Ninja Issen (忍者一閃) New Working Redeem Codes

“Ninja Issen” (忍者一閃) is a unique 2D action-adventure game with distinctive pixel art style developed by the Japanese indie studio AGM Playworks. Set against the backdrop of Japan’s Sengoku period, the game follows the story of Saizou, a young ninja tasked with protecting his master, the young lord Tokugawa Ieyasu, from the treacherous plots of enemies. In this perilous adventure, Saizou must utilize a variety of ninja skills and tools to battle, stealthily navigate, and overcome numerous obstacles.

What sets Ninja Issen apart from other ninja games is its exceptionally smooth and visually stunning combat system. Instead of risky close-quarter combat, players must rely on agility and flexibility to evade enemy attacks and seize opportunities for counterattacks using the “Issen” move—a lethal, single-strike technique. The timing of strikes and the combination of different skills and weapons will determine victory or defeat in each intense confrontation.

In addition to the unique combat system, players can explore dozens of levels featuring beautiful medieval Japanese settings, captivating music, and scenery. Each level presents distinct challenges, terrain, and unique enemies, requiring players to adapt their tactics for success. Victories in each level unlock new skills and equipment for Saizou, enhancing his strength for future battles.

With high-quality pixel art graphics, ear-catching traditional Japanese music and sound, an engaging storyline, and challenging obstacles that demand concentration and quick thinking, Ninja Issen undoubtedly provides an exciting experience for action game enthusiasts. After over 2 years of development, the game is currently available on platforms like Nintendo Switch and Steam at the price of 129,000 VND, with promises of expanding to PlayStation and Xbox in the near future.

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Ninja Issen (忍者一閃) Code Redemption Guide

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Introducing Ninja Issen (忍者一閃) Game

About This Game

“Ninja Issen” emerges as a captivating retro-style ninja platformer, seamlessly blending hyper-action, intense 1 vs. many battles, and dynamic boss fights. Drawing inspiration from the golden era of classic 8-16 bit ninja games, the atmospheric backdrop of the game is adorned with neon lights, futuristic metropolises, and a shadowy ambiance that immerses players in the streets of a cyberpunk future.

Embark on an enthralling journey as “Kiba,” a rogue ninja unjustly accused of assassinating the grand master of his clan. In the midst of evading relentless pursuers seeking vengeance for the alleged crime, Kiba finds himself thrust into an unfamiliar world, fraught with challenges and mysteries.

Within the realm of “Ninja Issen,” every encounter unfolds as a 1 vs. many battle, demanding strategic thinking and resourcefulness to survive. The diverse array of enemies, each with unique designs and attack patterns, pose a formidable challenge, creating an atmosphere of constant tension and excitement.

The protagonist, “Kiba,” proves to be a seasoned and skillful ninja, armed with an arsenal of weapons and abilities to navigate the perilous journey through the future metropolis:

Katana: The primary weapon, highly effective in close combat, allowing Kiba to swiftly dispatch foes in his path.

Shuriken: Employed for long-range attacks and deflecting enemy projectiles, providing versatility in combat scenarios.

Teleport: Kiba’s ability to teleport by throwing his katana to a desired location adds a layer of agility, enabling adept navigation between structures and overcoming traps with finesse.

The true essence of the game lies in the player’s ability to seamlessly combine Kiba’s weapons and ninja skills, crafting a personalized fighting style that suits their preferences and tactics.

As the journey unfolds, each stage introduces a formidable boss with unique patterns and gimmicks. Players assume the role of Kiba and must decipher the strategies needed to withstand the boss’s threatening attacks, culminating in a triumphant victory.

Adding to the excitement, some battles escalate to Phase 2 when the boss’s HP drops below a certain threshold. In this phase, bosses unveil new and more formidable attack patterns, presenting an additional layer of challenge. Destruction of specific parts may also alter the boss’s behavior, adding an element of adaptability and strategy to the encounters.

“Ninja Issen” not only pays homage to the nostalgic era of classic ninja games but elevates the experience with modern gameplay mechanics, a richly atmospheric setting, and a protagonist whose journey is as dynamic as the challenges he faces. Whether slicing through enemies in fast-paced battles or unraveling the mysteries of the cyberpunk world, players are in for an immersive and exhilarating ninja adventure.

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