Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Movie Review

A development of GUND technology by a group of people for the future of mankind. Some people believe that Gundam will be useful to mankind, but some see Gundam as a controversial tool because it has a negative side to the human body.

Gundam Lfrith has yet to complete testing. Meanwhile, Ochs Earth’s sponsor, the Mobile Suit Development Council, has decided to withdraw their support.

Not only that, Dellian Rembran, the leader of the Cathedra, authorized a military attack on the Earth research station Ochs. The attack killed most of the staff, while Elnora and her daughter hid inside Lfrith.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury premieres on October 2, 2022. You can watch the anime via Netflix or Vidio, which airs every Sunday.

Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Summary

  • Release year 2022
  • Genre Science Fiction
  • Sunrise production
  • Director Hiroshi Kobayashi
  • Cast Kana Ichinose Lynn _

In an era when many companies are going into space to build economic systems, a girl from the planet Mercury attends the Asticassia School of Technology.

Suletta Mercury, this girl steps through a new world with red light burning in her pure heart.

Episodes 1-3

Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Suletta Mercury began joining the Asticassia School of Technology. On his way to his school, he sees a trapped astronaut.

Feeling helpless, Suletta and her mobile suit, Aerial, save the astronaut. However, after being rescued, the female astronaut was angry with Suletta for stopping her attempt to escape to Earth.

Arriving at school, Suletta reunites with the girl she saved, Miorine Rembran. Suletta also knows that the reason Miorine ran away was because she was forced to marry by her father, Delling Rembran, the head of the Benerit corporation.

His father was a powerful figure who had a strong influence throughout space and was the founder of the Asticassia school. Miorine was ordered to marry the famous boxer, Guel Jetruk.

Due to his father’s rules where a rule is made based on dueling mobile suits. Usually, cell matches involve apologies against marriage.

When Guel appeared and wanted to teach Miorine a ‘lesson’, Suletta stopped him. After that, Suletta accepted the challenge to Guel. Suletta risked giving Guel an apology to Miorine.

However, Suletta’s mobile suit was stolen by Miorine, who did not accept Guel and Suletta’s challenge. Unfortunately, Miorine was not used to using the mobile suit in the air and fell.

Suletta also captured Aerial’s cockpit and defeated Guel with ease. Suletta receives the victory emblem and uniform and becomes Miorine’s fiancé for the victory of the match.

Unfortunately, Suletta was arrested. Aerial was also arrested on suspicion of being a Gundam-type mobile suit.

Secretly, Elan Ceres is attracted to Suletta, even though she says she will never fall in love. Meanwhile, Nika and her classmates are discriminated against by Spacia’s students for being born on Earth.

Delling begins to investigate and orders Aerial to be destroyed. However, Shin Sei Development Corporation was present at the hearing before the aerial annihilation took place. On the other hand, Miorine is upset that Suletta was arrested and is angry at her father’s unilateral decision.

During the trial, the masked woman of Shin Sei’s representative, Lady Prospera, defended her company. He says that Aerial is not a Gundam, but uses new technology.

Unfortunately, Delling still decided to destroy Aerial and take Suletta out. In the middle of the trial, Miorine also came and openly challenged her father to a duel.

Miorine had bet that she would obey her father’s every decision if she lost. But, if he wins, then Suletta and Aerial will survive.

This statement split the Benerit Group, so Delling agreed to a duel. Miorine hurriedly told Suletta and had to win the match.

Suletta finally entered the fight against Guel. Secretly, Guel’s father, Vim, arranges for Guel to pilot Daribalde’s more advanced mobile suit with the help of AI.

Meanwhile, Sarius Zenelli suspects Prospera and orders his son Shaddiq to investigate Suletta.

During the rematch, Elan watched Suletta and Guel prepare for the match. But at the beginning of the match, Guel realized that his mobile suit had been taken over by the AI.

Then the fire suppression system was suddenly activated and caused the Aerial beam source to malfunction. Miorine quickly realizes that Vim cheated causing Suletta to lose.

Episode 4

Review Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Everyone was surprised because Guel proposed to Suletta and the proposal was rejected. But the next day, Guel denied that he was interested in Suletta. And on that day, Guel apologized to Miorine by agreement before the fight.

On the same day, a mobile exam was held. However, Suletta immediately failed as she did not have a mechanic and scout to help her.

Meanwhile, another student named Chuchu also tried to take the same test, but failed due to being secretly teased by another student. And that makes Chuchu even more annoyed with Spacia’s children (who were born in space).

After failing her first exam, Suletta tries to get help from other students. In the end Miorine intervened to help Suletta. But when the re-examination took place, Suletta suffered the same fate as Chuchu. Will Suletta be able to handle the problem?

Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury movie content review

Epic battles and exciting visuals

Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

For those who love Mecha anime and Gundam series, don’t miss this anime, OK? You will be spoiled for experience with attractive visuals and epic battles. The Gundam anime series is back to accompany you Gundam lovers!

In fact, the series ran for four volumes, with the first volume being the epilogue that was an introduction to the series’ story. This time, the story follows the story of a girl named Suletta who becomes the cockpit of a Gundam named Aerial.

Broadly speaking, this anime contains dangerous elements of technology, political corruption, criticism of capitalism, and elements of revenge.

So far, though, the story has been easy to follow, especially with protagonist Suletta’s manners sometimes amusing because of her clumsy attitude. But if you’ve fought using Aerial, his abilities are worthy of appreciation.

Another interesting thing in this anime is the uniqueness of each character. Of course, the difference in the backgrounds of the characters is the main attraction. And the most interesting character, of course, is Suletta herself.

The Problem of Discrimination and Suletta’s Struggle

Reviews on Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

In fact, from the very beginning of the episode, what stands out in this anime is the issue of discrimination. Most space-born students often discriminate against students from Earth.

It turns out that discrimination is not limited to students from Earth, and Suletta born on the planet Mercury is not free from discrimination from other students. The reason was just because the discriminating students thought Suletta was from the village.

In addition to the issue of discrimination, episode 4 also shows Suletta’s struggle quite hard. He still tried to redo the exam even though it was very difficult. Fortunately, Suletta is friends with Miorine, so she is always supported by everyone.

Suletta also now has a new friend, a student from Earth, though Chuchu still doesn’t seem to fully accept Suletta since Suletta is also from a distant planet. However, it looks like the next episode will be even more enticing, so don’t miss this anime review update, OK?

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