Sex and the City 2 Movie Review

Following the success of the first Sex & The City movie, director Michael Patrick King has returned to make its sequel, Sex & The City 2. This movie still has the presence of 4 beauty icons: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

In this movie, their adventure to Abu Dhabi is filled with different stories; from sweet to tense. Michael Patrick’s decision to make a sequel to this movie was a good one.

In addition to treating the nostalgia of lovers of the Sex & The City series, this film was also successful in the market and earned a profit of $ 294.6 million from all screens around the world, if calculated. it can reach 2,000 capacity. this movie theater. How funny and sweet is the movie? Come on, let’s take a look at the summary and review together!

Sex and the City 2 movie summary

  • Release year 2010
  • Genres Adult , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Erotic , Friendship , Religion , Romance
  • Produce HBO Films , Home Box Office (HBO), New Line Cinema
  • Director Michael Patrick King
  • Cast Sarah Jessica Parker Kim Cattrall Kristin Davis Cynthia Nixon

After the failed marriage case of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and caused a stir in the New York media, Carrie and Big (Chris Noth) begin a new chapter. The marriage went perfectly, both Carrie and Big enjoying their new conjugal status.

One day, Carrie and her three other friends receive wedding invitations from their best friends, Stanford (Willie Garson) and Anthony (Mario Cantone). This caused the whole family of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha to attend the wedding ceremony.

They spend the night together having a great time, especially Samantha, who has a new crush there.

A few days after Stanford and Anthony’s wedding ended, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda received an invitation to Abu Dhabi from Samantha to have a meeting with a famous cop who wanted to use Samantha’s publishing services for a new movie. for which he intends to work. above.

When everyone heard the news about going on vacation, everyone was very excited. Furthermore, they had arrived in a city they had never been to. But Carrie had a bad time with Big because he was leaving her for a long time.

Before leaving, Lon also conveyed the idea that they can’t see each other 2 days a week with the reason of the wedding so as not to get bored. This makes Carrie worry about her marriage but Carrie can still think about it.

The day they left has come. Everything provided by Sheikh Samantha’s acquaintances was first-class, and they were even provided with a Maybach as a means of transport from Abu Dhabi airport to the super luxury hotel. This left the four of them pampered with top-notch amenities.

While in Abu Dhabi, Carrie and Miranda decided to go for a walk at the local market. They intend to find spices as well as souvenirs to bring back to America.

Sex and The City 2

While walking alone, Miranda meets Aidan (John Corbett), her ex before Carrie was with Big. Playing with fire, Carrie even wants to have dinner and even spend time alone leaving Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda at the hotel.

Time and again Charlotte tries to warn Carrie that she’s married and Aidan is someone else. However, Carrie doesn’t respond, instead attacking Char by saying that her life is too rigid and paranoid due to her husband being left alone with their sexy babysitter.

What Char feared happened. As a result, Carrie, who had dinner with Aidan, ended with a kiss. Carrie, who realizes she’s married and feels guilty, immediately goes back to the hotel and asks all her friends for advice whether this should be discussed with Big?

Carrie finally tells Big about meeting Aidan and the kissing problem. Big is very angry and Carrie feels really guilty. The Big problem isn’t over, yet another new problem emerges. Samantha was caught doing something rude on the beach and was eventually reported, eventually taken to the police station. By chance Miranda, a lawyer can solve the problem and Sam can be set free.

Like falling down a ladder, a new problem arises. Now the four of them must have checked out from the hotel because an acquaintance of Sam’s canceled his meeting with Sam over one thing. This leaves them all with just 1 hour before they are charged a super expensive fee for their apartment.

Problems don’t just go away, other things arise; Starting from Carrie’s passport left at the local market where she meets Aidan to Samantha, who is suspected of stealing a Birkin bag and chased by locals for carrying a large amount of birth control pills. . Wow, what a mess!

However, they were eventually able to return to New York for a trip. Carrie can also restore her marriage to Big well. And Carrie and Big’s idea of ​​having 2 days without a partner was finally embraced by their friends. Basically, happy ending!

Sex and the City 2 movie review

Friendship never ends

Review Sex and The City 2

I really enjoyed watching the scene where Samantha said that Carrie’s kissing issue with Aidan wasn’t a big deal. However, because of the kissing issue, Samantha was reported to the police station. Karma never gets the wrong address, huh?

Although full of arguments, their friendship has not faded. Even when Charlotte felt hit, Carrie yelled back when she tried to warn her not to see Aidan because she was worried that Carrie and Aidan might cause the old love rush to flare up again. Let’s go girls!

Comedy never stops

Although this movie belongs to the romantic comedy genre ; For me personally, I see it as a romantic comedy. I mean comedic rather than romantic, in stark contrast to the first Sex & The City movie. My emotions were also exhausted because I felt grief when Carrie broke off her engagement with Big but it ended happily.

In my opinion, Sex & The City 2 is more about their experience in Abu Dhabi. And the crux of the story is confusing; With Samantha’s problems entering menopause, Charlotte worries about her sexy babysitter. Luckily Miranda had no problems. In fact, it seems that Miranda is the one who makes it all right.

Movie Sex and The City 2

While I thought the movie was pretty good, in fact this movie was even nominated for worst movie taken from a TV show. Even comedians Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery in their podcast say that this movie ranks as the Worst Idea of ​​All Time. SATC2 is seen as racist, materialistic and many other evils.

Even, in terms of ratings, the movie Sex & The City 2 is also super underrated. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 3.68/10, Metacritic gives it a score of 27/100! Although the first Sex & The City movie achieved quite good ratings. What about Bacaterus? Bacaterus gives this movie a rating of 3.5 / 5. Pretty good isn’t it? In essence, a chick flick like this is enough to entertain the audience with the ridiculous behavior of the four of them. Make sure not to get bored with the plot. Oh yes! There are quite a few vulgar scenes done by Samantha. So be wise to watch it!

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