Miracle in Cell No.7 movie review (2022)

Moviegoers must prepare as many tissues as possible. ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ remake hits theaters. Why is that, because the scenes that are shown successfully have action and flutter the hearts of the audience.

For the Cillers who have seen the Korean version, of course they know where the sadness lies in certain scenes. However, even if you have seen the Korean version, this movie still delivers a heart-pounding drama with an equally sad Indonesian dish.

Vino G. Bastian successfully portrayed the character of Dodo Rozak, a father of a child who was abandoned by his wife during the birth of their child. He is an intellectually retarded person which makes him act like a child.

Other players, such as Indra Jegel, Rigen and Indro Warkop, have teamed up to deliver a unique comedy that adds laughter to the audience amid the sadness they feel.

Thus, its remake attempted to present a family drama interspersed with a comedy characterized by wacky jokes that brought laughter to every audience.

Summary of Miracle in Cell No.7

‘Miracle in the number box. 7’ tells the story of Dodo Rozak (Vino G. Bastian) who just wants to be a good father to his son, Kartika (Graciella Abigail), even though he is just a man with intelligence restrain, act and behave like a child.

In fact, it is Kartika who is constantly taking care of and caring for her father. But both of them live happily. Kartika is still proud even though her father only sells balloons every day.

miracle in cell number 7
However, their happiness did not last long when the two had to be separated by the harsh reality that was coming to them. Dodo was arrested for the rape and murder of a little girl named Melati Wibisono, the daughter of an influential person in political affairs.
Because of his power, Dodo was put in cell number 7, inhabited by other violent criminals (Indro Warkop, Tora Sudiro, Bryan Domani, Indra Jegel, Rigen), after receiving the death penalty.

After the various events that Dodo experienced in prison, Dodo managed to get help to get Kartika into his cell. Dodo and Kartika’s closeness spread happiness to the other prisoners and guards in the prison. They began to doubt whether a man as passionate as Dodo had the will to kill Melati.

Not much different from the original version

If you watch the Korean version for the first time, you will think that this movie is not much different from the original. Although taking the same story idea, the character of Hanung Bramantyo remains unique by adjusting the setting and conditions in Indonesia.

miracle in cell number 7

Starting from the character Dodo Rozak, the nature and punishment of the prisoners in cell No. 7, as well as the murder and rape cases are still shown as the original version.

Even so, the Indonesian version of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ still holds a place in the hearts of audiences, even though they have seen the original version. All thanks to the presence of comedians accompanied by a humorous atmosphere with correct and sufficient contests.

Coupled with the warmth from the main players, this film feels complete in delivering its emotional message to the audience.

miracle in cell number 7

A TV series that still has action

Long before the film was shown, the audience guessed that ‘The miracle in the cell does not. 7’ will feature onions, requiring spectators to prepare as many tissues as possible.

It only opens with Dodo and Kartika together, the audience has tears in their eyes, how the two are living a happy and simple life is ruined by baseless accusations that make them set apart.

miracle in cell number 7

Ah, just imagining it makes me want to cry. It’s so tight, I can’t hold it anymore, tears flow throughout the movie.

Although there are comedies that can make the audience wipe their tears, the next scene is even more thrilling. The director pauses just to prepare for something bigger and the emotional side is breathtakingly deep.

Some scenes are predictable, but still thanks to the warmth of the players, the audience is deceived and the feeling of sadness eventually reappears.

Vino’s good acting and beautiful visuals

To be honest, as long as this movie was shown, the provided visuals were quite pleasing to the audience. The director wants to offer diverse and not monotonous shooting angles, so that the audience really enjoys the given scene.

miracle in cell number 7

Well, it’s just tons of color in ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’ feels thick and slightly uncomfortable. However, it can still be enjoyed with a variety of visual presentations and not just focusing on a few points.

One more thing, the ability of Vino G. Bastian cannot be underestimated. He was successful and successful when playing the character Dodo Rozak, even the improvisations given from innocent and silly jokes were enough to entertain the audience.

Vino’s voice also looks just right, as if he blends in with Dodo Rozak’s character. Well done to the director who cast Vino in the lead role.

Conclusion Miracle in Cell No.7

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ accurately delivered a heart-fluttering scene as well as expressing a heart-touching sadness that would make anyone who watches this drama sure to burst into tears.

Vino G. Bastian’s expertise in playing the character of Dodo Rozak is worthy of appreciation. Gestures, voices, and even facial expressions are all successfully rendered and supported by beautiful visuals.

Supporting actors such as prisoners played by comedians are also given the majority of the time, making the audience feel sad and stop shedding tears. Although there were some shortcomings in terms of plot presentation, there were a few holes, but all of that was closed with the warmth of the players together.

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