My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex Movie Review

In Japanese, this summer anime is called Mamahaha no Tsurgo ga Motokano datta. As its title suggests, this anime tells the story of a pair of ex-lovers who suddenly become half-brothers.

The anime series My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex is directed by Yanagi Shinsuke and produced by studio Project No.9. This anime adaptation premiered on July 6, 2022. Are you curious about the story of the two main characters who suddenly become half-brothers? This is a full review, happy reading!

Synopsis My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex

  • Release year: 2022
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Production: project No.9
  • Director: Shinsuke Yanagi
  • Cast: Hiro Shimono Rina Hidaka

Mizuto and Yume are two middle school students who become lovers. However, for some reason, they eventually broke up upon graduation.

Before entering high school, they met again in an unexpected encounter. Now they are step-brothers and must respect the affection of their parents.

Episodes 1-3

Yume and Mizuto became half-brothers after their parents got married. Unfortunately, their parents didn’t realize that they were dating when they were in middle school. To protect their parents’ feelings, Yume and Mizuto decide to make rules about their relationship.

My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex

At school, Yume and Mizuto happened to be in the same class. Some male students try to approach Mizuto to get close to Yume. All of this happened because on the first day of school it spread that they were brothers.

The next day, because Yume was annoyed with the boy who looked down on Mizuto, she acted as if she had a complicated brother. While Mizuto was sitting in class, he was approached by Kawanami Kogure, who said that he wanted to be Mizuto’s friend with no other intentions.

Meanwhile, Minami Akatsuki is amazed that Yume looks perfect. However, after the physical test, Akatsuki learns that Yume is not as perfect as he imagined. And then they decided to be friends.

The next day, Yume was sick and couldn’t go to school. Akatsuki who became his friend was worried about Yume and decided to visit him.

When Akatsuki and Mizuto make food for Yume, Akatsuki concludes that Mizuto once had a girlfriend. And he asked if Mizuto considered Yume more than a little sister, but Mizuto denied it.

Six months ago, when Yume was still dating Mizuto, Yume obsessively kept every item Mizuto gave her. However, today he found Mizuto’s underwear and was determined to return it.

When Yume tries to sneak into Mizuto’s room, she finds that Mizuto is doing the same thing to her. Despite their own suspicions, both admitted to breaking the rules and were free to ask for something.

The next day, Yume sees Mizuto with a girl. When he got home, he found there was a pair of shoes of the girl they went to school with at home. Yume wanted to confirm who the girl Mizuto was close to, but the girl had disappeared.

Episode 4

Review My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex

Yume is confused by Mizuto’s dating plan, Mizuto uses this opportunity to ‘punish’ for the underwear incident. Unbeknownst to Yume, Mizuto actually had other intentions when he asked her out.

When the date arrived, Yume was stunned by Mizuto’s handsomeness. Not only that, when they were ‘dating’ Mizuto was very sweet, different from the usual rudeness. That also made Yume’s heart skip a beat.

At the same time, Kwanami and Akatsuki were watching Mizuto and Yume from behind. Akatsuki, who is obsessed with Yume, is really paying attention to them.

Meanwhile, Mizuto was really confused as to what to do with Yume. He tries to win Yume’s heart, when in reality his feelings for Yume have disappeared since they broke up. But on the other hand, Yume was increasingly confused by Mizuto’s attitude during the date.

Episode 5-6

Reviews on My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex

On Mother’s Day, Yume invites Mizuto to search for a suitable gift together. Despite being rather lazy at first, Mizuto eventually went with Yume to buy presents. Then they give chrysanthemum flowers to their mother and make her cry.

Mizuto also came up with the idea of ​​spending time alone with their parents. Because both of their parents are technically newlyweds.

Then, because she couldn’t go to the hotel, etc., Mizuto asked Kawanani’s permission to stay at her house. And coincidentally, Kawanami’s house is next to Minami’s so Yume can stay there.

Mizuto didn’t know that the wall separating Kawanami and Minami’s house was very thin. Afterwards, Kawanami teased Mizuto by shouting embarrassing things. Feeling annoyed, Mizuto also responded to Kawaami’s treatment with the same.

After dinner at the restaurant, when Kawanami was asleep, Mizuto went to the balcony to watch the moon. And as it turned out, beside him was Yume who was also looking at the moon. At that time, both of them recalled the memories of when they were dating.

Scene moves to school. With the midterms approaching, Yume continues to strive to maintain her top rank and defeat Mizuto. However, after the first day’s exam ended, he felt angry when he learned that Mizuto seemed to have purposely given up so that Yume was ranked first.

