Monster Legends Codes (New)

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Latest Monster Legends Giftcode

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Latest Monster Legends Fanpage Giftcode

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Instructions on how to enter code Monster Legends

  • Step 1: Login to Monster Legends website homepage
  • Step 2: Select the Monster Legends giftcode box on the left hand side
  • Step 3: Enter code Monster Legends to receive gifts

How to get Monster Legends fanpage event code

  • Step 1: Visit Monster Legends fanpage
  • Step 2: Choose the hashtag Monster Legends code
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to get the latest Monster Legends code

Do you like strong Pokemon? Do you enjoy engaging in exciting clashes between unique monsters? Then Monster Legends MOD APK, a good Social Point simulation game will be a great choice and will surely make you satisfied.

Meet legendary monsters

Its mobile version was released on June 12, 2014, if anyone knows about Dragon City, this is not exactly a new game – The name that used to storm on Facebook, Monster Legends is really a game. “sister” however is not like this. “little brother” changed to “big”. As a simulation genre, you have to perform many tasks such as building houses, raising monsters and using them tactically in PvP battles.

Each monster has its own elements, stats, skills, and experience levels to cater to the different tactics you create. More specifically, each monster has the ability to generate gold itself (in Monster Habitat) to help you have more income to build and upgrade houses.

Is Monster Legends really more advanced than Dragon City?

Monster Legends mod 1024x576

Indeed, unlike Dragon City, Monster Legends is actually more evolved, albeit based on the same platform. The first is the number of monsters, there are more than 500 different types of monsters and it is possible to cultivate many rare elements to find new species. Monsters also have more skills depending on the type of item. The 3vs3 mode instead of Dragon City’s 1vs1 will help improve the strategy so you can fight your way. There are also a lot of features and modes waiting for you to discover.


Graphics Monster Legends 1024x614

Most of the games today have attractive and popular 3D graphics, but Monster Legends only has 2D graphics. Simple but not bad. In my opinion, the 2D graphics do not really affect the gameplay much, but bring a bit of an ancient, wild style with very diverse monsters, meticulously designed and very original.


Players will constantly change their monsters in each battle to find the strongest monsters to fight and also increase monster stats while you join the battle. Each type of monster has its own system and counterattack skills, requiring the player to capture the opponent in time to finish.

Gameplay of Monster Legends 1024x576

Features to make it easy for you to find:

  • RPG: upgrade your monsters, use their cells stacked in the Lab to push their limits. Equip them with runes and relics to highlight their skills.
  • Monster Battle: Strategize and build your own team to attack and support monsters, and send them into battle through Adventure Map missions and events for great rewards.
  • Multiplayer Action: Join the multiplayer action to become a leader and team up with other leaders to win epic Team Battles and get rare and special monsters
  • Expand Collect and Build 1 Sky Monster: There are more than 500 monsters for you to collect and create new creatures and elements, build monster houses on many beautiful islands with habitats, pages camp and delivery room.
  • As you level up, you’ll find Dungeons, libraries, Monster labs, blacksmiths and Temples, etc.
  • In addition, there are many interesting events such as Halloween, Christmas to add variety and reveal many interesting activities.


With the above features, it will be very easy for you to build a community in the game. Although the number of players in Vietnam is quite limited, when you experience the game, you will meet many experts, many experienced “leaders” with smart tactics and effective team building methods.

Cheat Monster Legends 1024x576

You will work with your teammates to discuss the best strategies to win Team Battles and find the best allies. So Monster Legends Vietnam, Monster Legends War Fighter, etc. Many clans like it

Monster Legends MOD APK version

There are many levels in the Adventure Map that make it difficult for you. You need a strong team, but to do this you have to play for a long time.

Features MOD

Always get 3 stars: When you win, you always win with 3 stars. You can then claim your bonus and spin the wheel of fortune.

Notes when using

Note that the MOD version only works in Adventure Map mode.

Download Monster Legends MOD APK for Android

Thanks for the above article, I think you should really experience this game once. Really unlike many other games, the more you play, the more boring you get, Monster Legends lets you play with more interesting things to explore than in the beginning. Try it, you might get “broken” again!!!

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