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Merge Survival : Wasteland Codes (New)

Merge Survival: Wasteland is an engaging mobile game that takes you into a dramatic post-apocalyptic world where life becomes extremely important. As the protagonist named Eden, you must face loneliness and devastation in a world plagued by environmental pollution and destruction by disaster. Merge Survival: Wasteland is more than just a game, it’s a complex and profound experience, thanks to its unique combination of merge mechanics, resource exploration, and compelling story telling.

During the game, you will have to demonstrate strategic thinking and smart resource management to survive in harsh environments. You will have to search for valuable resources, such as water, food and building materials, to build a base and provide for your survival. At the same time, the merge mechanic in the game allows you to combine items and resources to create powerful items and improve your base. Creativity and ingenuity in using this mechanism will determine your success and development.

Besides, the story in Merge Survival: Wasteland is also very attractive. You will discover and learn about the secrets of the post-apocalyptic world through adventurous adventures and meeting unique characters. These stories will put you in tense situations and make important decisions that affect the course and outcome of the game.

Merge Survival: Wasteland

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Instructions on how to enter the code Merge Survival : Wasteland

  • Step 1: Log in to the homepage of the Merge Survival : Wasteland website
  • Step 2: Select the giftcode box Merge Survival : Wasteland on the left hand side
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Survive in a post-apocalyptic world! Now officially launched!
– Necessary development items for new Survivors. Start now and get 3 items! 

My name is Eden and since “that day” I have lived a wandering life, looking for a shelter to survive.
Due to the selfishness of many people, our environment has been destroyed and has become a difficult world to live in.
Living alone in this chaotic world is exhausting and lonely.
Will I be able to survive in a place like this…?
Hey, you’re there! I think you can help me find a shelter to survive!
Can you please help me so that I can stay safe and survive in this world of suffering?

In “Survival Fusion”, you can experience survival in a post-apocalyptic polluted world created by environmental pollution and disasters.
Merge to create survival materials and find any new resources or hidden locations by exploring.
Create an “Eco-Friendly Camp” to live in harmony with nature and other survivors.
Are you a fan of survival games and merge games? Then get started right away!

☞ “Merge” to create a variety of your survival and shelter items.
– Merge, merge, merge.. Enjoy creating different survival tools by merging abandoned resources.
– Complete quests with created survival tools, merge other items to help Eden build a cozy shelter.
– Learn what it means to recycle resources and complete your item collection.

☞ Story of “survival” of people living in “Post-apocalypse”.
– An exciting story of encounters, conflicts and living with other survivors will unfold.
– Aren’t you curious about the stories of the people and animals you meet in despair?

☞ Build your safe “shelter” and “explore” to find hidden locations.
– Build production facilities to “recycle” resources or obtain special resources.
– Find hidden places or special resources by exploring with your friends.

☞ Enjoy the “strategy” of finding ingredients needed to survive.
– Have fun strategically by collecting essentials for survival like water and oxygen.

Do you like survival games and merge games?
Then start “Survival Merge: Wasteland” now!
Merge instantly to build your safe and cozy survival shelter!

We require memory access for stable game progress.

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