Monte Carlo Movie Review

What does the strange place in Manco have to do with the identity of the beautiful girl being confused? Curious isn’t it? Now, let’s take a look at the synopsis and review together, but before that, I’ll give you a bit of the core plot of this movie.

The film Monte Carlo itself is about an innocent girl’s experience being swapped by a rich woman who looks like her.

The story is fun and full of adventure, especially since the main character is played by multi-talented singer Selena Gomez, guaranteed to make you put this movie on your list of recommended movies for the weekend. So ? Ready to peruse the recap?

Monte Carlo movie synopsis

  • Release year : 2011
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy
  • Sản xuất : Fox 2000 Pictures, Regency Enterprises, Di Novi Pictures, Dune Entertainment
  • Director : Thomas Bezucha
  • Actors: Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy

The film begins with the life of a sweet girl named Grace Bennett (Selena Gomez), who is currently working part-time after graduating from high school. He and his best friend, Emma Perkins (Katie Cassidy), also a waitress at a fast food restaurant, really want to get out of Texas at least once in their lives.

Given that Emma is older and has enough money to go wherever she likes, Grace sets out to collect money by collecting all the tips she hopes will help at least half of their trip to Paris, France. In fact, Grace has a rather wealthy father, but she doesn’t want to take advantage of him.

As the graduation ceremony ended, Grace, Emma, ​​Grace’s mother Pamela (Andie MacDowell) and her continuing father, Robert (Brett Cullen) ate together. They have a special guest, Robert’s biological child, ie Grace’s older sister, Meg Kelly (Leighton Meester).


Meg’s relationship with Grace and Pamela is not very good due to the sudden relationship between her father and mother Grace following the death of Meg’s mother. Even so, Meg still has great respect for her adoptive mother and sister. He even donated a super expensive Hartmann luggage bag for Grace’s trip to Paris.

While good with Grace, Meg’s relationship with Emma’s best friend isn’t so good that they often argue over petty issues. To bring things closer, Meg’s father even took his son to Paris with Grace and Emma.

At first, Meg flatly refused, but as asked by her worried father about Meg’s condition, who became silent after his mother’s departure, Robert felt that the decision was a good one. to better understand Grace.

In another development, Grace was equally surprised, she asked her mother to cancel Meg’s plan to leave, but again because of her mother’s request, Grace could not refuse.

D-day has arrived, Grace, Emma and Meg are finally leaving for Paris. But what the three of them imagined was far from what they expected. They encounter an annoying, reckless, impatient travel agent and even mess up the trip for the three girls.

As if that wasn’t messed up enough, the next day when visiting the Eiffel Tower, Grace, Emma and Meg were left behind by the group so the girls didn’t know where to go. Not to mention that Meg’s frequent complaints about her stupid trip incident made Grace even more angry. But departing from here, their unexpected adventure begins.

While trying to walk back to the hotel, Grace, Emma and Meg take shelter in a luxury hotel to dry off. Emma and Meg were a little surprised, because as soon as Grace entered, many journalists started taking pictures of their friends. At first, they didn’t mind and continued to chase Grace, who was crying while going to the bathroom.

Emma and Meg’s surprise was resolved when Grace entered the bathroom, there was a rich, super arrogant girl who looked like Grace. Baked areca nut halved! The girl’s name was Cordelia Winthrop-Scott, a girl of noble family who was being ‘punished’ by her mother for participating in a charity event organized by the Winthrop-Scott family.

Instead of going to the charity event, he fled Paris, left his luggage and room, and went to have fun in Majorca with friends.

Cordelia will head straight to Monte Carlo from Majorca as soon as a charity event is held there. He was lazy to meet many people in the days before the event was held.

Review monte carlo

Emma and Meg, who saw Cordelia, immediately told Grace that there was another girl who looked like her with an English accent. The girls ended up posing as Cordelia as they stepped out of the bathroom. Result? Hotel staff think Grace is Cordelia. He even occupied Cordelia’s room to close the door one day because he was tired.

The next morning as they were about to leave the hotel, journalists blocked Grace’s way, Cordelia thought. Like it or not, she has to stay in Cordelia so she can escape the media crowd.

He took the limousine booked for Cordelia and even traveled to Monte Carlo on a jet that was paid in Cordelia’s name. Everything they enjoyed without Cordelia being aware of it because Cordelia’s plan actually canceled all of her activities in the first place.

Arriving in Monte Carlo, he met the main fundraiser working with the Winthrop-Scoot family. One of the children of the foundation’s officials, Theo (Pierre Boulanger) is immediately accompanied by Grace aka Corderlia.

Her friendly attitude makes many people suspicious, including Cordelia’s biological aunt, Alici (Catherine Tate). Aunt Alicia accidentally discovers Grace’s disguise, but they agree to remain silent.

On Day D of the fundraising event, the real Cordelia arrives driving Grace, Emma, ​​and Meg crazy. In addition to the fear of being discovered, the necklace was originally a fundraising tool that was brought to Italy by Meg’s lover Riley (Luke Bracey).

Fortunately, when he was about to confess to Cordelia, the diamond necklace was safely returned by Riley, although the necklace was there but Cordelia, who knew Grace had stolen her identity, was extremely angry. He was about to obstruct the charity event and call the police.

Fortunately, Meg and Emma were able to move quickly to stop Cordelia. But while on stage, Grace’s identity is finally discovered by Cordelia, who has escaped from Emma’s clutches.

However, because Grace lived well and did not cause any trouble, the police did not arrest her. Even Aunt Alicia helped redirect the issue by buying a charity necklace to wear around Grace’s neck. Although Grace and Theo’s relationship faded, they were eventually reunited somewhere else and lived happily ever after.

Monte Carlo movie review

Exciting adventure

Watching this movie while eating popcorn is the best thing. We won’t even realize that our last popcorn has drained so much fun after the adventures of Grace, Emma, ​​and Meg, who get lost from Paris to Monte Carlo because people mistake Grace for Cordelia . Not only will there be adventures along the way, we will also be taken to the love adventures of the three of them!

Movie monte carlo

Grace finds her love there with Theo, while Meg also finds her other half in Paris with Riley. Meanwhile, Emma, ​​although in love with Prince Charming, prefers her lover Owen (Cory Monteith) even though the two had a quarrel before Emma left for Paris. Wow , so fun and sweet !

Exchange roles

Who would have thought that the beautiful Selena could play the innocent Grace with the super arrogant Cordelia? Grace is a Texas girl with a very heavy American accent; while this Cordelia is an aristocratic girl who uses an equally thick British accent.

Seeing Selena being able to play two roles at the same time in one frame is enough to amaze me. The reason is that it’s definitely hard and I’m sure Selena has been practicing these two accents for months. Not to mention the two girls have different behaviors, bodies, ways of speaking, and even different styles! But again, Selena nailed it!

monte carlo movie

There are actually a lot of movies with a premise like this; An example is a Disney movie starring the beautiful Hilary Duff called Lizzie McGuire. However, the film inspired by the novel Headhunters by writer Jules Bass, released in 2011, is classified as presenting a refreshing story.

Therefore, Bacaterus did not hesitate to give this Monte Carlo film a 3.7/5 rating. It felt like a bonus to see Selena Gomez act and hear her melodious voice used as the soundtrack for the movie Who Says. For you Selenaators, watching this movie is a must! I won’t regret it!

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