Overlord IV movie synopsis

Release year2022
CategoryAction, Fantasy, Supernatural
ManagerNaoyuki Itou
CastSatoshi Hino

Ainz worried about how he would lead his country as a king in a magical kingdom? Even though Ainz was surrounded by loyal talented people, he still felt fear and anxiety.

On the other hand, the country’s rulers were confused by the magical country that was suddenly created. Will Ainz be able to stop other countries’ plans and create his own utopia?

Episode 1

Overlord IV_ep Chapter 1_ Review

Ainz felt bored surrounded by loyal servants, but he missed his friends, former members of the guild. Ainz intended to establish an orphanage in E-Rantel and would educate talented individuals for the sake of Nazarick.

Not only young people, Einz would also recruit the widows of Re-Esize soldiers who died in the war.

While Ainz was discussing with Albedo, Mare and Aura came to visit. Ainz then asked Albedo to explain to Mare and Aura about the state of the kingdom, where E-Rantel was currently experiencing a shortage of resources. The merchants feared selling after E-Rantel was led by Ainz.

Ainz then visits E-Rantel to meet Pandora’s Actor. Ainz demands that Pandora’s Actor be normal when meeting him. Ainz also asked Pandora’s Actor to keep this secret so that others wouldn’t be jealous.

Along the way, Ainz noticed that humans were still shy around him. Then he meets an old adventurer, Ainzach. During the meeting, Ainz discussed an issue aimed at promoting the kingdom’s diplomatic relations.

Episode 2

Overlord IV_ep Chapter 2_ review

Ainz was worried about his plans for a peaceful kingdom. This would be in contrast to his subordinates who believed in him so much. Finally, he also allows Albedo and the others the opportunity to make important decisions, as well as lightening the burden on their shoulders.

Meanwhile, Princess Renner visits the orphanage established in Re-Esfying. He determined to identify an orphan as someone with talent.

Princess Renner’s brother, Prince Zanac, is busy with turbulent politics. However, Prince Zanac was unaware of Princess Renner’s true plans.

Prince Zanac greets the diplomatic envoy from the Shadowrealm. Albedo was glad that she had such a good reception in the Re-Esfying Kingdom. However, suddenly a lowly noble named Philip Dayton approached Albedo and planned to forge a good relationship with the Shadow Realm.

Prince Philip is optimistic about plans that can benefit him. However, he didn’t know what he was really facing.

Chap 3

Overlord IV_ep Chapter 3_ review

Ainz gave Albedo some advice before she went to a city quite far away. Albedo observed Ainz’ word for word carefully. He was even surprised when Ainz hugged him to comfort himself.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, imperial officials were discussing the Shadow Kingdom led by Ainz. The power Ainz possessed was enough to draw the attention of court officials. Ainz is also considered a major threat to humanity.

The imperial officials then formed an alliance to destroy Ainz. El Nix, one of the leaders of the Magic Kingdom, planned to participate in the plan to destroy Ainz.

El Nix even secretly tried to set up an anti-magic academy. And to carry out his plan, El Nix arranged for the representatives of the Slane Theocracy to meet at the Colloseum.

Episode 4

lord iv_Ep 4_

Ainz had no doubt that Nazarick possessed formidable power that existed in his current world. However, until now Ainz still didn’t know which enemy possessed world-class tools. Ainz was also unconvinced by Albedo and the others’ plan to conquer the world.

Ainz wanted to create a peaceful world and wanted to build the friendliest relationship possible with each country. Now, Ainz was trying to spread this information to many people. However, he did not reveal his plans to Albedo and Demiurage.

Ainz sets out for the empire with the leader of the E-Rantel adventure, Einzac. Afterwards, Einzac advised Ainz to participate in the match between the ‘King of Martial Arts’ and the strongest swordsman in the arena.

Ainz felt pressured and nervous

Overlord IV review_part 1_Ainz feels depressed and anxious_

The first episode of the fourth season shows Ainz having concerns about his leadership abilities. He never imagined that he could become a king, even though in the real world he was just an ordinary employee.

This time, Ainz was trying to create his dream country. He began to want to realize his dream by inviting true adventurers to become his allies.

So far, the story has been quite interesting, especially given Ainz’s behavior that sometimes looks ridiculous. From a visual perspective, so far it looks smooth and pretty good.

So, in order not to cause confusion, I strongly recommend you to watch this anime starting from the first season, so that you understand the plot from the very beginning.

Political turmoil between countries begins

Chapter 2 Overlord review_part 2_Political turmoil among nations begins_

In episode two there are some stages that use CGI and look very smooth. Animations from Madhouse studio leave no doubt.

This episode talks more about the ongoing interstate politics. Each kingdom is planning its own strategy, including the Shadow Realm, currently led by Ainz. Albedo is sent to execute strategies and make important decisions for the Shadow Realm.

Many new characters appear in this episode, some of which turn out to be people who work with Albedo and follow through on her plans. Albedo’s role in political affairs this time is huge.

Unfinished political affairs

Overlord IV review_ep chapter 3_Unfinished political matters_

In the third volume, political issues between countries are discussed again, especially those related to the character Ainz, who is feared by many neighboring countries. Although Ainz is acknowledged to have helped several countries, his character is seen as a major threat.

Well, this episode shows some high-ranking officials secretly forming an alliance to destroy Ainz. On the other hand, Ainz was actually implementing a strategy to create a peaceful nation.

Ainz Vs Martial King

overlord iv_Ep 4_Ainz Vs Martial King_

In episode four, Ainz tried to carry out his plan. There were quite a few political tactics employed by Ainz as well as the empire.

This volume also has compelling action scenes, namely the battle between Ainz and the Martial Lord. Of course the results are quite easy to predict who will be the winner. Even so, the action scenes are still quite enjoyable to watch.

Character development is also starting to show. The part that is quite striking is the number of monologues that become the story line of this volume. Therefore, you must pay attention to any monologues or conversations with other characters.

On the one hand, Ainz wanted to create a peaceful country. However, the campaign he carried out after fighting the Martial Lord gave his opponent a different impression.

Ainz’s good intentions could be explained by a negative impression. This also made Ainz’s name even more feared by others as well as the Empire.

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