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    The OPPO A77s smartphone has won the hearts of users who are fascinated with Reno’s design and specifications. By implementing the OPPO Reno design, the A77s turns out to have almost the same specifications as the Reno.

    The most interesting and first impression is the rear body design. Very similar to OPPO Reno7. Body design with leather texture, plus two main camera circles inside a rectangular greenhouse.

    The specs are pretty much the same, starting with the long-lasting battery with support for SuperVOOC technology, as well as the 90Hz display. The following is a full explanation of the OPPO A77s review after being used by the Gizmology team for almost a month.

    Review of OPPO A77s


    It is clear that the design of OPPO A77s is very similar to the high-end smartphones of the Reno series, OPPO Reno7 to be exact. Furthermore, the unit held by the Gizmology team is black. Similar to the Reno7 series, complete with a textured leather body. Both have distinctive features on the rear body, both in terms of colors used and special materials. Capable of resurfacing leather but at the same time creating more durability than conventional imitation leather.

    Although the surface of the back body feels rough like leather, OPPO uses a fiberglass material to better resist scratches and fingerprints. Thanks to that, the design of OPPO A77s will always be eye-catching even without using a case. The angles are also adjustable, so even if you use flat edges, it’s comfortable in the hand and doesn’t feel sharp.

    Combined with the camera module with contrasting colors, the design of OPPO A77s looks classic and charming. Will always attract attention around him. Consumers also do not need to worry about the durability of this smartphone.

    In addition to black, OPPO A77s also has another very attractive color, orange. Sunset Orange on the back design of OPPO A77s symbolizes luxury in an attractive color combination and is covered by leather material.

    OPPO A77s

    The unique look of the Fiberglass Leather Design on the OPPO A77s device has a soft orange look, high quality leather texture. Moreover, together with the flat frame, it gives an elegant, cool and premium impression on the A77s device.

    Fiberglass Leather Design itself is a technique of making smartphone cases out of fiberglass. With a special technique, this fiber layer gives the case many layers including a leather texture layer that not only gives a unique impression but also does not cause slippery when holding the A77s.

    Not only beautiful, the exterior design of OPPO A77s also feels comfortable and fits snugly in the hand even when used for a long time. The flat sides of the frame are designed for optimal comfort and come with a perfect tilt angle, avoiding sharp feeling when holding the A77s without the case.

    In addition to the two cameras with a rather large circular shape, there is also an elongated LED flash. This LED flash can also work as flashlight. The left side has the volume button next to the sim card slot, while the on / off button is opposite. At the bottom there are three speaker holes lined up, along with a USB-C port and a hole for a headphone cable.

    Screen OPPO A77s

    Equipped with a 6.5-inch screen, the front of OPPO A77s is still faithful to the teardrop design. With rounded lines like water drops, the display is still comfortable to look at. It’s not cropped at the top so the content still renders perfectly.

    Unfortunately, the screen is still supported by an IPS LCD panel and HD + resolution (2412 x 1080 pixels), although the screen is still clear and bright when displaying content. Starting from displaying photos or videos as well as playing games, screen movement is still smooth. Perhaps this is thanks to the 90 Hz refresh rate carried. Now, when the high refresh rate starts draining the smartphone’s power, it can also be changed to a lower refresh rate, namely 60Hz. Use Auto Switch Refresh Rate for this.


    In total, there are three camera sensors of OPPO A77s, one at the front and two at the rear. The main sensor itself has a high resolution, reaching 50MP with a fairly large aperture of f/1.8 and a sensor size of 1/2.76 inches. This sensor is accompanied by a 2MP bokeh sensor, which is responsible for creating more accurate and optimal portrait effects in a variety of conditions.

    While on the front is an 8MP f/2.0 sensor with a sensor size of 1/4 inch. Interestingly, the front camera of OPPO A77s supports Selfie HDR feature. Thanks to that, users can comfortably take self-portraits even when backlit, but the face is still bright. But the most interesting thing is the outstanding features of the main camera.

    There are still other features passed from the Reno series camera to the OPPO A77s camera, which is the Bokeh Flare Portrait. In one shot, the subject’s brightness is adjusted and the background is automatically blurred, increasing the bokeh highlights. The resulting effect reproduces images captured by professional cameras with large sensors, making portraits more appealing.

    The camera of OPPO A77s has Auto HDR feature to make photos brighter and clearer. There is also an increase in AI-based photo results called AI Scene Enhancement that can be activated to create images according to the characteristics of an object, be it a building, food or landscape. For a larger camera resolution, you can click the 50MP icon.

