Softie (2021) Movie Review

My French Film Festival is a unique concept that exposes young French-speaking filmmakers and allows netizens from all over the world to share their love for French cinema.

For the 13th edition, My French Film Festival once again presents the latest films to Indonesian film lovers through Klik Film. This Softie film is released in 2021 and later under the direction of Samuel Theis.

Softie movie summary (2021)

Johnny (Aliocha Reinert) is 10 years old. However, babies like to follow and observe the activities of adults. She is sensitive, intelligent and interested in everything far beyond her age.

Johnny has lived a turbulent life with his single mother Sonia (Melissa Olexa). When Johnny’s family has to leave his mother’s other relationship, they move into a nearby government housing estate.

At the local high school, his intelligence and sensitivity attract the attention of his new teacher, Jean Adamski (Antoine Reinartz). Since then, Johnny’s life began to change. Teachers believe that their students can develop better.


Once, Sonia scolded Johnny and his sister for coming home too late after school. Unable to stand his mother’s treatment, Johnny then runs off to Jean’s house to find that he is greeted quite kindly by his girlfriend Nora (Izia Higelin).

This then blurs the line between student and teacher for Johnny. He is increasingly curious, trying to discover new worlds.

Unfortunately, Johnny’s relationship with Jean is deeper than his father’s. As he crosses the line, the situation begins to turn uncomfortable for all parties involved.

Softie (2021) movie review

Johnny’s hard life

Unlike his handsome and polite appearance, Johnny lives in indecision. Sometimes, his mother is a good parent. Give love and care to your child, hug the little prince every morning.

Review softie

But if things start to spiral out of control, the mother cannot run away. He looked again to alcohol or men. Behave rudely to your children and become a scary character to Johnnya.

Of course, 10 years old is also an important time for children. The director shows his innocence well but also builds a more mature Johnny character than the people around him.

No wonder Johnny dreams of a whole new life, when his family situation is so oppressive. He received special praise from the teacher, which made him expect even more.

Identity and self-discovery

From the very beginning, the movie ‘Softie’ itself conveys a sensual and intimate impression. There are shadows that are still unclear about the character of Johnny. He saw a lot of things he shouldn’t have seen at that age. Will there be any effect on his sexuality?

Maybe yes, maybe not. Maybe, from the beginning this movie wanted to emphasize Johnny’s sexual preferences like most other gay teenagers. They are confused and indecisive, until they realize it from an outsider.

softie movie

When others say that Johnny likes men, he can finally admit his gender. Especially when Johnny was taught to express his feelings. Without thinking, the boy did things beyond the imagination of his age.

However, of course no one could fault him. The sudden lack of parental attention and special treatment left Johnny alone. Audiences are invited to explore Johnny’s emotions and fears in the face of the world.

Conclusion of the movie Softie

softie review

As for the plot, ‘Softie’ can wow the audience with an unusual perspective. There is a beautiful balance between the childhood experience and how difficult it is to live in the adult world. Feelings of hesitation and fear are also felt throughout the film, especially after the third act. However, the main character finally escaped and brought a happy ending to the audience.

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