Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical Movie Review

Do you remember the smart girl named Matilda? The ’90s generation is probably familiar with Matilda’s sweet figure. This girl who often uses ribbons as a headband attracted a lot of attention when her movie was first shown in 1996. This is because the plot is quite sad but equally. interesting with the adventures of Matilda.

The good news is, this 2022 winter break, Matilda will be back in a remake of the musical film adaptation. The show is also based on Roald Dahl’s novel titled “Matilda”. Planned since 2013, this movie actually only really comes to fruition at the end of 2022.

So how was the movie? Can the movie Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical beat the previous version of the film? Find out with Salenhanh through the review below

Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical movie synopsis

  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Family
  • Director Matthew Warchus
  • Cast Alisha Weir Emma Thompson Lashana Lynch

A beautiful baby girl was born. She is Matilda Wormwood. Unlike other normal families, Matilda’s parents, who often dress eccentrically, are not very pleased with Matilda’s presence.

They think that Matilda will only cause trouble and interfere with their lives. They prefer to have a son. But what they didn’t know, Matilda was actually not an ordinary child.

Although she did not receive much attention from her parents, specifically the Wormwoods and grandparents, Matilda was still able to teach herself to do many things. He loves to read books and visits the library, where he meets Mrs. Phelps.

That’s why Matilda became smart and cunning. But at her age, Matilda was never sent to school by her parents.

Knowing this, Jennifer Honey, a teacher at Crunchem Hall and an inspector went to the Wormwood family home. They suggested that Matilda enroll in Crunchem Hall.

Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical

Frustrated with this, Mr. Wormwood was eventually forced to send Matilda to the school. He then warned the principal of Cinchem Hall, specifically Miss Trunchbull, about Matilda.

Hearing that, Matilda felt uneasy. He then bullied his father by mixing hair dye with neon green hair dye. Suddenly, my father’s hair turned gray.

Thanks to Miss Honey and the inspector’s visit the day before, Matilda was finally able to go to school. On her way to school with Mrs. Phelps, Matilda tells the story of an escapist who falls in love and marries a circus acrobat. Grandma. Phelps is immersed in Matilda’s story.

Matilda then goes to school. There, he meets Lavender, also a new student at Crunchem Hall. Far from what Matilda imagined, Crunchem Hall looked very scary. The school building is really big and spacious, but it looks more like a ghost castle.

Matilda and Lavender were greeted by some of the older students, who were unfriendly and irritable. Turns out not only did the kids look unfriendly, but their principal, Miss Trunchbull, was equally intimidating. Fortunately, Matilda was taught by the kind and gentle Miss Honey.

On the first day, Matilda demonstrated her extraordinary ability. When asked to erase the blackboard containing the top-level math formulas, Matilda tries to complete it instead. He thought Miss Honey had asked him to solve the math problem, not to abbreviate. The class marveled at Matilda’s ability.

From there, Miss Honey realized that Matilda was no ordinary girl. Matilda is a genius. Miss Honey then approached Miss Trunchbull and offered to transfer Matilda to a more advanced class. But Miss Trunchbull flatly refused the request.

Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical review

At home, Matilda also received no justice. After a small argument, his father was furious that Matilda had criticized him. Then he tore open the library book Matilda was holding.

The next day, Matilda witnessed something even more horrifying. While playing during lunch break, Nigel frantically ran towards Matilda and her friends. He asked for help to avoid being punished by Miss Trunchbull. Matilda then tries to protect Nigel from Miss Trunchbull’s punishment.

Unfortunately, Miss Trunchbull doesn’t seem pleased if no one is punished. He then targets Amanda, a cute girl with two braids. Under the pretext of hating children with twintails, Miss Trunchbull punished Amanda by pulling her braid and throwing her like a javelin off the field.

Seeing that, Matilda’s emotions increased even more. Without realizing it, the ability of his large brain and emotions activated the power of remote control to appear within him. Then what will Matilda do with her power? Can he stop Miss Trunchbull’s bullying? You can watch the movie until it’s over!

Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical movie review

A completely different remake

As mentioned earlier, Roald Dahl’s musical Matilda the Musical is a remake of the musical of the same name.

This movie is also the second remake of the previous version that was released in 1996. However, when compared to the previous version, this movie presents many things differently. While the plot remains the same, there are some pretty striking differences.

Review Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical

Start with the arrival of Matilda. In the previous version of the film, Matilda appeared in her iconic look, namely with her always-worn headband and cute dresses she wears.

However, in Roald Dahl’s musical Matilda the Musical, Matilda appears without her signature ribbon. His appearance here is more likely to apply the appearance of the musical performance version.

Also, Miss Honey previously played by a white woman has now been replaced by a black woman. This is a pretty big difference because in the past the issue of racism was so tight, it’s not really an issue in the movies being released today.

There are also some other storylines when compared to previous Matilda film adaptations.

If in the past there were scenes telling the background story of Mrs. Trunchbull, in this Netflix version of the movie Matilda, the story focuses more on Matilda’s anxiety with the many problems surrounding her. He expressed his concern through the story he told her. Phelps.

Not much is known about Matilda’s home life. Many scenes are actually taken in the Crunchem Hall environment, where the children are treated inappropriately by the school principal.

Best Musical After ‘The Greatest Showman’

The last time I watched a musical was when ‘The Greatest Showman’ was released a few years ago. For those who watched The Greatest Showman.

Movie Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical

Of course, you really miss how gorgeous the movie was with its epic music, beautiful choreography, colorful and sparkly costumes, as well as a very supportive setting.

Roald Dahl’s musical Matilda has the same energy as The Greatest Showman. It can even be said to be better because the players involved are more children. This drama not only tells stories through plot but also through music, moving lyrics and emotions conveyed through various choreography in many scenes.

Not boring because it has more songs than drama scenes, Roald Dahl’s musical Matilda the Musical is a treat that is both entertaining and uplifting.

The tough and strong appearance of the players

The film stars Emma Thompson as Crunchem Hall’s principal, Ms. Trunchbull. Movie buffs are certainly no strangers to the character Emma Thompson. This woman often appears with different characters and is always iconic.

Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical movie

Emma has appeared as Nanny McPhee and Mrs Trelawney in the Harry Potter films. Even in this movie, Emma Thompson stands out with her toned face and muscular body. His acting skills have qualified to become even stronger with the appearance of this character.

However, it is not only Emma Thompson who attracts attention. The performance of the Crunchem Hall children was also solid. None of the characters showed weakness in acting or when they danced and sang.

All of them showed their best form. They dance vigorously so that emotions and messages can be conveyed to the audience through their dance.

At first, I thought musicals for children would be boring because there would be a lot of singing and dancing throughout the movie. But it turns out this movie is very capable of telling stories and evoking emotions through singing and dancing. Although aimed more at children, Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical is also well worth enjoying by adults.

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