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Slash & Girl – Endless Run Codes (New)

Experience the attraction of the game “Slash & Girl” – an Endless Run game with extremely simple and attractive gameplay. In this game, you will play the role of the crazy girl Doris, together chasing the Joker to invade the earth, overcoming dramatic challenges and dangers.

Slash & Girl will get you excited with its fast-paced beats, as you dodge obstacles and destroy enemies in a non-stop running environment. Immerse yourself in the frenetic rhythm and put emotions first, the game gives you moments of refreshment and extreme entertainment.

The ease of play makes “Slash & Girl” a game suitable for all ages and levels. You don’t have to be a super gamer, just stay focused and flexible in dealing with the challenges that await. Gone into the endless space and show your ingenuity to overcome all difficulties.

slash girl endless run

Not only is an ordinary entertainment game, “Slash & Girl” also helps you to increase your energy and enjoy relaxing moments after stressful working hours. Freely chasing the Joker who invades the earth, you will have the opportunity to focus your thinking and reflexes, thereby training concentration and determination in daily life.

Let “Slash & Girl” become a reliable companion, bringing you unlimited entertainment moments and the satisfaction of conquering endless roads. Step into a world of excitement and challenge, you will discover your own strength and feel the joy in the smallest successes.

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Take this opportunity to satisfy your passion for gaming. Wish you success and happiness when participating in the game Slash & Girl – Endless Run!

Giftcode Slash & Girl – Latest Endless Run

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Giftcode Fanpage Slash & Girl – Latest Endless Run

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Instructions on how to enter the code Slash & Girl – Endless Run

  • Step 1: Log in to the homepage of Slash & Girl – Endless Run website
  • Step 2: Select the giftcode box Slash & Girl – Endless Run on the left hand side
  • Step 3: Enter the code Slash & Girl – Endless Run to receive gifts

How to get Slash & Girl fanpage event code – Endless Run

  • Step 1: Visit the fanpage Slash & Girl – Endless Run
  • Step 2: Choose the hashtag Slash & Girl – Endless Run code
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to receive the latest Slash & Girl – Endless Run code

In a world invaded and controlled by Jokers, the story begins with a “crazy” girl named Doris, who faces off against the Jokers alone. She doesn’t try to be a savior, she doesn’t care about others, only running and fighting brings her happiness and joy.

Outstanding features:

Let’s become an adventurer! Defeat the Jokers and reach the finish line!
This is not just a parkour game, you can also call it an action game! Defeat all the enemies you encounter! Nothing can stop you and nothing is unbreakable!
The lively blend of combat and amazing smoothness is what we want you to experience!
Here, everything revolves around the collision between power and art!

Speed ​​and ferocity!
Get bored easily in parkour game? Let’s rush through it! Slash down and speed up! In the unique Fever Mode, you will experience a different battle in classical music.
In addition to the battle and the blade, there is also a teddy bear waiting for you at each checkpoint!

Make up!
Makeover for Doris! We design a variety of costumes and weapons for you to coordinate with your own style. Share them via social networks!

The battle between Doris and the Jokers is about to begin!
Are you ready for this?

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