Ride On (2023) Movie Review

We finally get to see 68-year-old veteran actor Jackie Chan on the big screen. Ride On is the first movie title in 2023 starring Jackie Chan in the genre of drama and action. This film was written and directed by Larry Yang. In addition to Jackie, other stars include Liu Haocun, Guo Qilin, Wu Jing, Joey Yung, Yu Rongguang, Andy On, Shi Yanneng and Xiaoshenyang.

About an old school acrobat and his stunt horse. Ride On will be released internationally on April 7, 2023, which is also Jackie Chan’s birthday.

Ride On (2023) movie synopsis

The life of former stuntman Lao (Jackie Chan) is quite complicated. Lao has to live to old age with his horse Red Hare in an old house and live only by small stunts for a living. Once his horse Red Hare was confiscated because of a dispute. Lao enlists the help of his son Xiao Bao (Liu Haacun), to help with his case.

The situation is getting more and more difficult, Lao and Xiao Bao have not known each other for a long time. The relationship between father and daughter became strained when Lao divorced his wife, aggravated when his wife died. After softening up about it, Xiao Bao helps Lao’s case, for the sake of receiving the blessing of his relationship with Mickey (Guo Qilin).

Review Ride On

Mickey Bao’s boyfriend is also a lawyer who will help Lao’s case. In the midst of the ongoing case, Lao and Red Hare also find a way to rediscover the world of movie stunts, thanks to Xiao Bao’s help. The relationship between the father and son is close again thanks to Red Hare.

Ride On (2023) movie reviews

The perfect combination of family and pet movies

A gentle genre performed by Larry Yang, with a combination that will surely succeed in capturing the audience’s emotions. The Lao family drama of Jackie Chan and his only daughter Xiao Bao, presented candidly without much hype. As the main conflict beyond the problem with the Red Hare horse, the fragile relationship between the father and son offers many valuable lessons.

A special lesson for fathers who prioritize career over family. Lao’s already broken life was mended with the arrival of his daughter. Dramas invite smiles and laughter for entertainment and do not fail to invite tears to flow.

Ride On Movie

The Lao family’s problems are actually helped by the Red Hare horse. Xiao Bao is a kid who likes animals. His closeness to Red Hare became the bridge of his connection with his father. Lao, who always wants Red Hare to act crazy, on the other hand, Xiao Bao loves Red Hare very much and turns it into an animal that he has always loved.

Red Hare and Lao’s relationship is more than just a pet. Red Hare was already considered his biological child, so Xiao Bao automatically became his sister. This is what draws our emotions to explode at the end of the movie.

The final round became the climax, when He Xin (Yu Rongguang) won the case of Red Hare, Red Hare had to bid farewell to his father, Lao. Have tissues ready, as their separation has left a lot of memories when they competed together.

Jackie Chan’s final fight?

After 60 years of working in the world film industry, Jackie Chan is always present with his TV series and brands. The whole here is described as a father. Like the end of Jackie Chan’s life when his career went downhill in old age. His talent must have been dissipated by an incident in one of his films. This is very likely to happen, as Jackie Chan is famous for doing all the stunts on his own.

Movie Ride On

Will this be Jackie’s last fight? Obviously not. His actions still look stunning and still bring laughter amid the tension. Probably the only actor who can make us laugh even in the crucial moment.

Since the start of the war, Lao, whom Dami (Andy On) and his men must target, in order to collect debts, forces Lao to act in several battles with his horse. While there weren’t many Jackie-style fights, the stunts shown during filming were clearly illustrated.

Respect the substitutes

The stuntman or stuntman is the highlight in this Ride On movie. Being a stuntman is ingrained in Jackie Chan. He even founded a vocational school. The cut scenes are dense with dialogue, reminiscent of Jackie Chan’s actions in his earlier action comedies.

Ride On

From start to finish, we are shown how to live and what stunts must prepare to look their best in front of the camera, but not their faces. The dramatic highlight is also seen when Yingzi (Joey Yung) finally becomes a victim and has to be paralyzed. The stuntman’s risk was so heavy that it cost his life.

Conclusion of the movie Ride On

The family drama is mixed with love for animals, creating the perfect combination that will make you cry. Simple but emotional. Focusing on the character a bit, we can be more integrated with the play of the son Xiao Bao with his father Lao, with the acrobatics of the horse Red Hare.

Jackie Chan’s acrobatics are always top notch. Although there weren’t many fight scenes, the stunt scene was the main topic he wanted to focus on. He succeeded in reviving the stunt profession, which has now been superseded by CGI and other technologies.

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