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Monster Hunter Stories Codes (New)

In contrast to other main entries like Monster Hunter Rise or Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Stories offers players a unique and distinctive gameplay experience. Instead of preparing equipment and items before hunting monsters, players begin by collecting eggs and harnessing the power of Kinship to hatch and train special creatures known as Monsties.

Monsties are not just mere mounts for players, but they also participate in various exciting exploration activities. They can assist in environmental exploration, help players achieve mission objectives, engage in intense battles, and, of course, confront challenging boss monsters throughout the adventure.

By utilizing Kinship, players can establish a special and powerful bond with their Monsties. Kinship serves as a vital element not only for combat effectiveness but also for building relationships and trust between players and their Monsties. The careful selection and training of suitable Monsties play a crucial role in the player’s success in the world of Monster Hunter Stories.

Furthermore, the game immerses players in a vast and diverse world with numerous captivating regions to explore. From lush green fields to mysterious caves, scorching deserts to dense forests, players embark on an exciting journey of adventure and uncover hidden secrets in every corner of this world.


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Monster Hunter Stories APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) is a famous game in the US on the Nintendo 3D platform, it exists as a mini version of the popular action game Monster Hunter.

Meet the story of the monster hunter

This game is completely different from other Monster Hunter themed games as it is not an online game but an offline game which is very fun to enjoy. Monster Hunter Stories has been quite successful with its release on the Nintendo 3Ds platform, and there is no reason why the company does not release the official version for Android and iOS.

Monster Hunter Stories is available to download now, but keep in mind that this is a paid game. To have the mobile version of this game you have to spend $ 15.67, in general this is not a large amount compared to the 3DS version. Note that the game is currently only available in Japanese, so it will be difficult for players to understand the instructions in the game.


What do you do when attacked by monsters? Dare to find a place to hide or fight? When a monster is infected by Black Blight, it will attack your village and plunge you into a dangerous war. As a Monster Rider, you must track down and destroy them, there are many quests to complete on your journey…

At first you’ll steal and hatch monster eggs, then you’ll have to get to know them, name them, and train them to join you in battle. In this game you will explore various places, powerful monsters, fight and collect powerful items.

style game

Unlike all other games in the series, Monster Hunter Stories allows you to change your Hunter and has an RPG based battle system. You can hatch eggs and make friends with monsters, fight them and do many new activities.

The battles in the game take place in a turn-based style, you and your monsters together attack the enemy. You have all 4 weapons to use and modify in battle: Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Hammer and Hunting Horn. Depending on the weapon you use, you can also use many other skills and items. There are 4 types of attacks. You can choose from 4 attack patterns to counter your enemies: Technique, Speed ​​or Strength. In this respect they contradict each other. To become stronger, you can bring along the Kinship Stone, a magical stone that strengthens monsters.

And after each battle, you and the Monsters will receive experience points to help you level up. You will also find items left behind by your enemies.

animal friends

As the story goes, you can summon monsters by hatching them, then train them to join you in battle, explore the world, and travel to new locations. The monsters attached to you are called Monsters, but to own a Monster you must first find and hatch them. Monster eggs can be found in monster dens, if you’re brave enough, get them quickly! There are dozens of different species of Monstie such as Toothed Monsters, Flying Wyverns, Leviathans, Bird Wyverns, Herbivores…

Monster Hunter Stories 1024x576 cheat mod

You can make your Beast Companion even more powerful using the Ceremony feature, where you transform the Bond Gen into a monster and activate his stats and abilities. Using the Communion feature can help you tailor your playing style.

Mission system and equipment

Each Monster Rider needs items and equipment to continue their long journey. You can take quests on the Quest Board in any city you pass through to do quests that can earn in-game currency and help you buy weapons, ammo, and more. To buy it, you have to go to the Merchant in town and buy it.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Monster Hunter Stories owns a beautiful 3D graphics platform, the characters are designed in a cute but still impressive Chibi style. Monster Hunter Stories gives players the feeling of experiencing a high-quality animated movie, with instant interactivity and impact.

In addition, the sound in the game also brings a sense of heroism and impression.

APK version of Monster Hunter Stories

This is the full APK version of the game purchased and edited by APKMODY. You can play this game for free without any cost.

Remember, you can only play offline.

APK version of Monster Hunter Stories MOD

This is an edited version of the full version of the game. You will have unlimited money in this game when using the MOD APK version.

Remember, you can only play offline.

How to install Monster Hunter Story

Step 1: Download the game’s APK + OBB to your device.

You can download the APK or MOD version depending on the purpose. Total APK + OBB size is about 2GB.

Step 2: Install OBB using APKMODY Installer.

Step 3: Install APK

You install the game APK as usual.

Step 4: Open the game and experience.

Download Monster Hunter Stories MOD APK for Android

Overall, Monster Hunter Stories is an interesting game and worth playing. Monster Hunter Stories offers an experience similar to Nintendo’s Pokemon games. The game has many exciting features that allow you to explore vast locations, accompany the strongest monsters and more.

Monster Hunter Stories supports Android and iOS, you can download the game to your device to experience. Note that to install Monster Hunter Stories on your phone, you need to convert your Apple ID to Japanese if you are using iOS or download the APK version for Android.

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