Luckiest Girl Alive Movie Review (2022)

Adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Jessica Knoll, the novel follows journalist Tiffani “Ani” Fanelli, who was involved in one of the deadliest school shootings in US history. The movie ‘Luckiest Girl’ starring Mila Kunis, Finn Wittrock, Scoot McNairy, Thomas Barbusca, Jennifer Beals and Connie Britton.

Luckiest Girl Alive is a 2022 mystery horror film directed by Mike Barker. It was released in select theaters on September 30, 2022, before being released as a single stream on October 7, 2022 by Netflix, and is trending on the Netflix streaming platform.

Luckiest Girl Alive movie synopsis (2022)

In 2015, TifAni “Ani” Fanelli (Mila Kunis), 28, a respected women’s magazine editor in New York, seems to have the perfect life. As she prepares to marry her boyfriend, Luke Harrison (Finn Wittrock), Ani meets Aaron Wickersham (Dalmar Abuzeid), a documentary director who wants to make a short film about a shooting range she went through while still a teenager.

He informs him that his former classmate, Dean Barton (Carson MacCormac), who later became a successful writer and gun control advocate, has agreed to join. Since then, the dark life of Ani’s youth turns the strongest.

Luckiest Girl Alive movie review (2022)

Luke’s loyalty becomes Ani’s dilemma

Luke tells Ani that his company (BlackRock) offered him the opportunity to move to London, and suggests Ani might join an MFA program there to allow him to write for himself. Ani is awaiting confirmation that she will be admitted to the New York Times, which you must know is very prestigious.

Lucky Girl Alive

Ani’s dilemma is having to come up with another personality to satisfy Luke and his royal family. Although Luke knows little about Ani’s past, he remains faithful by continuing to assist Ani with her writing.

Tracing TiffAni’s heartache

In a flashback to 1999, Ani is seen joining the prestigious Brentley School, where she quickly befriends a group of popular students including Dean and his friends Liam and Peyton.

Throughout the film, it is revealed that Ani was gang raped at a party by three boys while drunk. He tells what happened to Mr. Larson (Scoot McNairy), which prompts him to tell his eccentric mother Dina (Connie Britton), but Ani refuses.

Review Luckiest Girl Alive

Ani only tells her friend Arthur (Thomas Barbusca). Ani continued to keep this secret until the suffocation incident happened in malay. Ani’s past gradually haunts her, which begins to affect her relationship with Luke.

Ani, actually being raped by her friends, is falsely accused, as if the secret has turned into a corner that makes us even more frustrated and even more curious about Ani’s ending with Luke. A heartbreak that was buried until it was refracted by her, became her own ticking time bomb as her marriage to Luke drew closer and closer.

Strange relationship with mother

Ani struggles with her strained relationship with Dina, who claims that she always finds Ani difficult and hints that she only married Luke for her money. Her mother, who has supported Ani since she was a child, seems to have begun to lose faith after the horrific incident she learned about.

Reviews on Luckiest Girl Alive

Ani’s character in ‘The Luckiest Girl’ gets a balance because she’s accompanied by her best friend Nell Rutherford (Justine Lupe). As the wedding day approaches, the role of an energizing friend for Ani is warm. Starting from choosing all kinds of details for the wedding, to reinforcing that moment on the subway when Ani was afraid of the dark. Simple things but reflect a real friend.

Ani, who eventually testified about her school life, really reflects the strong woman in this film. Although the emotion is not felt at some point, so the past is just a visual flashback, to complement Ani’s background.

The strong slap of modern society

Examples of films are debated in the public. Dare to open up a new perspective from the victim. ‘The luckiest girl Alive’ has the potential to open a new corner in today’s judgmental society.

Even in women who are victims of sexual harassment. ‘Victim’ is synonymous with a woman who looks weak, depressed, haggard and has a chaotic life. Even a perfect and lucky woman like Ani can’t be separated from the hurt of the past if it is only kept hidden.

It’s not just sex, a common conundrum in the US is school shootings. However, ‘Luckest Girl Alive’ focuses more on the story of sexual violence against Ani, which is in line with Jessica Knoll’s writing style.

Luckiest Girl Alive movie conclusion

The balance in each character, makes Mila Kunis’ character Tiffani “Ani” Fanelli not lose her shine. Although the hurt side is shown a bit flashy during the wedding preparations, things will become clearer towards the end of the action.

A message sent to the public to see from a different angle the life of people, especially women. Women who are seen as vulnerable and weak, break the stigma through Mila Kunis’ character Ani.

After two problems rife in America, shootings and sex crimes are heavily talked about in this film, even if only in Ani’s school flashbacks.

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