And what was surprising was that after finishing the midterm exam, Mizuto beat him and took first place. However, Yume didn’t feel any pressure and was able to relax thanks to Mizuto’s words.

While looking for Mizuto, Yume found Mizuto talking to another girl named Higashira Isana in the library. Mizuto considers Isana a friend, even though they are new friends because they have similar interests.

When she got home from school, Yume tried to hide her jealousy towards Isana. Then, the next day, Yume behaves strangely towards Mizuto which confuses her.

Episodes 7-11

Higasgira is questioned by Yume and Minami because they suspect that he likes Mizuto. Minami says that she and Yume will help Higashira to date Mizuto.

However, Higashira only wanted to be friends with Mizuto because he felt comfortable. Yume then woke Higashira, who seemed unconvinced.

After making a plan, Higashira began to follow Yume and Minami’s instructions. After doing various things to get Mizuto’s attention, Higashira was finally asked to immediately express her feelings to Mizuto.

The next day, Higasgira finally told her that she liked Mizuto. However, Mizuto gently rejected Higashira’s affections. Mizuto further explained that he still has to deal with business before finally having a girlfriend again.

Despite being rejected by Mizuto, Higashira and Mizuto are still good friends and can even get closer without any burden. Meanwhile, Yume is annoyed with Mizuto, who still has strong feelings and she is hiding.

Higashira asked permission to see Mizuto’s book collection because he felt safe with his emotions. Yume and Minami felt that Higashira still had hope of becoming Mizuto’s girlfriend. Therefore, they decided to change Higashira’s outfit.

But, every time Higashira tried on the clothes that Minami and Yume chose, they all looked very charming. Minami thought that to hide that impression, Higashira had to dress like Yume. Higashira finally found clothes that he found interesting.

During a visit to Mizuto’s house, Higashira was surprised to see Mizuto’s book collection. At that time, Yume insisted on joining them and was surprised to see Higashira and Mizuto so relaxed.

Privately, Higashira admits to Yume that he still likes Mizuto and will remain his best friend. Upon seeing Higashira and Mizuto’s closeness, Yume really felt jealous.

In the past, Yume had been nervous when she first entered Mizuto’s room. Thought they might be ready for more relationships, but all they did was read a book. This made Yume and Mizuto uncomfortable with themselves.

Yume was even more upset when she was no longer promoted to the same class as Mizuto. But as time went on, Yume started playing with her new friends more. This then made Mizuto feel jealous and irritable towards Yume.

When Mizuto tries to apologize to Yume, he is accused of having an affair with another girl. And since then, their relationship began to drift apart.

A few weeks later, they are trying to reconcile. However, their still high egos made them so cold that they were speechless for months.

Until eventually graduating from middle school, they broke up because Mizuto couldn’t handle the feelings of love and hate at the same time.

After the incident, unexpectedly two weeks later, their parents announced their engagement. In the end Mizuto and Yume became half-brothers.

In the present, both Mizuto and Yume blame themselves for not progressing to a deeper relationship while they were still dating.

In the evening, Yume sees a cockroach in her room. He insisted on sharing a bed with Mizuto. Though he was satisfied in the end, Mizuto struggled with his feelings to forget her.

The next day, their parents teased their behavior. After that, Mineaki said that they were going to visit the Iirido extended family. And since they were going to go swimming in the river, Yuni urged Yume and Mizuto to buy swimsuits.

Higashira returned to visit Mizuto and Yume’s house. Yume felt jealous again seeing their closeness. Unexpectedly, Higashira also felt jealous of Yume and Mizuto’s relationship.

After watching, Mizuto fell asleep in Yume’s lap. Higashira wanted to kiss him but was stopped by Yume. After Higasgira returns home, Yume realizes that she must forget her feelings for Mizuto for the sake of herself and her family.

In the end, Mizuto, Yume, and their parents visited Mizuto’s grandmother’s house. There, they are greeted cheerfully by Madoka, Mizuto’s cousin.

Yume thinks that Madoka is Mizuto’s first love. Realizing that there is something between Yume and Mizuto, Madoka purposely spends time with the two of them somewhere in their grandmother’s house.

Episode 12

Mizuto and Yume go to a summer festival in the countryside of the Irido family. Yume looked tense in her yukata, especially when she saw that Mizuto was also wearing a yukata.

While hanging out with their cousins, Madoka and Chikuma, Yume saw Madoka holding Chikuma’s hand. Then he did the same to Mizuto.

