Phantom (2023) Movie Review

The movie world in Korea is back with the latest spy movie called Phantom (2023), but it’s a little different this time, they will also be set when the country is still under Japanese domination. Copy.

Surely we still remember the 2015 film Assassination, a spy movie set in the 1930s in Seoul and Shanghai during the Japanese occupation of Korea. It won Best Picture at the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards. The sales of this film are no joke, ‘Assasination’ has entered the box office in Korea with revenue up to 90 million US dollars.

Now, the latest Korean spy drama, set in the same year, is available in Indonesia. The film is called ‘Phantom’ this time directed and written by Lee Hae-young. He himself directed the action movie “Believer” which was released in 2018, starring Cho Jin-woong and Cha Seung-won.

There is also the movie ‘Phantom’ which brings together a series of top Korean stars. Sol Kyung-gu, Lee Ha-nee, Park So-dam, Park Hae-soo, Kim Dong-hee, Seo Hyun-woo and Han Woo-yul take on their unique roles in this drama.

Phantom (2023) movie synopsis

Set in 1933, when Korea was occupied by Japan, 5 people in Gyeongseong are suspected of being spies for “Phantom”, an anti-Japanese organization that is said to have entered the Japanese government agency that was then occupied. Korean households.


The five suspects that Japan has collected are Junji Murayama (Sol Kyung-Gu), Park Cha-kyung (Lee Ha-nee), Yuriko (Park So-dam), Baek-Ho (Kim Dong-hee), and Cheon. (Seo Hyun).-woo). The five of them were taken to a large hotel on a hill jutting out into the sea.

The Japanese security forces led by Kaito (Park Hae-Soo) are in charge of the arrest and are trying to find out who the real Phantom is among the five.

They were placed in different rooms, except for two women, Park Cha-kyung and Park So-dam. Five of them will be randomly interrogated by Kaito, and each room they occupy has been installed with a bug that will record all of their movements. They are trying to prove that they are not Phantom spies. However, time will tell who really fights for their country.

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Phantom (2023) movie review

A blend of whodunit style with thrilling espionage action

It’s not often that we see the whodunit subgenre combined with spy thriller action, but this movie does both well. Even so, this movie doesn’t quite follow the classic whodunit theory we first saw through the movie ‘Maltese Falcon’ (1941), starring Humphrey Bogart, as well as several films Agatha Christie’s adaptations began to boom in the 1960s, such as ‘Murder, She Said. ‘ was released in 1961, and achieved glory with 1974’s ‘Murder on Orient Express’.

But in ‘Phantom’, there is no clear revelation of who Phantom really is when everyone confronts Kaito over dinner. The five of them were left speechless, until one acted alone and the others did something different. This act practically makes the moment of truth that should have been the sign of whodunit, disappear instantly. We’ll have the answer right after that horrible dinner.

The technical aspects are absolutely amazing

The technical aspects presented in ‘Phantom’ are amazing. One of the things that grabs attention is the artistic aspect and the score keeps our hearings in awe until the movie is over. The detailed artistic aspect makes the look of this art deco hotel the focus of our attention.

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The hotel is the most interesting and important series of ‘Phantom’ where we get to see the five suspects explore their surroundings on their own and try to figure out who their friends and enemies are.

Likewise with all the knick-knacks used by the player, they are also very detailed, including the cinema and the surrounding area where the rebels gather and share the disguised code. through Dracula movie posters.

Cinematography is equally good. Action after action is interestingly depicted with multiple angles that make the audience feel like they are watching the fighting action shown in many important scenes like at home.

The hotel is the most interesting and important series of ‘Phantom’ where we get to see the five suspects explore their surroundings on their own and try to figure out who their friends and enemies are.

The acting itself is also very engaging. All of them can share an equally important role, except for the very weak Baek ho character shown in this movie.

There are no significant weaknesses that we found in ‘Phantom’. Everything is described as interesting, as well as the story has many layers that surprise the viewer, although this element of surprise is not exactly surprising, because the average person can guess right.

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 Conclusion of the movie Phantom (2023)

As an action thriller about espionage set during the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1933, ‘Phantom’ offers a different story and visuals than previous films of the same genre. there. Exciting action combined with whodunit style, really unique, although not fully utilized. The most important thing about this movie is its tight storytelling and talkative characters with a relatively balanced screen time, which can keep the audience entertained until the very end.

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