Sea Battle of Hansan Island: Rising Dragon Movie Review

Sea Battle of Hansan Island: Rising Dragon, the second film in a trilogy about legendary admiral Admiral Yi Sun Shin, has officially confirmed the release date in Vietnam and released a beautiful teaser. .

Navy Admiral Yi Sun Shin was one of the most skilled Asian armies of the 16th century. He never lost a battle in his entire military career. He was revered by both North and South Korea for his great contributions in defending the territory of the Joseon Dynasty from Japanese invasions.

Director Kim Han Min decided to make a blockbuster trilogy recreating the life and times of the famous general. The first film was Dai Thuy Chien (Roaring Currents) released in 2014. The film quickly became a hit at the Korean box office. The film has attracted more than 17 million viewers and brought in an impressive revenue of up to 138.3 million USD. 7 times more expensive to produce.

After nearly a decade of writing the script and choosing actors, Kim Han Min has released the second part Hansan Island: Rising Dragon (Hansan, Rising Dragon).

Hansan_Teaser Poster
This historical blockbuster with a budget of nearly 31 billion won has dominated the Korean box office chart for 3 consecutive weeks. The film just sold 5 million tickets on August 10. The production team confirmed that the movie will officially be shown in Vietnam at the end of August.

Hansan takes viewers back to the 1590s, before the famous battle of Myeongnyang in Roaring Currents. Japan was newly unified in 1945, when Shogun Hideyoshi Toyotomi was the ruler. Hideyoshi wanted to invade the Korean peninsula to stabilize the society of demobilized Samurai and realize his ambition to conquer China.


One million Japanese troops attacked Joseon territory in 1592. They were divided into nine directions in 1592. They won like a bamboo split in two months and occupied all strategic positions. However, the elite fleet led by Yi Sun Shin slowed the momentum of the Japanese forces.

Admiral Yi won a decisive streak of victories that allowed his army to take complete control of the waters. He also helped protect Jeolla’s rich agricultural region. He also cut off the food supply lines, crushing the enemy. danger. The battle to capture Nhan Son Island (Hansan), is a classic battle that can be compared with the “miracle at Myeongnyang”.

The teaser trailer was shown a few minutes ago and has an overwhelming image. However, viewers are also captivated by the bewildering story of Japanese soldiers who survived after encountering the “monster” in Korean waters.


It was almost the size of a fortress and its whole body was covered with thorns. But it can move with incredible speed. Its appearance is often obscured by dense fog. Its head can also easily pierce battleships and emit continuous fire.

Many viewers mistakenly believe that Hansan belongs to the genre of historical horror and science fiction. For those who love history, it will certainly describe very well Quy Bei (turtle shell ship, Geobukseon), which is the only weapon of war in Korea and was developed by Yi Sun Shin. Creative and unique from the traditional snail boat class.

Boat Quy Nhan only appeared briefly in the first movie. In the sequel to the blockbuster, we will witness the “monster” with its destructive power. Unlike the dire conditions that followed, the ROK navy during the Battle of Nhan Son was highly developed in terms of shipbuilding and sea warfare technology, as well as artillery.


Kim Han Min’s latest film promises to be a blockbuster with greater scale and intensity than the previous one. According to the crew, the naval battle at Hansan will last up to 50 minutes. This will satisfy historical film enthusiasts.

The above project has the presence of a series of talented stars, including Park Hae Il, who used to be the “Blue Dragon Emperor” in Determined to leave (Decision to leave 2022), the winning “treasure” Cannes Award. Korean cinema Ahn Sung Ki, Emperor BaekSang Son Hyun Joo or dinosaur rookie Kim Hyang Gi …

Hansan Island: Rising Dragon (Hansan: Rising Dragon), opens nationwide in theaters on August 26, 2022.


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