He said it was natural for you and Yume’s words were confirmed by Madoka. The four of them went to the festival site together.

Once there, Madoka and Chikuma try out one of the games to win a prize. Next was Mizuto trying to get a present, which he then gave to Chikuma.

During the festival, Yume begins to learn more about Mizuto that she did not know before. As time passed, Yume realized why Mizuto’s attitude seemed antisocial.

My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex movie review

Story of Ex-Girlfriend Becoming a Step Sister

What if you and your ex-girlfriend became step brothers to your husband? Just reading the title broke my heart.

However, this is what Mizuto and Yume go through, suddenly becoming half-brothers because of their parents’ marriage. The image of the day when they were still a couple, but became awkward because their ‘identity’ changed rapidly.

So far the plot is still pretty cliché, especially when Yume and Mizuto are at school. They try to ‘pretend’ like brothers, even though the past memories are certainly not easy to forget.

There are some scenes that feel clunky, but there are also moments that are quite entertaining. Then there are also some scenes that lead to ecchi, such as when Yume intentionally ‘seduce’ Mizuto, even though his intentions were just joking around.

Yume was confused by Mizuto’s plan

Episode four feels pretty sweet because of Yume and Mizuto’s closeness, although it’s actually a bit confusing seeing the relationship between the two of them. During this episode, Yume is very confused when Mizuto suddenly asks her out.

How could it not, even though they clearly defined the rules of ‘brotherhood’ so as not to hurt their parents. Combined with their past relationship and current relationship, the situation becomes very confusing.

Then there is one thing that can be emphasized in this volume, which is that Mizuto is starting to look a little more mature. Although his relationship with Yume wasn’t very good before, he can now see the better side.

They probably hated each other in the past, plus they were quite awkward with unexpected events. Both are still trying to adjust to their new ‘status’. As of now, it’s unclear where Yume and Mizuto’s relationship and status will lead.

New character confuses Yume

In episodes 5 and 6, Yume and Mizuto are still ‘normal’. However, the reality is easy to see that they have an inexplicable turmoil in their hearts. More than that because they became half-brothers.

Occasionally, memories of the past when they were still dating come up. And of course that made them both feel awkward. Compared to Yume, Mizuto can act a bit calmer and more mature.

A small problem started to appear in these two episodes. Though so far both Mizuto and Yume were able to handle it.

In this episode also appears a new girl character who befriends Mizuto. Yume seemed confused as to whether it was natural for the ‘stepbrother’ to be jealous of his brother’s sister.

And actually I think it’s only natural for Yume to feel jealous of that girl, considering her past relationship with Mizuto.

I think the appearance of this new character will make the story more colorful. And there may be more conflicts that Yume and Mizuto will face in the future. Let’s continue to follow the process of the two of them working!

Mizuto and Yume’s past flashbacks

In these few episodes, Mizuto and Yume’s past is revealed quite a bit. Starting from the first time Yume confessed her love to Mizuto, then when they started dating, until they broke up.

Mizuto and Yume went through a rather sweet courtship, especially in the early days of their relationship. But because their egos remain equally high, they end up unable to solve problems that are truly solvable.

So they broke up, even though they may actually still like each other.

Complicated relationship

After showing enough flashbacks, Mizuto and Yume’s current relationship becomes even more complicated. Mainly because the two became step brothers after their parents’ marriage.

Their parents didn’t know about Mizuto and Yume’s relationship in advance. So both try to cover up the relationship for the sake of their parents’ happiness.

As time passed, Yume came to understand Mizuto more and more, just as Mizuto felt apologetic towards Yume. Although it looks normal from the outside, they are actually struggling to mend their past relationship.

I don’t know what their relationship will be like in the future because in this episode it seems like they are trying to forget the status of their stepsisters. Maybe they are trying to come to terms with their feelings and guilt.

Vague ending

So far, the relationship between Mizuto and Yume is progressing again. Both are beginning to accept the past. They can finally accept their past mistakes and learn from them.

On the other hand, it looks like they still have feelings for each other. Especially when there was a scene where Yume suddenly kissed Mizuto. I don’t know if a kiss is a sign to restart a romantic relationship. Or is the kiss a sign of a breakup from a previous relationship?

Will they continue to interact as step brothers or will there be a secret love affair? So, for me, the ending of this anime is still very vague, moreover there is still no information that this anime will have a season 2 or not. What do you think?

My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex is actually an anime of the romance genre, you know. Well, if you want a recommendation for a similar anime genre, has a recommendation of 10 Romantic Comedy Anime that will make you more funny.

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