Happy ending question mark and fishing

Happy ending question mark and fishing

Lovers of The Red Sky (2021) not only ends the film with suspense, because you will see Cheon Gi and Ha Ram live happily as husband and wife. More or less something that was destined to be together, that will unite will eventually apply to this couple.

Only, in episode 16, there is an ending that features a fight between Yang Myung and Joo Hyang, which finally raises questions. Most considered it a bear and hanged because the winner of the fight was not shown.

However, some claim that Joo Hyang himself died because Ha Ram saw the second star fade. The clues included in the dialogue between Ha Ram and Cheon Gi suggest that this movie has a solid plot and is conceived in such a way that the implied answers will adorn the plot rather than the plot. clear answer.

Finally, if you are a fan of sageuk dramas but are tired of dense plots and betrayals, Lovers of The Red Sky (2021) might be another alternative. . It takes on another premise by including fantasy elements in it. Interested in watching it?

For the record, indeed until episode 2, Lovers Of the Red Sky (2021) described all the roots of the conflict in a good and detailed manner. You will not be confused by the dialogue between the characters in it. It’s also not verbose or unimportant. The visual effects and cinematography are also of high quality. Curious to see?


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