New Police Story (2004) Movie Review

Movie New Police Story is the reboot of the New Police Story series that has been successful in the Asian market and has had 3 installments in the series as one of the best action movies of all time in the magazine’s poll. Time Out magazine. Jackie Chan, the author of the film, was really appreciated by film critics for his filmmaking abilities.

New Police Story itself still has the dramatic story of the life of Hong Kong policemen who face a great threat from dangerous young extremist groups in the country. The main actor, played by Jackie Chan, must try to get through this incident in a state of severe trauma.

New Police Story (2004) movie synopsis

  • Release year 2004
  • Genres Action , Crime , Horror
  • Director Benny Chan
  • Cast Jackie Chan Nicholas Tse Charlie Yeung Cai Zhuo Yan Ngo Ngan To Dave Wong

A large bank in Hong Kong was robbed by a group of young men, leaving the police quite worried. The group is led by Joe Kwan (Daniel Wu), a troubled rich young man even though he is the son of a famous Hong Kong police chief. Inspector Chan Kwok Wing (Jackie Chan) has been sent.

The incident was eventually thoroughly investigated by the police. Inspector Chan immediately holds a meeting to discuss this on the birthday of his girlfriend, Sun Ho Hye (Charlie Yeung). Sun Ho Hye said that Chan will definitely work with her colleagues to perform well.

As soon as they heard that this group was hiding, the police immediately came to arrest all 5 people. They want to level and stop the criminal behavior of this group of young people because it has begun to cause loss of life. The place they called the hideout was in a large warehouse.

Instead of succeeding in arresting the young men, Inspector Chan lost. All of Chan’s men were beaten so badly by a deadly trap that they all died. Chan is the only survivor, even Sun Ho Yee’s younger brother, namely Hong (Deep Ng), who became Chan’s partner, dies.

New Police Story

Chan was seriously injured, his whole team was gone. He ended up taking a year off from work and instead, he got drunk from depression. Ho Hye gave up, she couldn’t recognize her lover anymore. Until one time, Chan’s new partner, Frank Cheng (Tse Dinh Phong), tries to convince Chan to return to work.

The offer is flatly rejected by Chan, but he eventually agrees to reopen the case and track down the culprit. Inspector Chan’s superior, Commander Chiu (Yu Rongguang), who knows Chan is back, is still angry that the case is the result of Chan being overconfident in being able to catch the killer.

Hearing that Chan wanted to continue the case and catch the culprit, Commander Chiu challenged Chan to solve the case before he intervened. Working with Frank, Inspector Chan, who has little information about one of the members of the criminal group, begins his investigation.

He gets this information from his former colleague, Sam Wong (Dave Wong), who claims to know information about a gang member who enjoys playing extreme sports, X-Games. Chan immediately went there but Commander Chiu and some policemen followed Chan and Frank.

As a result, things turned chaotic and one of the perpetrators realized that he was being targeted. Gunshots followed and hit Sam until he died. Chan and Frank then pursue the killer named Sue (Coco Chiang). Even though she’s a woman, she’s actually very good at escaping from the top of a building.

The other members pick up the perpetrator, who was shot, and then shoot the bus driver to distract Chan and Frank. The bus lost control and endangered the lives of many people because the bus entered the shopping area. Chan and Frank try to stop the bus and save many people.

When Joe learned that Sue was injured, he immediately called the woman and shot her dead, thinking she was slowing the group down. Revenge because Sue is his girlfriend, he immediately plans to punish Chan and Frank. Meanwhile, Chan and Frank are in custody due to a chase this afternoon.

Review New Police Story

During the interrogation, Inspector Tai (Liu Kai Chi), Chan’s former commanding officer, says that Frank is not part of the police force, even as Chan’s partner, he just knew about it. Frank turns out to be a police candidate who failed his bar exam. Although he was angry at first, Chan knew that Frank was sincerely helping him.

Police Sa Sa (Thai Trac Nghien) also helps Chan and Frank chase members of a criminal group. He gives a lot of information, one of which is about an online video game that the group made based on their actions when killing Chan’s people in a large warehouse.

No less clever, Joe made a fake call to Chan’s girlfriend, Ho Yee, to the police headquarters. There, Joe disguised himself as a police officer and took Ho Yee hostage with a bomb. Knowing this, Chan and the others immediately evacuated everyone and saved Ho Yee, but the woman ended up falling into a coma.

Chan is then assisted by Sa Sa and other game players, who are asked to help the police find the group’s next target. It was answered that the next target was the Bank of Hong Kong. Now so that the raid doesn’t fail, Chan calls all of the perpetrator’s parents to the bank.

The criminal group is extremely scared when people learn about their bad behavior. One of the members was killed by Joe because he wanted to escape. Gunshots followed and caused chaos throughout the Bank. Chan immediately chased Joe and the others to paralysis, after a successful chase, now only Chan and Joe remained.

Joe, who took Frank hostage, threatens to knock him off the roof. To defeat Chan again, Joe challenges Chan to a shooting game. It was this game that Chan lost and his men died. Now that Chan also has no new tricks and wins, Joe admits defeat.

Not wanting to be caught by the police and embarrass his father, he pretends to threaten Chan by pointing a gun at him. The police who saw this immediately took action and shot and killed Joe. Chan also helped Frank and survived. A few days later, Chan finally proposed to Ho Yee.

New Police Story movie review

Jackie Chan

Despite the participation of many famous Asian stars, Jackie Chan’s name is still brighter than others. It’s not unusual considering Jackie Chan’s extraordinary acting skills as well as his stunt work in some of the dangerous scenes. It’s all well packaged by him and director Benny Chan.

Jackie Chan has performed well as Inspector Jackie Chan, he can’t get rid of the character that has stuck with him in the previous series of Police Stories even though this movie is a reboot. Light comedy is also included between scenes to make the film more enjoyable to watch than just war.

New Police Story movie

Expensive footage

In the process of making his films, Jackie Chan always gives his best. A lot of scenes definitely cost a lot of money to support good footage. Among the many scenes in the movie New Police Story, there was one that was quite tiring for the producer.

The setting is when Jackie Chan and Nicholas Tse (Chan & Frank) have to save a bus whose driver was shot by a criminal gang to distract Chan & Frank. The double-decker bus plowed into a shopping mall in an alley, destroying everything in its path; Destroy everything.

Movie New Police Story

First reboot

The new Police Story movie, released in 2004, turned out to be the first reboot of the Police Story series. Its success prompted producer China Film Group Corporation to make a second reboot titled Police Story 2013 or Police Story: Lockdown distributed in the US by Well Go USA Entertainment.

The new police story is 124 minutes long and will entertain you especially big fans of Jackie Chan, almost all Jackie Chan movies never fail, and Scene Story The new observation is proof of that. Bacaterus gave it a score of 4/5 for this Jackie Chan-produced film.

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