Somebody (2022) Movie Review

Did Cilers ever think about dating apps that could put people’s lives in jeopardy? Although used to bring two strangers closer to becoming lovers, in reality there are still people who commit cruelty by murdering couples they know through the app.

Stupidly scared and hard to believe, right? However, this incident is the promising premise of the latest Korean drama called ‘Someone’, which has been on Netflix since yesterday, November 18. A total of eight episodes, the series reveals how a psychopath searches for his victims through a dating app.

Somebody is a drama adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’ novel ‘American Psycho’, which premiered at the Busan International Film Festival on October 6. ‘Someone’ was written by Han Ji Wan. , who previously wrote the TV series ‘Wanted’, ‘The Ghost Detective’ and ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’.

Somebody movie synopsis (2022)

‘Someone’ tells the story of a man named Kim Sum (Kang Hae-lim), who is a software or software developer for social communication apps with the name Someone. Despite having difficulty communicating with others, Sum still befriends Mok Won (Kim Yong-ji) and Gi-eun (Kim Soo-yeon).

Once upon a time, trouble arose when the Somebody app got involved in a creepy murder case. Sung Yoon-oh (Kim Young-kwang) mysteriously appears in front of Sum and his friends.

Yoon-oh is an attractive man, but hides a big and terrible secret behind his mysterious identity. However, his past will gradually be revealed when he connects to the Somebody app and meets Sum.

Even after knowing who Yoon-oh really is, Sum still feels comfortable around someone like him

Meanwhile, Gi-eun investigates an unsolved murder case with the help of Mok Won. So they succeeded in finding the mastermind behind the murder case? What about Yoon-oh’s mysterious character?

Somebody movie review (2022)

Great horror atmosphere

The first episode was introduced to the audience with an introduction to the character Kim Sum, when he was a teenager who was good at tinkering with computers, so his income was high. Participating in a programming event, he caught the interest of a businessman, who later became his partner.

movie Somebody

The atmosphere created in Somebody not only comes from its glossy cinematic appearance, but its scoring style also conveys a sense of fear in the audience. Indeed, there are a lot of 18+ scenes but that is also the key to making the story in this movie enough to make young people who are not old enough to witness it.

It’s not a horror genre with a lot of gore or brutal murder, rather something that can stir up feelings of insecurity that increase fear. Each episode shows a certain atmosphere that makes the audience watch very seriously, as if they don’t want to be lost even for a second.

The expertise of the players forms a unique chemical reaction

The atmosphere built into this movie is inseparable from the cooperation of the players involved. The main character Kim Sum played by Kng Hae-lim is very good. As a person with Asperger’s disease, Kim Sum cannot express his feelings.

Review Somebody

In particular, thanks to this syndrome, Kim Sum’s character adds to the mysterious impression he shows. It is difficult for viewers to guess whether Kim Sum really likes Yoon-oh or just pretends to pay the debt for the crime he committed.

Of course, aside from Kim Sum, what caught the public’s attention the most was Kim Young-kwang, who played a psychopath named Yoon-oh. With his skills, he can bring a terrifying psychopath to life. Behind her sweet smile, there is a sinister and dangerous plan.

Kim Yong-ji and Kim Soo-yeon also show their best charms as Mok Won and Gi-eun, two friends of Kim Sum who have different personalities but still help and love each other.

Solving the problem of feeling bad

Unfortunately, this story that was so promising at first lost its teeth just before it ended. The impression wanted to stir all the twists in the same barrel, but forgot to let the main seasoning determine the taste.

Yep, the ending was unexpected. But it’s not delicious. The character Kim Sum played by Kang Hae-lim is very good, unfortunately too mysterious so you don’t know which side he is actually on? Is his friends or his team working on a new project?

movie Somebody

The psychopath, Yoon-oh also seems to have lost her passion. It does not give a scary impression, on the contrary looks very sad. Sentiment points whose position is not quite right, like the tip of a pencil that has just been sharpened and breaks once used.

There is no mention of why he killed other victims that had nothing to do with him. Right at the end, this character seems to be extinguished and replaced by a slow personality who again and again breaks the audience’s expectations of Yoon Oh.

Conclusion of the movie Somebody (2022)

Somebody is Netflix’s latest Korean drama that you shouldn’t miss. Offering a refreshing story with a beautifully crafted horror atmosphere, this movie can get the audience’s heart rate up. The actors work together to deliver the best performance, their chemistry all feels unique.

Even so, the plot looks promising from the start, unfortunately doesn’t look very pleasant towards the end. Even so, ‘Someone’ manages to provide a tense atmosphere and is great to watch with friends who like horror movies.

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