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Real Racing 3 cars

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Instructions on how to enter the code Real Racing 3

  • Step 1: Log in to the Real Racing 3 website homepage
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How to get Real Racing 3 fanpage event code

  • Step 1: Visit Real Racing 3 fanpage
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Introducing Real Racing 3

A speed enthusiast’s dream is to drive an expensive supercar at over 200 km/h on wide roads no matter where they are. But not everyone can do it, because in fact such driving requires a lot of special terms and conditions and is also very dangerous for the driver and those around him. That’s why racing games like Real Racing 3 were born to help players satisfy their passion for speed.

Besides Gameloft’s Asphalt, EA’s Real Racing has always been one of the three most downloaded racing game franchises on Google Play and App Store. Unlike Real Racing 2 ($4.99), Season 3 of the game is developed according to a premium business model and allows players to download for free and make in-app purchases. The gameplay of these games may not be much different, but what special elements does Real Racing 3 need to be an Asphalt rival?

Realistic graphics

Are Asphalt 9’s graphics realistic? Of course the answer is “yes”. It is undeniable that Asphalt is one of the games with the most beautiful and realistic graphics on mobile. But it still has a lot of striking effects that make me feel personally shaken from the current realism. On the other hand, Real Racing 3 has no unnecessary effects during gameplay. Cars, movements and collisions are simulated from real life, giving you the most realistic driving experience.

Graphics Real Racing 3 1024x640

With detailed, sharp and highly realistic 3D graphics, the capacity of this game is not difficult to grasp when larger than 2GB (once fully installed). The sound of the game is also very impressive with the sound of the engine, the sound of burning tires on the road making you feel like you are walking on the real road. Although it is an old game (launched on February 28, 2013), the publisher still regularly gives updates to players, which shows that EA is very interested in the player’s experience, always trying Try to come up with something new and unexpected.

Race, contestcarare you serious”

Real Racing 3 modes 1024x576

In racing games, I usually try to beat my opponent by cheating, i.e. I try to knock them out of the race by slamming their car off the track. But you can’t do that in Real Racing 3. Your opponent moves safely and your impact on impact is minimal. Even if you hit a wall or fence, you can damage your vehicle and this requires regular vehicle maintenance.

How to play

Real racing game 3 1024x576

The controls of Real Racing 3 are quite specific, allowing you to adjust the speed and acceleration of the car with virtual buttons for acceleration and handbrake. If you want the car to turn in the direction you want, tilt your device left or right. You can also change the position of the steering wheel to the left or right of the screen depending on your driving habits.

Many outstanding mods

Real racing 3 TSM 1024x602

Real Racing 3 has familiar racing game modes. At launch, RR3 had a TSM (Time-Based Multiplayer) mode. TSM works by recording the journeys and race times of other players. When you enter PvP mode, TSM simulates this journey and is done by AI. However, this mod is not supported by many players. They complained that they wanted a normal PvP mode so they could compete with friends and other online players instead of the pre-programmed AI. You can join the tournament mode to compete with other online players around the world.

super muchcar

Real Racing 3 Cars 1024x601

At the start of the game, you “borrow” a Porsche 911 GT3 RS to follow some basic instructions. Then you can buy a Nissan Silvia S15 or a Ford Focus RS. It wasn’t a bad start at all. If you are a car enthusiast, Real Racing 3 is a great game for you to satisfy your cravings. The game features more than 100 realistic simulation cars from iconic brands like Ford, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Mercedes-Benz. You can buy a wide range of vehicles of all makes, such as SPADA CODATRONCA TS, McLAREN 650S GT3, NISSAN SUMO POWER GT GT-R GT1, MAZDA RX-3, LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LP 700-4, FORD GT FIA GT1, FERRARI 458 ITALY. … Unlock and conquer every track with your favorite car!

Real Racing 3 MOD APK version

Why you should use Real Racing 3 MOD APK

Sometimes you don’t have enough money to fix a broken car or you want to buy an expensive car but don’t have enough money. Real Racing 3 MOD APK This can be the perfect choice for you. The game offers automatic upgrades of coins and gold as you shop, so you can buy your favorite supercars.

Features MOD

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited Gold

Download Real Racing 3 MOD APK for Android

Attractive gameplay, stunning visuals, realistic graphics and great handling are what I want to say about this game. Despite some inconveniences with the high-end system, Real Racing 3 is still one of the best traditional racing games out there. You can also try similar games like Asphalt 8 or GRID Autosport.

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