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Set in a prehistoric era, Primitive Era by Funtap takes players on an exciting journey alongside a primitive tribe. The simulation gameplay adds a unique twist to the game, as most popular games nowadays are set in posthistoric times.

The setting, storyline, character designs, wildlife, environments, and more all bear the distinct markings of prehistoric times. There’s nothing more fascinating than experiencing life in the prehistoric era and surviving and thriving with your own tribe.

Primitive Era

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Primitive Era – More than just prehistoric strategic battles! It is also a journey to discover the origin of mankind and the mysteries of civilizations in particular and the earth in general!

Three million years ago, primitive tribes lived by hunting, gathering and subsistence in the primeval forests. They take care of and support each other to overcome difficulties. However, it is difficult to avoid difficulties due to natural disasters, epidemics, and climate. They must find a way to find their hope of living again in mysterious unexplored continents!

Dear Chiefs, the all-new real-time strategy game “Prime Age” brings the treacherous primeval forests three million years back for you to explore. You will join hands with the beautiful girl Meyer to solve the problems faced by the tribe, thereby writing their own history!

–Game Features–
[Unlock the prehistoric civilization and uncover the mystery]Go back thousands of years to prehistoric times and explore primeval forests. In the game, you can not only conquer nature, use axes and wood to build territories, uncover all the unknown mysteries, but you can also explore continents together with other Leaders. new, interact with millions of players around the world in real time!

[Improve production efficiency and develop civilization]Go beyond the technical limits of prehistoric times, use knowledge to help develop your territory, and create your own era by deciding on combinations of attributes Hero’s different character and construction skills!

[Write your own tribe development story]To adapt to changes in the natural environment and continue to develop your tribe, you need to constantly proliferate the next generation, build a prosperous tribe and write legendary stories!

[Tame prehistoric beasts and fight together]Trained to fight and hunt wild animals. You will cooperate with many different types of Heroes, arrange hammocks, tame giant prehistoric beasts such as Mammoths, Saber-toothed Tigers, etc.

[Build a separate tribe to express your personality] Huge prehistoric world designed by you! Freedom of location, variety of outfits, personalized screens allow the Chiefs to create the most personalized tribe!

[Experience tribal warfare and claim one-way hegemony]GvG large-scale inter-server conquest gameplay is coming soon, in the end you will lead the strongest tribe, conquer the world, become the lord of the races and decide the direction of development of prehistoric intellectual culture!”


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