Necropolis: Story of Lich Codes (New)

Heroes and Magic Necropolis: Story of Lich is a mobile RPG role-playing game with content revolving around a Lich king and your army of the undead rising day by day. 

You’ll collect many mythical heroes and units like Medusa or the beholder, explore new worlds, and go on epic turn-based strategy battles with other players in the PVP Strategy Arena. daily. In addition, you can build and upgrade your dark empire, overcome challenges in Shadow Towers and magic arenas, explore dungeons and battle legendary bosses. In this game, you can also collect many epic heroes and magical monsters, upgrade their power and skills to complete quests and deal with your enemies.

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  • Step 1: Login to the homepage of Necropolis: Story of Lich . website
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  • Step 1: Visit fanpage Necropolis: Story of Lich
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Collect heroes, acquire mythical units like the medusa or the beholder and explore new worlds. You play as a Lich king – a powerful necromancy and your army of the undead rises day by day. Play as epic heroes and spells and duel other players in epic turn-based strategy battles. 

Explore the vast world of power and magic game through the power of light and darkness. Meet legendary heroes and fight in epic RPG battles with fearsome enemies. Follow the Necromancer’s story and complete his quest. Step into the darkness and meet creatures of power and magic who will spare no effort to get what they want.

Necropolis: Story of Lich brings you the ultimate PVP matches. Build a top team of epic heroes, strategize your team and challenge other players in the daily PVP Strategy Arena. Fight your way to the top for epic glory and rewards!
Build and upgrade your dark empire. Climb the Dark Tower to face constant challenges, complete quests and battle your enemies in the magical arena, explore vast dungeons filled with power and magic, and battle with powerful legendary black dragons and minotaurs. Acquire bloodthirsty vampires and werewolves and build a legion of the undead from the Necropolis, a horde of warlords.
Over 50 epic heroes and magical monsters available in your collection! Upgrade and improve their power and special skills. Collect as much as possible!
Discover all the events and collect as many rewards as you can!

Do you want to play a mobile game like heroes of power and magic? Win every turn-based game battle? Try Heroes and Magic Necropolis: Story of Lich. It’s time to start a great RPG adventure! Your enemy is one of the mighty creatures of the fantasy world like a mighty dragon, mage or from the brave castle humanity. Heroes and Magic turn-based strategy game is waiting for you!


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