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    Director Makoto Shinkai has just released a new animated film called Suzume no Tojimari. Like his previous works, Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) and Tenki no Ko (Weathering With You), Suzume no Tojimari is also of great interest and anticipation by anime fans. Both of Shinkai’s previous animated films have enjoyed great success, not only in Japan but also in many other countries, helping to make his name widely known among the anime-loving community.

    Synopsis of the movie Suzume no Tojimari

    Suzume is a girl who lives in a seaside town, where she has experienced many good memories in life. One day, Suzume meets Souta, a mysterious young man who is determined to find an ancient site in an abandoned area. Although Suzume wasn’t too interested in the matter at first, after learning that Souta was having a hard time, she decided to help him find the place she was looking for.

    After finding the secret location, Suzume and Souta discovered a mysterious creature that caused many disasters across Japan. Wanting to solve this problem, the two decide to go on an adventure around Japan, looking for solutions to seal the creature and ensure everyone’s safety.

    During this journey, Suzume and Souta encountered many difficulties and challenges. However, thanks to the perseverance and determination of both, they succeeded in dealing with the mysterious creature and rescued many people from danger. Finally, Suzume and Souta also returned home with many good memories and full of hope for the future.


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    The earthquake scene appears as the basis for the plot

    Makoto Shinkai’s latest anime works – ‘Your Name’, ‘Weathering With You’ and ‘Suzume no Tojimari’ – share many plot similarities, with particular emphasis on the disaster aspect. Looking through these three works, we can see the different effects that disasters bring.

    In ‘Your Name’, representing the disaster is the falling of a meteorite. This event had a big impact on the main character’s life and created a lot of trouble in the plot. Meanwhile, ‘Weathering With You’ focuses on the effects of climate change. The main character of the story lives in a world affected by strange and ominous weather phenomena.

    As for ‘Suzume no Tojimari’, we get to witness the destructive power of a massive earthquake in the Tohoku region of 2011. It was one of the strongest earthquakes in Japanese history, with dozens of people killed and Thousands of people lost their homes, schools and livelihoods. This event seriously affected the lives of many people and left a deep wound in the hearts of Japanese people.

    Although Makoto Shinkai’s works share the same theme of disaster, each focuses on a different aspect of the event. This shows the diverse talents of the director and his ability to build stories with subtlety and depth.

    Review SUZUME

    Suzume, a young girl, has faced trauma since a very young age when she lost her mother. However, it was that wound that created a “limit” in her soul, preventing her from allowing anyone access to her heart. Even for those who had been with her for so many years like her aunt, Suzume wouldn’t allow them to become a part of her life.

    Although Suzume looks radiant and happy like a normal teenage girl, she finds it difficult to find joy and happiness in life. However, thanks to the “distance” she created, she was able to avoid the same painful emotions as losing her mother.

    Suzume no Tojimari tells the story of Suzume’s journey to face that deep pain and hurt, while trying to save the world from the dangers that threaten it. We will experience her adventures throughout Japan, from Miyazaki on the island of Kyushu, through Tokushima and Kobe, then to Tokyo, Miyagi and finally Tohoku – where she was born.

    During her journey, Suzume will face many difficult challenges, seek help from those around her, and try to overcome her grief. However, with perseverance and courage, Suzume will be able to regain faith and happiness in her life.

    SUZUME Review

    Earthquakes caused by giant creatures

    Suzume no Tojimari, a film by director Makoto Shinkai, uses the Japanese earthquake scene as the basis for its story. Japan is one of the countries that regularly suffers from large and small earthquakes. In this movie, the earthquakes are not caused by a giant catfish as in the local myth, but instead by giant worms preparing to escape to the world above.

    Worms known as Mimizu are protected by a door that is guarded and locked by Tojishi (who is responsible for locking the door) to prevent the creature from escaping. And Souta and Suzume’s mission is to go to abandoned places and close the doors inside to prevent natural disasters from happening.

    However, the story of the giant catfish in Japanese mythology is still handed down and is said to be the root of the earthquakes that occur in this country. Traditionally, a giant catfish named ‘Namasu’ was imprisoned by Takemikazuchi (the god of thunder) and subdued under a large rock. It is believed that earthquakes will occur whenever Takemikazuchi is caught off guard and Namasu can freely move its massive body around to wreak havoc on the earth.

    This shows that Japan is a country rich in culture with unique legends and myths, along with special natural phenomena. Incorporating these elements into cultural works, such as movies, helps create compelling and unique stories.

    Movie SUZUME

    Daijin in the form of a cat

    The movie Suzume no Tojimari uses a three-chapter story structure, creating a compelling narrative. The first act introduces supernatural elements, creating curiosity and excitement for viewers. The second half of the film focuses on threats and seriousness, increasing complexity and raising questions that challenge the viewer’s imagination. Meanwhile, the final part of the film deals with problems and consequences skillfully, bringing satisfaction to the audience.

    Although the plot of the film moves fast and is interesting, however, it is unfortunate that much of the content can be easily predicted. However, the shots and the use of light and color in the film provide a great viewing experience. Vibrant lights and colors are subtly combined, creating a special atmosphere for each shot, adding to the liveliness and aesthetic of the film.

    The music in the film is also very impressive, especially Suzume’s soundtrack that blends well with the scenes. The collaboration between Radwimps and Makoto Shinkai brought a breakthrough in the music of this movie.

    Unlike the previous two films, Your Name and Weathering With You, Suzume no Tojimari has a more obvious villain, Daijin in the form of a cat. This character not only serves as a plot addition, but also helps define the purpose and mystery of the story. This creates an extra element of complexity and interest for the viewer, making the film more engaging and worth watching.

    About SUZUME

    Many messages are hidden inside

    There are many hidden messages that Shinkai wants to convey in this movie, through connected doors in various parts of Japan, Shinkai tries to say that, just like life, there are doors. that we must close in order to move forward and continue to grow. Even though sometimes the door is where the past we have to let go and sometimes the door is the painful past that weighs on us. Perhaps Shinkai is saying that we should not forget the past but face it for the present and look to the future.

    Shinkai, on the other hand, pays homage to and reminds many different abandoned places, whether it be houses, schools, villages, parks, or hot springs that stretch across Japan’s geography, where people the population is getting older and less populated and as a result many places are eventually abandoned and forgotten. Shinkai provides reality about the current state of Japan through the adventures of Suzume and Souta on a trip through various places in Japan in this movie.

    Conclusion of the movie Suzume no Tojimari

    The story features great characters with a deep exploration of the painful feelings of accepting loss and letting someone else get to the bottom of your heart. With stunning visuals and powerful thematically connected music. Make the audience laugh or cry.

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