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Mini World:CREATA VN Codes (New)

Mini World: CREATA, also known by its new name Mini World: Block Art, is an open world building simulation game combined with adventure elements, with cute graphics and gameplay. Fascinating freedom of discovery. If you are looking for a sandbox game like Minecraft, but with new experiences, try Mini World: CREATA now!

In Mini World: CREATA, your imagination will fly far and explore an endless world. This is a sandbox game similar to Minecraft, but with much better visuals. You can start the game in the classic Creative mode, where you will become immortal and can create anything you want. Alternatively, you can also challenge yourself in Survival mode, as a more vulnerable character. Both modes can be played alone or with other online players.

The gameplay in Mini World: CREATA is very similar to Minecraft. You can mine blocks from your surroundings to add them to your inventory. You can create dozens of different tools from different materials and interact with a multitude of elements in your environment. You can craft picks, shovels, swords and many other tools like in Minecraft, but Mini World: CREATA also gives you unique tools like machine guns, drills, bows and more.


In Mini World: CREATA, you can not only build complex and creative structures to your liking, but also participate in exciting adventure activities. You can explore new lands, search for treasures, confront monsters and interact with characters from the game world. Special features of Mini World: CREATA

Salenhanh would like to introduce a list of giftcode game Mini World:CREATA VN compiled from reliable sources. If you do not have the giftcode Mini World:CREATA VN, do not ignore the codes below. Salenhanh hopes that these Mini World:CREATA VN giftcodes will help you experience the game in the best way and achieve great achievements.

Giftcode Mini World:CREATA VN latest

SNI699615ec1000 free diamonds
SVI7f33a4dbGet free diamonds
TAI4e6b4417Receive gift code for fanpage events
FRI6e74c846Event code fanpage events
BHI1bc6d2a3Coins, Spins and Gems

The latest Giftcode Fanpage Mini World:CREATA VN

SNI66e406791000 free diamonds
SVI81b1d51Get free characters
VVI1b0187acGet Free JBN
TAI273e63acReceive gift code for fanpage events
FRI571709a3Event code fanpage events
BHI628cfea6Coins, Spins and Gems

Instructions on how to enter the code Mini World:CREATA VN

  • Step 1: Log in to the homepage of Mini World:CREATA VN website
  • Step 2: Select the giftcode box Mini World:CREATA VN on the left hand side
  • Step 3: Enter the code Mini World:CREATA VN to receive the gift

How to receive the event code for the Mini World fanpage: CREATA VN

  • Step 1: Access the fanpage Mini World:CREATA VN
  • Step 2: Choose the hashtag Mini World:CREATA VN code
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to receive the latest Mini World:CREATA VN code
[Mini World] Vietnam special edition released. Optimize and add more localized content, many special gifts, come and experience the beauty of Vietnam right now!

[Mini World] This is a beautiful 3D Sandbox game with great creative freedom.
No limit rules, no fixed gameplay, you can create, destroy, survive or take risks. Garden, Library, Common Hall… and more are waiting for you to discover.

[Comfortable Open Playground] You are free to be creative: you can build your ideal building, city, unlock any map for farming, buy and sell crops, simulate wholesale business for sale, unlimited variety and lots of choices.
You are also free to destroy: destroy buildings you don’t like, destroy forests and savannas, build volcanoes and create floods… you can turn the world upside down!
You can choose adventure survival: choose the right context, deal with hidden monsters carefully, upgrade weapons and fight monsters, you can also face the suicide squad directly. brave.
Choose the Mini World playground for more options: create Mini Game in Mini World, make music, shoot cartoons…

[Communicating with Friends, Double Joy] You can make friends across the five continents and four seas, play games in the connecting halls, fight monsters together, chat, walk together, build a Garden, experience a new world, explore Break the unknown map.

[Rich Events, Attractive Rewards] Treasure event has officially started, new weapon skins have been released.
More Holiday Events: Holiday gifts, summer deals, Tet holidays, weekend events, golden hours, collaborations with famous big IPs, cool skins, weapons and many mysterious surprises Others are also being prepared.

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Email CS:miniworldcustomerservice@gmail.com


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