The game [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT on the Roblox platform has created a bright and promising world for players. Designed with a unique environment and eye-catching colors, the experience in the summer tropical world is a wonderful journey that awaits.

Stepping into [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT, you will embark on a challenging adventure on a charming tropical island. This is not only a place for you to explore the summer with cool forests and picturesque beaches, but also a place that hides a mysterious secret – the ONE FRUIT fruit. Infused with some supernatural power, this fruit is sure to fuel your curiosity and guts to learn more.


Your mission is to become an ingenious explorer, pursue the ONE FRUIT fruit and discover the magical power behind it. In this journey, you will not only have to overcome tough challenges but also solve logic puzzles, creatively interact with your surroundings to go further in your adventure.

Exploration is more than just exploring tropical environments and facing challenges. In [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT, you also have the opportunity to socialize and build relationships with friends and other players. Team up to solve more complex puzzles or show off your community-building talents on this exciting tropical island.

Let’s admire the beautiful graphics and listen to the ear-catching music, creating a world as vivid as never before. [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT on Roblox is not just a game, but a journey that combines challenge, discovery and creativity. Are you ready to uncover the mystery of ONE FRUIT fruit and face the challenges that await on the tropical summer island? Join now to discover and experience a true adventure!

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Instructions on how to enter the code [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT

  • Step 1: Log in to the website homepage [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT
  • Step 2: Select the giftcode box [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT on the left hand side
  • Step 3: Enter the code [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT to receive the gift

How to get the fanpage event code [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT

  • Step 1: Access the fanpage [SUMMER] ONE FRUIT
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🔨 Information: Major updates are usually made during the first week of each month, however, minor updates can happen at any time. Wishing everyone a great game! 💰 New code with 110K likes, code shared on:

🐦 🍎 Current Fruit Types: Invisible, Spin, Kilo, Barrier, Chop, Bomb, Love, Sand, Fire, Mirror, Dark, Smoke, Light, Ice, Gravity, Paw, Magma, Electric, String, Rubber, Snow, Shadow, Tremor, Dragon, Mochi, Vampire

🆙 Max Level: 6500 / Max Stat Level: 13000

🤩 Join the famous Straw Hats and fight enemies, adventure alongside teammates and test out all the great action of One Fruit Simulator in PVP and PVE matches.

🗺️ An open world role-playing game with a training system similar to traditional simulators. ⚔️ The battles between pirates and sailors are about to begin!

🤩 On the official fan page of One Fruit Simulator, you always have the latest information about the game, and also a lot of news to share at any time! Come and follow us now!

💵 Premium players will receive enhanced in-game benefits.

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