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Serigala Terakhir Season 2 movie review (2022)

The action of Alex and the Black Dragon is awaited in the sequel of season 2 ‘The Last Wolf’. Vidio Original Series begins August 17, 2022 as a Screenplay production. ‘Serigala Akhir 2’ is directed by Tommy Dewo and stars Abimana Aryasatya, Ganindra Bimo, and Hannah Al Rashid, as well as other players.

The first and last episodes were held to be watched with fans, proving the enthusiasm of viewers for the series quite well. It even became the #1 series on A total of 8 episodes, we are carried in the dark world feud.

Summary of Serigala Terakhir Season 2 (2022)

Alex (Abimana Aryasatya) wants to meet Aryati (Hannah Al Rashid) and her family. However, the meeting was hindered by many conflicts that occurred from various parties, such as the Black Dragon, the Red Spider, the Balabadik organization and the Special Police Unit called Denpator.

Initially, Alex is with Denpator and leaves everything to Margo (Donny Alamsyah), the head of the Denpator Unit. Later, Alex’s family, whom Alex is looking for, becomes an escape for the battle camp for Alex.

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Red Spider-Man’s participation in the war worried the Black Dragon, so he released Reno (Ganindra Bimo) from the prison to strengthen his stronghold. So which side will rule the streets? Will Denpator succeed in clearing the streets of the dark world?

All camps fight for Alex

final review of wolf 2 -

Alex, the unknown survivor of the Black Dragon camp, and Reno, who went to prison. Alex may be one of the strongest factors for these camps to contend with. The power of the name Alex in the criminal world is very strong. Even her survival is a feat that cannot be appreciated.

When all the camps learn Alex is still alive, Alex’s family becomes a shortcut to get Alex’s powers. Originally, Denpator was the one controlling information about Alex’s wife, Aryati (Hannah Al Rashid) and her son Kayla (Nikita Rizki). Because of the betrayal in Denpator, Alex’s family information continues to roll and become an easy target.

final review of wolf 2 -

Alex who was originally at Denpator continues to be persuaded to return to the Black Dragon, but his determination to escape the black world is strong enough. Family weakening, eventually deposed Alex had to return to the dark world once again and work for various camps.

Alex’s family, his wife Aryati and son Kayla are the keys to holding Alex. This is what makes Alex’s character look so weak at times. Alex’s actions use his brain more in this second season. That could be the key factor, Alex is arguing, by minimizing street casualties.

Reno spreads disaster

final review of wolf 2 -

Ganindra Bimo’s Reno is so slick that we’re always irritated by his actions. From starting out on his own from prison, to tearing down all the camps just to control Alex and expand his power.

Reno, who came from the Black Dragon camp, all turned around when there were many betrayals between the camps. Reno even had time to visit the Red Spider before finally taking over Balabadik from Robert, who was forced to fall.

Until the end, the goal against Reno becomes the climax, because all his actions are quite brutal indiscriminately, in order to expand his influence. Even all 3 camps had to work together to prevent Reno’s next move. Reno’s ingenuity in charm, which has existed since the first season, makes Reno’s character very suitable to become the main villain, the bad guy among the bad guys.

Brutal act of revenge

final review of wolf 2 -

In the second season of ‘The Last Wolf’, all the emotions of the survivors are filled with the fire of revenge. It’s possible that Alex is the only one looking for his family, not holding any grudges, but he ends up entangled in a small problem and unleashes his emotions at the end of the game.

Since the beginning of the war, the burning of a drug factory has sparked a relationship between the Denpator police and the Black Dragon. Unaware that this was Alex’s actions, the smell of violent revenge continued to waft through every episode. No less than 1 victim fell to dismantling and expanding power alone.

Red Spider is assigned to the new camp, and Norman (Agra Piliang) survives the great fire. Every action of Norman, who almost died tragically, took the lives of many people. Norman’s action to spread the Green Paradise on the streets, caused the Black Dragon stronghold to burn, and conflict between the two distribution organizations broke out.

Many clashes between camps shed blood. Starting with bare hands, sharp objects pierced people, even many times, even hot lead sticks stuck to the body or head of the members of each camp. Although not entirely prone to violent actions, in the clash scenes, ‘The Last Wolf’ season 2 is not reluctant to show the cruelty of these dark groups.

Cross conflict between camps

final review of wolf 2 -

There are quite a few factions that intersect in ‘The Last Wolf’ season 2. Initially, only the Denpator Special Unit defeated the Black Dragon. However, the new Red Laba-Laba-Laba with the female lead Magda (Wulan Guritno) is dominant.

From the very beginning, Magda and Robert (Mathias Muchus) the leader of Balabadik were seen, causing the camp’s hostility to the Black Dragon to increase. Not only that, but a strong sense of betrayal from each side caused every important piece of information to trigger new conflicts in each camp.

Conclusion Serigala Terakhir Season 2 (2022)

In the second season of ‘The Last Wolf’, all the emotions of the survivors are filled with the fire of revenge. Although not entirely prone to violent actions, in the clash scenes, ‘The Last Wolf’ season 2 is not reluctant to show the cruelty of these dark groups.

When all the camps learn Alex is still alive, Alex’s family becomes a shortcut to get Alex’s powers. A prominent figure is Reno, who is originally from the Black Dragon camp, all of whom turn their backs when there are many betrayals between the camps.

All the atrocities emerge from each camp, lots of victims falling into each episode. The frenzied acts of revenge continue to stress us out, even closing our eyes.

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