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Devil Servant 2

Rini (Tara Basro), her younger sisters, Toni (Endy Arfian) and Bondi (Nasar Anuz), along with their father, Bahri (Bront Palarae) live in an apartment a few years after they try to save themselves from A terrible incident happened. they lost their mother, which is Mawarni (Ayu Laksmi), and the youngest, Ian (Muhammad Adhiyat).

Live in apartments where many people live, so they feel safe if something happens. However, they soon realize that living with many people can also be very dangerous if they do not know who their neighbors are. On a night of terror, Rini and her family must return to save themselves.

Bondi, who feels what their family still feels, tries to find out the secret you are hiding. Along with Ari (Fatih Unru) and Darto (Iqbal Sulaiman), Bondi investigates the entire apartment rather scary.

How will Rini and her family deal with the horrors that continue to haunt them? Who is really hiding something about your mother’s death and the disappearance of your cousin Ian?

The Complete Horror Movie

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Perfect is the word that can describe this sequel. Want a thrilling scene? Do you want to have a hard time breathing because you are so excited about a certain scene? Yes, yes, yes! The definition of “perfection belongs only to you” might fit ‘Servant of Satan 2: Communion’ for a horror movie coming out this year. Thriller title in 2022 now belongs to ‘Servant of Satan 2: Communion’.

This completeness also adds greatness to the story of ‘Pengabdi Setan 2: Communion’, which is uncomplicated and keeps the roots of the first film, easy to understand, yet still capable of igniting curiosity. deep. Try to come to this movie without guessing. Okay, just enjoy this show. As the drama progresses, all the curiosity you harbor is sure to be answered one by one.

One thing that is different from the first movie is that ‘Servant of Satan 2: Communion’ has a developed suspense type. Not only in terms of jumpscares but also a series of other scenes that can make you anxious to squeeze into the movie chair of the audience next door.

Writing this review was actually quite difficult for us, because Joko Anwar was very careful not to write down scenes from the movie so as not to be a spoiler. Either way, the audience will have to scream not just for the ghost, but for many other things that probably aren’t just the screams that come out of their mouths.

Additional ammo

Devil Servant 2

‘Servant of Satan 2: Communion’ is once again how Joko continues to innovate with her skills. Not only from the technical side, but also from the way he was able to build a solid story, where all the new characters in this movie show maximum fear of going through events that are not many people think is something beyond reason.

Queen Felisha can be considered the most conspicuous of the bunch. She’s the bad type of woman who won’t let any man get past her. He is a new character who also feels the awkwardness in the apartment. Besides him, Bondi is no longer alone because the characters played by Fatih Unru and Iqbal Solaiman are always with him.

Their presence is again one of the reasons why the addition of this ammunition is a good thing. They managed to pull off a few jokes that could make the atmosphere of ‘Servant of Satan 2: Communion’ more fluid.

Perfection lies in cinematography

trailer-movie-devotion-2-Communion ~ ad10c870-af57-497f-a093-5b764e82d9cb.jpg (764 × 400)

Ical Tanjung wearing a hat. Because of him, ‘Servant of Satan 2: Communion’ became a horror movie that kept these two eyeballs on screen. Good camera switching leads to many thrilling scenes. Along with top notch acting from the cast, Ical was able to capture all of that in a non-boring way. It’s hard to guess whether this scene ends with jumpscares.

By setting up an apartment in the 1980s, Ical and Joko kept their promise that this would create a claustrophobic impression. Make sure enough. Throughout the movie, ‘Servant of Satan 2: Communion’ gives a sense of bondage that none of them can escape from. Every corner has its own “surprise”. Through the wisdom of Ical, the effect that arises on the audience is a complete guarantee of fear.

Each shot is also supported by equally catchy music. The tense atmosphere increased each time the scene became more and more tense. There’s a series of scenes that become the premise of conflict in ‘Servant of Satan 2: Communion’, surrounded by super unsettling music. It’s like knowing that the scene is about to end with something terrible.

One bit of appeal to this film is that the overall colors are very dark. Not something to piss you off, but enough to make you realize that this movie is a bit allergic to light. There are also scenes that need warning because they can cause something unexpected. Other than that, no major issues.


In the end, ‘Servant of Satan 2’ is proof that a horror movie taken seriously from all sides can be a great piece of work that viewers will remember for all time. ‘Servant of Satan 2: Communion’ is Joko Anwar’s way of showing his seriousness when proving that Indonesia has a huge library of horror and has the potential to become the strength of this country.

Through this film, Joko wants to invite the public to feel the extraordinary horror, and also invites horror filmmakers to work together to further develop the Indonesian film industry through its ghosts.


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