Synopsis of the movie Munafik 2

Adam (Syamsul Yusof) still believes that he can still save his faith. Although Maria’s death still carries with him his dreams, Adam is adamant that he has the ability to preach and guide Muslims on the right path.

Along with his friend Azman (Fizz Fairuz) Adam continues to preach and teach good to all Muslims, while Adam continues to learn to be a Ustadz in the truest sense of the word.

On the other side, the villagers are increasingly worried about the behavior of Abuja (Nasir Bilal Khan). His behavior in spreading religion is inversely proportional to that of Adam. He forced the villagers to become his followers.

Bearing the name of God, the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet, Abujar even openly declared that his teachings were the most correct. The people who refused then revolted.

Unfortunately, Abuja never taught peaceful ways. Every man who opposes her is killed. Meanwhile, if women are enslaved to satisfy lust. The purpose is to justify his words about the teachings of Islam.

Until one day, Adam had to deal directly with Abuja. He could no longer bear the constant torture of Abuja.

The next battle between Adam and Abuja will be the main point of the movie Munafik 2. Will Adam’s method be the most appropriate in teaching da’wah or will Abuja win it?

For those of you who love horror movies, Munafik 2 can be one of the reference stories that will surprise you this week.

Review of the movie Munafik 2

Simple plot

Munafik 2’s plot and plot is actually very simple. It’s even predictable from the start. It’s just that there’s a really not-so-special plot provided at the end of the film that distinguishes Munafik 2’s story.

Moreover, the conflict is too fair, with only Adam against Abuja. Also, no “contradiction” really makes sense. Maybe because there are too many characters in this movie. In addition, the movie’s dialogues and fast transitions make this movie easy to understand for the audience.

However, what makes the difference is the sense of horror that is built throughout the film. Since the beginning of the film, the atmosphere of horror has been built. Adam’s past darkness over Mary’s death becomes the hallmark of the ghostly atmosphere in Munafik 2.

Horror talk, not complete with jumpscare. Munafik 2 delivers it very well. There will be unexpected surprises that can shock the audience in the stands.

The shaping of the terrible characters throughout this movie is also quite good. The image of a ghost displayed will make the audience gasp with the appearance on full display.

Horror is quite heavy

The conflict in the movie Demonic Souls 2 is really suitable for the situation of today’s society. For example, the conflict over who deserves the title of “Ustadz” over the game of reality and the unseen world is still common in modern times.

The struggle for power as a “respected” person is also shown in this film. This is very concerning in today’s society. Another thing, conflict over who really has strong faith can be a reflection for the audience.

Everything is wrapped in a very dark horror and even in some parts can be said to be quite brutal. Again, for you horror movie fans, Haunted Souls 2 is a must-see. and of course be ready to be shocked. Want a Ghosts 2 version review of your own?

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