Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story movie synopsis

  • Release year 2022
  • Genres Biography , Crime , Drama
  • Producer Ryan Murphy Productions
  • Director Carl Franklin , Janet Mock , Paris Barclay
  • Cast of Evan Peters Michael Learned Khetphet Phagnasay Karen Malina Caucasian Brayden Maniago

Episode 1 – Episode One

Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters) is a serial killer and psychopath. After dismembering the victim’s body parts, he returned outside to find his next prey in a gay pub not far from the apartment complex. There he meets a man named Tracy (Shaun Brown).

Tracy succumbed to Jeff’s persuasion. He even wanted to invite Jeff over to his house. Upon entering the apartment, Tracy sensed something was wrong with Jeff and asked to leave, but Jeff attacked and nearly killed Tracy. Fortunately, Tracy was able to escape and call the police. That’s when all of Jeff’s crimes were exposed.

Tập 2 – Please Don’t Go

Back in 1966 when Jeff was a kid. He has communication problems so he doesn’t have many friends at school. His father and mother also quarreled frequently, which further disturbed his mental state. As a bond between father and son, the father invited Jeff to perform surgery to remove the tumor.

It became a new hobby for Jeff, which was opposed by his mother, but his father didn’t care, the important thing was that Jeff was happy. Growing up, Jeff’s orientation was clear. He is gay. Worse still, the same-sex couple he met died from a fallopian tube removal surgery. The next victim was a 14-year-old boy of Asian race.

Episode 3 – Doin’ A Dahmer

The relationship between Dahmer’s father and mother was not smooth even before Dahmer was born in 1959. His mother often took drugs at the wrong dose recommended. This made Dahmer’s father very angry because he was worried that when he was born the boy would have health problems and other things.

In 1977, Dahmer’s father and mother finally divorced, making Dahmer worse off. Schools are starting to fall apart. At home, he is alone. Feeling free, he also invites a hitchhiker named Steven (Vince Hill-Bedford) to his house for fun, but a fight breaks out leaving Steven dead and his body thrown away.

Episode 4 – The Good Boy Box

The story goes back to the present, where Dahmer is arrested and questioned about his bad behavior. Dahmer was diagnosed with Splanchnophilia, in which he was attracted to shiny objects; in his case, it was an agency. The story then goes back to when Dahmer was fired from AD and failed in his job.

He ended up living with his grandmother, Dahmer’s strange behavior was seen but his grandmother was very patient in taking care of her grandson. Once, she went to a bar and started meeting gay men she was sleeping with, but she ended up being blacklisted for what she did to one of the guests at the house. inn. He ends up hunting another gay man and starts killing people.

Tập 5 – Blood On Their Hands

Dahmer’s murder case continues, during the interrogation carried out at least 3 people were killed at Mrs. Dahmer’s home. When Dahmer was about to do it again for sexual gratification, he was caught by his sober grandmother. The grandmother also took care of the foreign man until he was sent home by Jeff.

Jeff’s grandmother had no idea what her grandson was doing, until one night it happened again. Fortunately, the victim managed to escape and report. Jeff was also sentenced to 1 year in prison for 2nd degree sexual harassment. After his release, he lived alone in an apartment; where other victims follow to be killed.

Episode 6 – Silenced

Dahmer’s life suddenly changes for the better, his behavior seemingly fading when he meets another gay man named Tony Hughes (Tony Burford). Tony tries to get Dahmer’s attention even though he is blind. The limitations of speech did not hinder his communication with Dahmer.

Dahmer is now very excited to have found someone who understands her feelings and loves her. But it turned out that Dahmer’s desire to acquire someone was too high. Tony, who was getting ready for work and promised to return, was killed by Dahmer so he could stay with him. Brutal!

Episode 7 – Cassandra

Glenda Cleveland (Niecy Nash) is Jeff’s neighbor. Almost every night he heard noises and even screams from someone from Jeff’s room. Not only the sound, the stench was also coming from the room of Jeff’s apartment through the ventilation hole. Glenda complained about this and she tried to call the police.

But the police remained silent, they only received Glenda’s report without following up. Until one time Jeff’s actions were exposed, Glenda was extremely angry because he tried to alert the police but there was no response. Glenda was interviewed by the national news agency but as a result she was fired from her job.

Episode 8 – Lionel

Dahmer’s father Lionel (Richard Jenkins) finally meets his son in prison. He was very sad and regretful to have left his son alone in this mess. But what Lionel regrets most is the time he taught Dahmer to dissect animal carcasses as a new hobby for Dahmer.

Dahmer accepted the pressure from the public, all representatives of the families of the victims Dahmer killed expressed their condolences in court. Dahmer was eventually sentenced to 15 life sentences (calculated by the number of victims) meaning Dahmer would never get out of prison again.

Episode 9 – The Bogeyman

Although Dahmer has been imprisoned for life, it turns out that the image of the gruesome killer continues to haunt him, especially as many of Dahmer’s fans threaten the victim’s family. This brought everything about Dahmer closer to them instead of moving elsewhere. Books, comics and the media continue to preach about Dahmer.

The apartment building where Dahmer lived was eventually demolished, which has something to do with the large number of people who always go there and look for news. Fans became increasingly passionate about Dahmer. Glenda and the rest of the family feel still haunted by Dahmer and will continue to do so, he has hurt the victim’s family.

Tập 10 – God for Forgiveness, God for Vengeance

Dahmer went on a rampage in prison and upset many of the inmates there. One of them is Christopher Scarver (Furly Mac). Dahmer acts like a celebrity because so many people flatter him. This makes Scarver wonder what she did to get into prison. As soon as she saw Dahmer’s background, Scarver was shocked.

While in prison, Dahmer eventually changed his attitude and wanted to study religion, he was even baptized and promised to get better. But Scarver could not accept the brutal killer to live, he ended up killing Dahmer. Dahmer’s body was eventually cremated to calm public opinion because he was dead.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story movie review

Evan Peters. Acting

Audiences of this movie will certainly agree that Evan Peters is all-rounder when he plays serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Maybe out of the scene, he might look happy, but when filming starts, don’t expect Evan’s sweet face to reappear. Evan plays Jeff who will instantly transform into a different person.

It turns out that Evan’s character is actually made as close to Jeff’s character as possible; cold, scary eyes and other bad things. In an interview, Evan said that playing the role of Jeff was the most difficult thing for him throughout his career, he was even very scared so he needed to practice seriously.

Controversial story

As we all know Jeff’s story has really shocked the world, especially in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Jeff is considered a monster and will never receive forgiveness from the victim’s family. Jeff, who brutally murdered 15 men, was supposed to die.

In one scene, the victim’s family was extremely angry when Jeff’s story was sold out in the market, even to the point of being made into a movie. However, Netflix instead became a vehicle for the filmmakers to make this story, which ultimately caused the anger of the victim’s family, much like what happened in the story of the victim. this TV series.

Drama Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story doesn’t seem to be just about Jeff. There are several other issues raised in this film that are also true events. Starting with the issue of black race being considered ‘ignored’ by the police (happened to Glenda). Regional Insecurity Issues in the 924 North, 25 St.

The incompetence of the authorities in dealing with the Dahmer problem and a number of other issues. It’s not uncommon for this TV series to become controversial because it not only discusses the Dahmer case but also other cases involving the authorities. This is also what makes this movie sell well in the market.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is sure to be a nightmare for those of you who can’t stand stories of murders or stimulant crimes and high blood pressure. It is worthy enough to be watched for 10 episodes with good acting, good setting and a super solid plot! Bacaterus gives this movie a score of 4.6 / 5.

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