worried about the villain as Dano has a frantic expression that makes you not want to get close to him!

Excellent music and visuals

When the trailer for The Batman was released, many people pointed out that the image was too dark. It’s dark, but not without reason. The dark visuals really support the plot of this film and the gloom of Gotham as a city is completely damaged by the corruption of its rulers.

Review Batman exposes the truth

Despite the dark tones, the cinematography presented in The Batman is no joke. Without a doubt, The Batman is one of the best cinematic superhero movies. Watching The Batman is like watching a piece of dark art that will amaze you with its stunning details.

Besides cinematography, another thing worth paying attention to in this movie is the music. The soundtrack created by Michael Giacchino really succeeds in building the intensity of this movie’s storyline. Those who rarely pay attention to the music score when watching the movie will also recognize the musical score of The Batman.

The Dark Knight (2008) is consistently called the best Batman movie to date. Who would have thought, Matt Reeves has succeeded in making a Batman movie of the same quality as The Dark Knight! Without a doubt, The Batman is a Reeves masterpiece that has set a new standard for superhero movies.

Trailer of the movie Batman: Exposing the Truth


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