Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Movie Review (2022)

Like writer Stephen King, who never runs out of new book ideas, filmmakers also seem to stick to adapting their stories. This time, through the novel of the same name from the If It Bleeds collection, John Lee Hancock will present a horror story watchable via the Netflix streaming service.

Starring Jaeden Martell and Donald Sutherland, ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ is of course expected to be a successful film adaptation – both in terms of plot and visual effects. Jaeden, a young star who consistently succeeds in hypnotizing audiences, will appear as the main attraction.

Don’t forget there is also a veteran actor Sutherland with unquestionable quality. Will ‘Mr. Does Harrigan’s Phone ‘ meet audience expectations?

Synopsis of the movie Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

Set in a small New England town, ‘ Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ tells the friendship story between a teenager named Craig (Jaeden Martell) and an elderly billionaire, Mr. Harrigan (Donald Sutherland).

He. Harrigan is known to be a loner and rarely leaves the house. But once, he was struck by Craig’s talent after hearing him read aloud a passage of Scripture in church. Finally, Mr. Harrigan began hiring Craig to come over to his house three times a week and read him a selection of classics. The two of them became close.

After earning enough money, Craig spent some of it buying an iPhone for Mr. Harrigan. The old billionaire quickly adapted and felt comfortable with his new technology. Unfortunately, Mr. Then Harrigan left the world.

Feeling sad, Craig missed Mr.’s iPhone. Harrigan into the coffin. Soon, strange incidents begin to happen in Craig’s life.

Mr.  Harrigan's Phone

Reviews of the movie Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

No stress

It’s a pity because ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ is far from the expectations of horror movies in general. Of course, being a horror movie, there are a lot of elements that go into this movie to make it seem scary and tense. However, ‘Mr. Harrigan’s phone offers on it a minimum.

No suspense, fear, thrilling sounds – not even monsters or gory events. This film feels empty, hollow and dry. Is this what the director really wanted to convey? Feeling empty and lonely from two iPhone owners?

If so, ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ has successfully touted it to an audience. But it’s a bit of a pity because the expectations for this movie are definitely different. Through an interesting concept, ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone ‘ is expected to provide suspense and possibly to good effect. Admittedly, getting revenge using a smartphone from the grave is a scary thing, but the wait ended in vain.

Review Mr.  Harrigan's Phone

In the amount of time that John Lee Hancock gives, ethics lessons about smartphones become the main focus. Harrigan also predicts the state of the world thanks to technology, that its use will inevitably cause chaos in the future. Fake news, technology addiction and lack of social contact make the billionaire nervous before he dies. Inherit the problem to the next generation.

The atmosphere is supportive

In fact, the sombre atmosphere of the big house, the quiet conditions of the small town, and the lighting layout fit the criteria of a horror movie very well. ‘He. Harrigan’s Phone’ doesn’t make good use of these conditions. The sound of thunder can be added to the nightmare, or the quiet and dark streets can be combined with the appearance of Harrigan. In fact, this is a movie too comfortable for a coward – ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ cannot be called a horror movie.

Craig and Harrigan’s Friendship

The chemistry Craig and Harrigan build is one of the things to be proud of in the film – aside from Jaeden Martell’s superb acting, of course. Life without a mother and a deep sense of loneliness, the two can understand each other very well.

Despite being known for being mean and cold, Craig was always comfortable going to Harrigan’s house and talking to him. It wasn’t all about the money, but Craig understood the loneliness Harrigan was feeling. In addition, Craig also felt he could talk about anything with the Old Man.

Movie Mr.  Harrigan's Phone

They are far apart in age, they also teach each other different things. Share thoughts and discussions from books you’ve read. Friendship formed without them knowing, after more than 5 years Craig always read to Harrigan.

Another touching thing, when Harrigan passed away and made Craig feel a lot more lonely than before. He often spoke to Harrigan on the phone, or visited his grave. The loneliness of both was well conveyed to the audience.

Conclusion Craig and Harrigan

‘He. Harrigan’s Phone’ is not the movie that audiences can most expect. There wasn’t any suspenseful or even sinister element that could make ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ deserves to be called a horror movie. Aside from the chemistry between Jaeden and Sutherland which looks great, as well as a supporting set, this movie is really just a boring story sequence.

If fans want to see ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’, it’s better not to expect anything and just enjoy it. Available on the Netflix streaming service as of October 7, 2022 yesterday.

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