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Survivor is an action thriller film about British and American spies that was broadcast in 2015. James McTeigue is trusted to direct the film while Philip Shelby is assigned to write the script. This movie also attracted big stars like Milla Jovovich and Pierce Brosnan.

This 96-minute film tells the story of a Diplomatic Security Service agent named Kate Abbott, who has to clear her name.

Kate became the prime suspect in the murder and bombing that killed part of the workers at the US Embassy in London. Kate’s recklessness to uncover crimes also saves lives.

Synopsis of Survivor (Reaction)

Survivor_Poster (Copy)
Release year2015
CategoryAction, Crime, Horror
ManufacturingChartoff-Winkler Productions, Millennium Films
ManagerJames McTeigue
CastMilla Jovovich

Pierce Brosnan

Angela Bassett

Dylan McDermott

The film opens with a gunfight that takes place in the Middle East. An American soldier, Johnny Talbot (Paddy Wallace) is captured by Muslim terrorists and forced to witness the execution of his colleague, Ray (Parker Sawyers). The story then enters the present by taking the setting in London.

Kate Abbott (Milla Jovovich) is a Diplomatic Security Service agent working for the US Embassy in London. He started working in the government after his close friends were killed in the September 11, 2011 attacks (terrorist) World Trade Center ).

Reducing the risk of a terrorist attack happening again, Kate upgraded the way it works by implementing new, stricter rules for applicants’ visa applications.

Kate said whoever checks the validity of a visa, they must carefully consider who, the profession and the purpose of the visit, if it involves chemicals, gas and other things, Kate must be approved. notification.

One day, Kate’s partner, Naomi (Antonia Thomas), who was in charge of checking visas, found an applicant named Dr. Emil Balan (Roger Rees) works in the gas industry, but coming to New York for an unrelated pediatric conference, Naomi immediately calls Kate.

Unable to ask much, Kate’s boss Bill Talbot (Robert Foster) says he can’t detain a visa applicant just because he has unfounded suspicions. Lost ballot, Dr. Emil Balan also escaped. But it is still being investigated by Kate. He continued to search for information about Dr. This Emily. This creates chaos internally.

Kate went so far that National Security went to the Embassy to ask Kate for information about the allegations about Dr. Kate. Emil.

Kate then explains in detail what she means, but Inspector Paul (James D’Arcy) doesn’t approve. However, Kate’s direct supervisor Sam (Dylan McDermott) doesn’t mind that.

Dr. Emil, who turns out to be part of a terrorist plot, then reports to Pavlou (Benno Fürmann) the mastermind of a terrorist plan carried out in New York during New Year’s celebrations.

Finally Pavlou acts, he asks Bill to invite them to dinner together at the restaurant chosen for Bill’s birthday, the rest will be done by Pavlou.

Pavlou, who teamed up with the assassin nicknamed the watchmaker , prompts the killer to eliminate Kate, along with her friends.

But the assassin’s plot is missed, when the restaurant is bombed and kills all of Kate’s colleagues, Kate has time to shop around the restaurant until she is not killed. This puts the terrorist group in danger.

While Bill did not die as part of an act of terror. When they got to the restaurant, he went back to the office to clear records of the visas he had approved for terrorists about to enter the United States.

Kate, who survived the explosion, then tried to call for help, but Kate’s face was caught by the watchmaker (Pierce Brosnan) who immediately chased after him.

Kate ran away leaving behind a bag of identification and a debit card she used to buy gifts. As soon as security got there, they immediately informed Sam that all of Kate’s colleagues were dead but Kate was not there. The act of terrorism then spread quickly and Kate’s whereabouts were traced.

An investigation into the attack revealed that the bomb contained chromium, Sam then reduced the number of perpetrators to one person, namely the watchmaker , one of the most wanted killers. best of the world. He is famous for detonating a bomb of similar content in Paris two years earlier.

Watchmaker One never knows what he looks like because he has undergone many plastic surgeries over the years. Now that only Kate knows the face of the watchmaker , he seeks to find out the truth behind the case. While conducting the investigation, he meets Bill, who immediately tries to kill him.

Kate automatically defended but she accidentally reversed the situation causing Bill to be shot, her actions were recorded by many people in the park, causing Kate to stir about the shooting, she also sometimes pointed a gun at her. The watchmaker who had caught him in the park made the notion that he was a gunman clear.

Like a snowball, Kate was finally hunted. But he did meet Sam at Bill’s apartment. There he told what really happened. Not long after, the watchmaker arrives and attacks, leaving Sam unconscious and Kate escaping. He is forced to sneak into the embassy to get a fake passport to catch up with Dr. Emily goes to New York.

Meanwhile, the watchmaker has conducted a successful test of a gas weapon that destroys an empty apartment block in Hamlets.

After talking to his client, Pavlou, the watchmaker learns his reason is not an act of terrorism but rather about cashing out the stock when disaster strikes, while Dr. Emil executes the gas bomb to avenge his wife’s death due to visa problems.

In New York, Dr. Emil prepares for a gas bomb to be detonated by a watchmaker . Before firing the ball, he killed Dr. Emil to erase his relationship with himself.

Luckily Kate arrived at the right time, fighting back to the watchmaker until he fell to his death and everyone survived. Kate’s name was cleared again when all doubts about Dr. Emil proved it.

Kate’s Attitude

Survivor_Kate (Clone)

Throughout the film, Kate, who is actually the main character, is turned into a villain by people from the National Security Bureau. They chase Kate because they believe that Kate is the leader of all murders and bombings that take the lives of many people, even though Kate is completely innocent .

In response to this, Kate, who had no one managed to save herself from everyone’s pursuit; Starting from the pursuit of security forces and the killer of the watchmaker .

He stays calm until he can think cleanly, he also doesn’t want to make the people around him a victim, making the reason he’s really good at hiding.

Full of help

Survivor_Help (Copy)

Fortunately, in the midst of people’s distrust, during the chase, there were still 3 people calling for help. Watching these 3 people help Kate, made the audience extremely nervous because they could be arrested and Kate could immediately know her whereabouts.

The first people to help Kate are Kate’s best friends in London, which are Lisa (Genevieve O’Reilly), Kate’s boss at the Embassy, ​​and Sally (Frances de la Tour) who is an employee of the Open Embassy. door and access the embassy’s data bank.

Without them, perhaps Dr. Emil can carry out the bombing plan smoothly and Kate will still be charged.

Market premise

Survivor_Premise (Clone)

Movies with a premise like this have actually hit the market. It made a Survivor movie that couldn’t get a good place in the hearts of the audience so the response was for this movie. They did not find anything new or special to delight them more than other similar films.

This ultimately affected the film’s rating by all film critics, most of whom did not give it a good review; and have to admit that this movie can be said to be funny but normal. Salenhanh gives a score of 3/5 for a movie that only makes a profit that is not commensurate with this production capital. Too bad huh?


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