    Camera features can be used not only photos and videos but also night mode, portrait, Pro features, Extra HD, Panorama, Slow motion and time lapse. The resulting video can also have a resolution of 720p to 1080p. Oia both video and photo have 2x zoom feature.

    Performance OPPO A77s

    The OPPO A77s is powered by the Qualcomm-made runway, specifically the 2.4GHz Octa-core Snapdragon 680. This chipset is enough to meet the performance needs of everyday users. For example, just for multitasking, scrolling social networks, browsing the web and playing light games.

    mobile OPPO A77s

    When tested with AnTuTu, the score that the A77s achieved was 276,541. Meanwhile, when testing with Geekbench 5.4.4, the score achieved is 380 for single-core and 1,638 for multi-core.

    OPPO A77s used ColorOS 12.1 based on Android 12. The interesting thing about this operating system is that the interface is simple and easy to see, even when switching from one application to another. In this operating system there are very functional and useful features. Starting from split screen, App Copy, Dark Mode, 3 Finger Screenshot and more.

    What is interesting is the option of RAM Plus, where users can add more RAM for OPPO A77s. These additions can be made directly from the Settings menu. Method:

    1. Open the Settings menu

    2. Go to About Device

    3. Scroll down and find the RAM option

    4. Tap RAM, then activate the Expand RAM switch

    5. Slide the black dot inside the ‘Expand By’ line.

    Users can choose between 4GB, 6GB, or up to 8GB. The larger the RAM support, the smoother the performance of the smartphone is said to be. In fact, this OPPO A77s has RAM with a total capacity of 16 GB, which is a combination of 8 GB main RAM and 8 GB virtual RAM.

    The battery

    The battery capacity of OPPO A77s is still relatively large, namely 5,000 mAh. Combined with the power-saving chipset from Qualcomm, specifically the 6nm octa-core Snapdragon 680, it is said to have low power consumption. Continuing from the previous generation, the battery of OPPO A77s still carries with it outstanding fast charging technology inherently only for flagship series. Yes, especially if it’s not a 33W SuperVOOC. Besides the fast speed, it also features a more efficient charging architecture to minimize wasted energy.

    That is, with the same watt, the process can be faster. Another factor is the design of the OPPO A77s battery consisting of two separate cores. So when the process is charging, it can go directly to two parts at the same time. As a result, it takes less than 30 minutes to reach 50% exhaustion.

    Review OPPO A77s

    Whereas to reach 100% it takes about 75 minutes. That way, users can immediately resume their tasks or activities. Even when using the charger, there is no problem thanks to the multi-layer security system that prevents the device’s body temperature from heating up in the process. So it’s safe even to use while gaming without any noticeable speed loss.

    Don’t forget, when the battery is running low, activate Extreme Battery Saver. This feature will disable all apps that consume quite a lot of power, change the wallpaper to black and give you access to some key apps, important aliases. Through this mode, you can still contact your friends via WhatsApp even if the battery is only 5%.

    Conclusion about OPPO A77s phone

    With the latest technology built into it, this smartphone can support every aspect of our lives from entertainment, work to socializing. On the outside, the leather design of the OPPO A77s offers an impressively smooth look, feels smooth to the touch, and looks thinner and more durable.

    Although it belongs to the A series, which ranges from entry-level to mid-range, this phone is equipped with enough memory in the segment. Comes with a configuration of 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM, the RAM expansion technology on OPPO A77s is capable of supporting virtual RAM up to 5GB and later up to 8GB when there is a software update. Game lovers will be spoiled with the Multi-Cooling System feature on OPPO A77s. This new heat dissipation technology can keep the temperature stable when doing heavy work like running games or applications for a long time.

    Likewise with the camera sector, using Reno with Portrait Lighting Bokeh will produce professional-grade Bokeh photos. This makes OPPO A77s very competitive in its segment. Serie A also goes up in level.

    OPPO A77s Specifications

    Chipset Qualcomm SM6225 Snapdragon 680 4G (6nm)
    CPU Octa-core (4×2.4 GHz Kryo 265 Gold & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo 265 Silver)
    GPU Adreno 610
    RAM (Memory) 8GB LPDDR4x
    Warehouse 128GB UFS 2.2
    External storage Up to 1TB
    Operating system Android 12
    User interface Color OS 12.1

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