Peter Rabbit 2: The Escape Movie Review

Peter Rabbit 2: The Escape is a live-action animated film released in 2018. The film is directed by Will Gluck and written by Rob Lier. Based on the stories of Peter Rabbit, promises to bring viewers the most relaxing moments with funny and interesting details that will definitely be great to watch with friends, relatives or family. mine.

This time the producer decided to expand the scope of Peter’s mischief instead of just in the garden as before to find himself again. Peter, Flosal, Mvet and Cottontail continue their adventures in the city to find themselves after Bea and Thomas get married. But unexpectedly, different events actually happened that made them realize the importance of family. Let’s review the movie Salenhanh and review the content of this interesting movie

Peter Rabbit 2

Plot of the movie Peter Rabbit 2: The Escape

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway opens with Bea (Rose Byrne) and Thomas (Domhnall Gleeson) having their beautiful wedding. Bea, who begins to be known as a writer of stories about Peter and his friends, receives an offer to work with a publisher named Nigel (David Oyelowo). Along with the above news, Bea, Thomas, Peter, Flosal, Mvet and Cottontail, head to town to meet with Nigel to make a deal to be a business partner.

The reason is that because Peter the Rabbit wants to establish an order in the garden shared by the animals, events develop in an unexpected way, causing people to become hostile and gradually alienate him.

At the time, Nigel apparently presented his marketing plan and described Peter as a troublemaker and always destructive. They even saw a billboard for the movie Peter Rabbit, which made him look very cruel. On the other hand, Thomas also always thought of Peter as a naughty bunny. Unable to accept such treatment, Peter runs away from home and meets an elderly rabbit named Barnabas (Lennie James).

Salenhanh review Peter Rabbit 2

After a few encounters, Barnabas realizes Peter is an old friend’s son as they prepare to steal food from McGregor’s ranch. In awe, Peter also wants to be part of the Barnabas gang while enticing rabbits and other farm animals to join the quest.

Bea, who is initially fooled by Nigel’s thoughts to the point of making her seem emotional about his ideals but eventually realizes that something is wrong with the farm animals. mine. Along with Peter and Thomas, Bea cleans up the mess caused by Peter and Barnabas’ gang.

Here, Bea is confronted by a publisher who promises fame, but is too commanding and ultimately doesn’t understand. Unlike Bea, Thomas has always dreamed of having a family of his own and is often annoyed by Peter’s behavior. Meanwhile, Peter is trying to figure out his identity so that he is no longer considered naughty by those close to him.

Peter Rabbit 2

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway movie review

Despite presenting three different perspectives, the story is easy to understand. This drama also presents quite a bit of conflict, but in the end still brings a warm feeling of affection between friendship and family. Not only that, this movie also has a comedy element that makes some scenes make the audience laugh. As a person who quite loves funny cartoon movies, Salenhanh feels very satisfied not only with funny jokes but also with meaningful messages that the producer wants to send to viewers, especially especially with young people.

Overall, Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway presents an interesting and entertaining story. Human images and animations look very natural and comfortable to look at. At the same time with their cute image, the rabbits look really attractive every time they appear in the frame and make viewers feel excited with their cute looks.

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