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Isabella tries to lose her ability to see supernatural things around her. This forensic student, is often disturbed by the scary drawings when she makes coat . There was a figure entrenched in his body, a mysterious figure that said he wanted to reveal a mysterious sin.

Still in one universe , the story in Rasuk 2 (2020) is still being written by Risa Saraswati. Although not much related to the first movie, Isabella is Ingrid’s younger sister in the group “Putri Sejagat”. The story is new This makes the film directed by Rizal Mantovani feel better, especially from the quality of the plot and the acting.

In fact, how often does Isabella feel, as long as she’s in the hospital? To find out the full story, you can read the Rasuk 2 (2020) movie synopsis and review only at Salenhanh.

Rasuk 2 movie synopsis

Review of Rasuk 2
Release yearYear 2020
ManufacturingDee . Company
ManagerRizal Mantovani
CastNikita Willy

Ahmad Megantara

Raquel Katie Larkin

“Isabella.. when you don’t know, that’s where I’ll be”

Not wanting to continue to receive interference from the strange silhouettes she had seen since she was a child, Isabella found a way to overcome this. From the book she was reading, Isabella thought that the phenomenon she saw was happening because she had the Barnum Effect. An illness that causes him to hallucinate, thinking that everything described in his brain is real.

Isabella chooses to use drugs to reduce vision, this girl regularly visits a psychologist. Initially, through various therapies and prescribed medications, Isabella calmed down. However, after performing an autopsy on a corpse of unknown origin, Isabella often receives strange terrors.

Not only at the hospital, Isabella also often saw the figure of a woman in the room and in her daily life. Even one night, Isabella was sleeping suddenly possessed and almost harmed Radja. Isabella didn’t know what had happened, she clearly felt a figure following her.

Day by day, the figure seemed to come closer to her, making Isabella feel strange. Why did that figure bother her? Isabella did her own research by comparing what she had seen with the autopsy results. Together with Radja, Isabella begins to learn about ghosts, she wants to know the details.

While trying to figure out who Mrs. X, which she did an autopsy on, Isabella’s steps stopped. The guide is disgusted by the girl’s attitude, on the other hand, the character asks Isabella not to give up. This girl got a glimpse of what happened to Mrs. X, Isabella believes there is something strange about the death of this unknown woman.

Isabella considered all the reports and ignored her supervisor’s request, until a girl came to her. Isabella knows the figure, the girl named Daya says she is friends with Dara or Mrs. X. Elsewhere, Radja looks worried and confused, as Alma and Nesya say that a long-haired girl has come to see Isabella.

Daya says that Radja is not a man like Isabella thinks. Daya reveals his relationship with Radja and Dara in the past. Isabella, who heard this felt very shocked , he did not believe what Daya said. Is Radja the mastermind behind Mrs. X or Dara?

The plot is neater, Jumpscare is quite unexpected

The plot is neater, Jumpscare is quite unexpected

If I had to be honest, I would say that I enjoyed watching Rasuk 2 (2019) more than Rasuk 1 (2018). How that? The reason is because I like the plot and premise of the story outlined in this sequel. Although the story is still being written by Risa Saraswati, it turns out that the director and screenwriter greatly influence the quality of the story.

The screenplay for Rasuk 2 (2019) was written by Haqi Achmad and Baskoro Adi, while the film was directed by Rizal Mantovani. Fyi Rizal Mantovani is the director of the Kuntilanak (2006-2007) trilogy, 5 cm (2012) and The Moon Split in the Sky America (2015-2016).

There is opening Confusingly, at first I was pessimistic to enjoy the story given. Since there’s no trailer for what’s going on, the film opens with a bloody autopsy. But gradually the details become clearer, each new character brings a story that connects with each other.

Starting from the presence of a man named Radja in Isabella’s life, then an unknown victim terrorized Isabella to the appearance of Daya. The three characters come with their own stories and motives, but in the end they all become an interconnected story. The plot is reinforced by jumpscare which is quite unexpected, thus increasing the horror tension.

In reality this jumpscare was shown from her trailer , but the shocking sound effects made the terrifying tension rise. Therefore, the audience was not only surprised by the appearance of the ghost but also by the sound effects. It’s just that Rasuk’s nature in this film feels less powerful, as Isabella has only been possessed twice and isn’t as dramatic as in the first film.

Character development less than max

Character development less than max

Changing the story and the cast, for me this was a very good decision. To me Nikita Willy looks much more expressive and has a good character. I can see the different expressions Nikita gives as Isabella. How tense and surprised the woman was, with her ability to see apparitions.

Nikita Willy can obviously increase the emotions of the audience, I was quite carried away by her natural acting. This is also reinforced by the acting quality of Achmad Megantara, who has two charms as a sweet man and a psychopath. The personality development of both looks very good, they show significant changes from beginning to end.

But for the other characters, I really regret that Alma and Nesya were not included in the plot. The character of Isabella’s best friend is just a sidekick that has no influence on the plot. Although it would be more fun if they could be included in the plot, so the friendship element from the first movie is also felt here.

Same goes for the characters Dara and Daya, I really wish there was more to their story. At least show how good their relationship is until the incident at the mansion happens, to make their personality changes more pronounced. But I understand why this doesn’t happen, as this movie is only about 85 minutes long.

There are many episodes that strengthen the story

There are many episodes that strengthen the story

One thing I would like to commend as well as comment, I really appreciate their effort to provide detailed information. As we all know, Isabella is a forensic doctor who is in a hospital gown . Instead of just showing the stethoscope and the doctor’s gown, they showed the doctors performing the autopsy.

In the opening sequence of the film, it is quite clear, when the supervising doctor begins to dissect the body. There are scenes where the skin is cut and the heart is removed from the corpse, all of which look quite realistic with the blood effect. While this autopsy scene is far from neat, at least there is progress and research done to provide perfection.

Then there is the violent scene done by Radja, I like the approach of the character. But unfortunately, this violent scene is just so done and so simple. Radja just chased, beat, and punched his lover, to make his mental part less pronounced. I really wish this scene was made more serious, with more violence.

In terms of cinematography, to be honest, Rasuk 1 (2018) has been much more popular with the audience. Rasuk 2 (2019) feels lacking in Fine Arts, but the aesthetic side is quite good. This can be seen through the design of apartments with room designs like apartments. Moreover, the area of ​​the room is a bit unreasonable, but instead it is the natural beauty of the first half movie.

With a new story and cast, Rasuk 2 (2019) proved to be a significant change. The quality of the story, the details and the acting of the actors are all much better than the first movie. Rizal Mantovani managed to save this movie from the same error, although it’s still far from perfect.


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