Manifest (season 4) Movie Review

Manifest is the series currently attracting attention on Netflix. This series is in the top 10 in Indonesia. The original NBC-produced series, which began airing in 2018, received highest ratings and is still ongoing today.

Director Jeff Rake’s mystery and supernatural drama “Manifest” was confirmed to air on Nov. 4. After NBC canceled its fourth season last year, Netflix then decided to take over. movie.

Launching from the official Whats On Netflix website, Manifest (season 4) will show 20 episodes, but the broadcast will be divided into 2 parts. The first 10 episodes will stream on Netflix starting November 4, 2022, while the remaining 10 episodes are yet to be confirmed. Filming for the first half of Manifest season 4 ends in April 2022.

In an interview, director Jeff Rake said the final season should have been over 20 episodes long, and that Jeff had a hard time compressing all his desire to tell about the journey and secrets of Montego Air into 20 episodes.

However, he is sure that the fourth season will answer all questions, wrapped up in an interesting, tense and very emotional story.

The fourth season is rumored to be the final season explaining the reason for the return of all the passengers on the Montego Air plane, after being declared missing for 5 years. This fourth installment takes place two years after Grace Stone’s death, starring Athena Karkanis.

In the third season, Grace is brutally murdered by one of the passengers on a Montego plane, Grace’s last child, and Ben (Josh Dallas) is kidnapped. Meanwhile, Ben is trying to bring the plane’s fins back to the middle of the sea, using a ship.

In season four, Ben will focus on finding his child and resign as co-captain, leaving Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) in command of the ship.

Manifest 4

As the day of death approaches and the passengers become increasingly desperate to find a way to survive, a mysterious new passenger appears. He brings a package for Cal (Jack Messina, who plays Ben’s second child) that will change everything they know about Flight 828.

This number will be the key to unlocking the secret behind every incident that passengers have experienced, as well as the reason why the Montego Air plane had to turn back, such as the whisper that passengers always hear. see “All Connected”.

Summary of the movie Manifest part 4

The Manifest series tells the story of a Montego Air Boeing 828 carrying 191 passengers flying from Jamaica to New York where, shortly after takeoff, the plane experienced severe turbulence for several minutes.

Review Manifest 4

The pilot and co-pilot managed to save the plane from the turbulent storm, and it took a while for the plane to get over the stressful situation.

But when it arrived at the New York airport, no one realized that the plane had landed after being declared missing five years ago. Montego Air flew in 2013 and landed again in 2018.

Amidst the bewilderment of all the passengers, they are also haunted by supernatural forces related to the plane. where they can see and feel what’s going to happen and is happening, passengers call that supernatural power “summoning”.

Ben and his sister Michaela, along with some passengers, believe the call helped them figure out why they turned back.

The Manifest series has been out for 3 seasons and all of them can be watched on Netflix.

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