Plane (2023) Movie Review

Being a pilot is a prestigious job that many workers out there aspire to. But although it looks prestigious, in reality being a pilot is not an easy job. The pilot must ensure that the hundreds of souls on board the plane are safe in his hands at any cost, even the pilot must sacrifice himself.

This is how Brodie feels, a commercial airline pilot who has to save all his passengers after the plane he’s carrying malfunctions and lands on a dangerous island. Will Brodie be able to do his job well and bring the passengers back to their families?

Summary of the movie Plane (2023)

  • Release year 2023
  • Genre Action , Horror
  • Director Jean-François Richet
  • Cast Gerard Butler Mike Colter Yoson An Daniella Pineda Paul Ben-Victor Remi Adeleke

New Year is usually the most awaited day because it is a big holiday used to gather with family or friends; but for people who work in service or hospitality, this is rarely the case. They will all continue to work to help their customers.

This is sensed by a pilot of TrailBlazer airline named Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler), he has to lead the flight from Singapore to Tokyo for 6 consecutive hours with some other colleagues, that is the Pilot Assistant Samuel Dele (Yoson An), Flight Chief. Flight attendant, Bonnie (Daniella Pineda) and other flight attendants.

Despite this, Brodie has promised his only daughter Daniella (Haleigh Hekking) that he can still go to Hawaii after he completes his mission and goes on a vacation with them. After putting everything in order, the plane was ready to take off. There was information about a storm but the ground said it was not a problem.

plane movie

TrailBlazer flight 119 took place, on the plane there were only 14 passengers, including one of the extradited murderers who will be transported to the US after transiting in Tokyo, Louis Gaspere (Mike Colter). ). Prisoners are under the full supervision of all crew.

After 19 minutes in the air, a previously announced storm hit so turbulence felt very difficult. This forced Brodie to escape the storm by climbing 40,000 feet above the plane’s cruise limit. He was just breathing a sigh of relief because he felt safe when lightning scorched the avionics, causing him to lose control.

Brodie and Dele were prepared for anything. They rely only on the power of the plane’s emergency batteries when the engines can’t start. They initially decided to land in the water but because of the huge waves, they ended up landing the plane on a strange island.

This island is a remote island located in a remote part of the Philippines called Jolo. When the plane landed successfully despite killing two people, a flight attendant and a crime watcher, Dele later told Brodie that the island was dangerous after looking at the map.

The island is owned by fighters who hate the government and have formed their own government. The entire population is unbelievably cruel and loves to kill if their needs are not met. Even the Philippine government doesn’t want to bother with the island nation of Jolo.

The scary thing actually happened. Just as all passengers are told to get off the plane and stay in makeshift tents while Brodie and Louis seek help, the Jolo Island militia led by Datu Junmar (Evan Dane Taylor) ambushes and arrests everyone. hostage.

Brodie and Louis, who are currently working together, must brainstorm ways to save the passengers in danger, while both are clearly outnumbered and overwhelmed by Junmar’s forces. Brodie and Louis really didn’t have much time left as two of the passengers had already begun to be killed.

Brodie and Louis eventually managed to paralyze Junmar’s blind spot by silently crushing his troops on duty one by one. So Brodie can finally reach the place where the passengers are being held hostage. Brodie asks everyone to get on the bus and prepare to head back to the plane.

Hearing that they would return to the plane, the passengers refused because it was tantamount to suicide. However, it turned out that Brodie had called the airline and informed him of the situation, he had also left a message on the plane and activated the radar after being repaired by Dele earlier.

Trusting Brodie, they followed suit. One by one got on the bus. However, the problem arose again, as the bus could not cross the main road because Junmar and his men were guarding there. Not wanting to take the risk, Brodie turned himself in and considered it his biggest ransom since he was the captain.

plane review

The negotiations conducted by Brodie and Junmar were fruitless so Junmar decided to kill Brodie. At the same time, another group of warriors from a private agency belonging to the airline TrailBlazer arrive to help save Brodie and the others. The leader of the army is Shellback (Remi Adeleke).

The owner of the TrailBlazer and a former Special Forces officer who used to work for the airline sent in the military when they learned of the state of Jolo Island. Gunfire also occurred. Although the Junmar army was large, the TrailBlazer army was trained enough to turn the tide.

Driven by one of the passengers, the bus headed back to the plane. Dele, who tried to bring the plane back into service, asserted that the plane was able to fly again, but the navigation system failed to work. Reckless, Brodie and Dele also try to fly the plane with help.

All of the TrailBlazer troops boarded the plane after successfully neutralizing almost all of the Junmar troops. Louis, who did not come because he wanted to escape from custody, helped Brodie secure the runway. The plane managed to fly and land on the island of Siasi. All passengers are safe and thank you Brodie.

Reviews of the movie Plane (2023)

As soon as the movie started, people got the impression of cheapness when the setting and filming were not very good, especially when the actor was like Gerard Butler. However, as soon as the story begins, the cheap feeling immediately disappears, replaced by a super good movie. Not because of the cinematography, but because of the story it gives!

Director Jean-François Richet has repeatedly made the audience hold their breath; Starting from a plane in a free-fall out of control, to where Brodie & Louis try to save the passengers from brutal warriors who take advantage of their presence as hostages. Cool!


The character creates an uncomfortable feeling for the viewer

Like tasteless vegetables, it feels like there’s not a single character in the movie that makes the audience’s blood boil. Well, the story’s author, Charles Cumming, was smart to include this nasty character, who is one of the passengers named Sinclair, played by Joey Slotnick.

From the first time he stepped into the plane, we could already see his crazy behavior. Always comment on anything, annoy the flight attendants and pilots and even annoy other passengers. Instead of being grateful that he was still able to land despite being taken prisoner, he repeatedly cursed Brodie and TrailBlazer as flights that bring bad luck. Oh my God ! _

Super fun ending

The story in this movie has a super funny ending, even when watching the movie at the theater, many audience applauded in satisfaction. They were pleased to see that Junmar, who was about to shoot at the plane with an RPG weapon, was run over by the wheel of the plane flown by Brodie so that the plane could take off.

movie plane

Satisfaction was also achieved when the plane began to lose power due to one of the engines being hit by the Junmars, but was still able to land without tearing or exploding the plane. It feels so empty! You can’t feel it without watching the movie. So hurry up and buy your tickets to see it!

The plot presented by both the writer and the director is commendable, although the cinematography can be considered quite crude to the point of being considered cheap movies, but the plot is expensive. Overall, this movie is quite worthy to be recommended for a movie to watch in early 2023. Score 3.9/5 from

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