Maze Runner: The Death Cure movie review (2018)

At the end of season two, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trial, Thomas had to lose one of his friends. Minho was caught by WCKD and brought back to their headquarters. The film ends with Thomas determined to save Minho.

In the third and final film of The Maze Runner trilogy, we will again witness Thomas’ adventure to save his friends. Will all of Thomas’ plans work? You can read the review and summary below with Salenhanh Movies

Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) movie synopsis

Release year2018
CategoryAction, Adventure, Mystery, Post-apocalypse, Sci-Fi, Horror
ManufacturingGotham Group, Oddball Entertainment, Temple Hill Entertainment
ManagerWes Ball
CastDylan O’brien 

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Rich Scodelario

Dexter Darden

The movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure pick up is set six months after the events of the second film. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his friends plan an action to save Minho from the train that takes him to WCKD headquarters. The action was successful, but the car they stole didn’t seem to be the one carrying Minho.

Thomas, who was still searching for Minho, then planned to run away and do his own thing. But apparently Newt and Frypan chose to go with him. They also took a car to a city protected by a great wall and called the Last City by WCKD.

Thomas, Newt and Frypan must cross a tunnel that is the nest of the crank para . They were attacked and their car was destroyed in the attack. During that incident, Newt was bitten by one of the cranks , but he still hid it from his friends. They are then rescued by Brenda and Jorge, who appear to have followed them.

Thomas and his friends then made their way to the gates of the Last City, where chaos around the gates began to rage as the people outside the gates prepared to enter the city. In the midst of chaos and a WCKD patrol in pursuit of them, Thomas and his friends are rescued by a mysterious group of people.

It turns out to be Gally, Thomas’ friend in the maze, who is presumed dead. Gally is currently joining a group that is also battling WCKD outside the gate. The group is led by Lawrence.

Lawrence then invites Gally to help Thomas into the city. Thomas, Newt and Gally then attempt to enter through a secret door.

Entering the city, Thomas found Teresa working in the WCKD lab. Gally also had the idea to use Teresa so they could get into the lab. Thomas then pretends to see Teresa, after which Gally and Newt lock her up and take Teresa to Lawrence’s headquarters.

Teresa is forced to help them, from removing the marks of WCKD from their bodies to getting Thomas and his friends into the lab.

They also infiltrated and saved 28 babies being tested in the WCKD lab. After a chase and shoot with Jason’s troops, Minho was found.

Thomas, Newt and Gally exit the lab. Meanwhile outside the laboratory, chaos ensues after Lawrence’s army attacks the city

The three of them try to find Brenda and Jorge, who brought the plane to help them. But Newt, who couldn’t take it anymore, started turning into a crank .

Newt and Thomas quarreled until Newt was killed. Thomas, feeling guilty, then returns to the WCKD lab and meets Ava Paige. Thomas prepares to sacrifice himself to save everyone, and Ava promises that she won’t disturb the other children.

But suddenly Ava is shot by Janson, who wants Thomas’ serum for himself is infected. Janson almost got the serum, but Teresa who was in the lab with him fought back and took Thomas away. While escaping, Thomas was shot and killed.

Thomas manages to get Janson killed by the crank . He and Teresa went to the top of the building and were found by their friends’ helicopters.

However, the condition of the destroyed and burned building made it impossible for Teresa to be saved and fell to her death. Thomas, who was injured, was unconscious. After waking up, he woke up on an island.

Apparently, his surviving friends built a new safe and peaceful residence out of cranks and WCKD on the island. In their current place, Thomas and the rest of his friends remember those who sacrificed and sacrificed to reach this safe place.

More exciting action scenes


In addition to delivering an emotional story, the Maze Runner: The Death Cure film also offers more engaging action than the previous film. At the beginning of the film, we are immediately introduced to a scene when Thomas and his friends are in action on a bullet train.

On the Next scene , we’ll be introduced to more and more action sequences with visual effects and cinematography that will delight you to watch. Scenes like explosions to destroyed cities are also displayed with visual effects that make them look realistic.

Conflict in increasingly complex stories


Compared to the first movie and the second movie, Maze Runner: The Death Cure seems to have an increasingly complex contradiction.

Not only is there the main conflict about Thomas and his friends trying to thwart WCKD’s quest to find the serum at the expense of children, but there are many other conflicts presented along the storyline.

Starting from the love conflict between Thomas and Teresa that is quite complicated for them, the friendship of Thomas and his friends, to the conflict within WCKD itself between Ava Paige and Janson, who wants to control the serum just for older brother.

Although it seems rather complicated, the structure of one conflict with another seems to be well connected so that you will still enjoy the plot of this movie.

The end of an emotional adventure


Maze Runner: The Death Cure has a duration of 142 minutes, which is also the closing film of The Maze Runner trilogy. For those who have been following the journey of Thomas and his friends since the first film, the final installment of The Maze Runner trilogy will feel very emotional, especially towards the end.

After following their story since the first movie, you may have felt up close and personal with each character in this The Maze Runner trilogy. But sadly, in this final installment, we’ll actually see the key characters in this movie having to be killed and unable to survive the mission they’re fighting for.

Starting from much-loved characters like Newt and possibly Teresa to villains like Ava Paige, one by one each has to die in quite emotional scenes. At the end of the film, a letter from Newt read by Thomas will also be a touching ending.

That is the review and synopsis of the movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the final film of The Maze Runner trilogy. After following the adventures of Thomas from the previous two movies, are you satisfied with the ending of this movie? Let’s exchange stories in the comments section, let’s go!


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