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Smithing Master Code Redemption Guide

  • Step 1: Log in to the official Smithing Master website
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Smithing Master Fanpage Event Code Redemption

  • Step 1: Visit the Smithing Master fanpage
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Introducing Smithing Master Game

In a world plagued by rampaging monsters and constant crises, you step into the fray as a pivotal figure in this epic adventure. You are both a fabled master of smithing, possessing the essence of forging, and a brave hero shouldering the weight of a profound responsibility – battling solo against the odds.

With unyielding resolve, you embark on a quest to quell the menace of monsters and confront the ominous presence of the Seven Deadly Sins. Your mission: to restore this enchanting realm to its former glory.

Game Features:

Forging at the Core: Experience the heart of the game through equipment forging. Craft an extensive array of equipment using your own hands, enhance your forging anvil, and steadily elevate the quality of equipment as well as your personal prowess.

Elves as Allies: Cultivate and collect elves, fighting alongside them in harmony. The distinctive abilities of these elves serve as your invaluable aids in surmounting the challenges that lie ahead.

Dynamic, Infinite Adventures: Embark on a journey filled with ever-changing experiences – from quests and competitions to confronting mighty world bosses. Success in the face of diverse crises demands meticulous preparation.

Unwinding RPG Enjoyment: Assume the dual role of legendary smithing master and valiant hero, engaging in battles that offer excitement without undue pressure. Immerse yourself in a gaming experience that epitomizes relaxation.

A Dark Ambiance, Tales of Mystery: In a world where the Seven Deadly Sins harbor a sinister desire for dominion, they twist the very fabric of reality into a realm of corruption and decay.

Embark on a journey unlike any other, where your dual identity as a master of the forge and a heroic champion merges into an extraordinary adventure of courage, resilience, and redemption.

How to Play:

Getting Started:

Download and install the Smithing Master game from your app store.

Launch the game and create or log in to your gaming account.

Character Creation:

Customize your character’s appearance and name.

Choose your starting gear and attributes.


Follow the in-game tutorial to learn the basic controls and mechanics.

Acquaint yourself with the game world and its various features.


Navigate through different areas of the world using the on-screen controls.

Interact with NPCs (non-player characters) to gather information, receive quests, and learn about the game’s lore.

Quests and Objectives:

Access your quest log to view active quests and objectives.

Complete quests by following the provided instructions, which often involve battling monsters, collecting items, or exploring specific locations.


Engage in battles by approaching hostile creatures and enemies.

Use your character’s abilities and skills to defeat opponents.

Monitor your health and mana bars during battles to ensure your survival.

Forging and Equipment:

Visit the forge or crafting stations to create and upgrade equipment.

Collect resources from defeated enemies or the environment to use in crafting.

Elves and Allies:

Build relationships with elves and other characters who can assist you in battles.

Utilize their unique abilities and skills to gain an advantage.

Challenges and Events:

Participate in challenges, competitions, and events to earn rewards and enhance your character’s progress.

Progression and Upgrades:

Level up your character by gaining experience points from battles and quests.

Allocate skill points to unlock new abilities and enhance your existing skills.

World Exploration:

Explore different regions, uncover hidden areas, and unveil the story as you progress.

Customization and Gear:

Continuously upgrade your equipment to improve your character’s stats and effectiveness in battles.

Social Interactions:

Connect with other players in the game through chat, guilds, or cooperative gameplay.

Achievements and Rewards:

Complete achievements to earn special rewards and recognition for your accomplishments.

Progressing the Story:

Follow the main storyline to uncover the mysteries of the world and confront the challenges posed by the Seven Deadly Sins.

Remember, Smithing Master offers a combination of forging mastery, combat prowess, and adventurous exploration. Immerse yourself in the world, build your character’s strength, and embrace the journey ahead!


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