Love At First Taste movie review

Love At First Taste (2022) is really cliché, because it tells the relationship of two people from two different worlds. The man is known to be a human from the moon race, he needs blood to sustain his life especially on the full moon day.

As for the girl, she is just an ordinary person with a successful dream but an unlucky fate.

But what makes the above cliché premise even more special is the presence of the couple Truong Phi Phi and Phan Nhac Tong.

The film produced by Tencent Video can be said to be the grand debut of these two young celebrities. But they can deliver promising performances and delight audiences.

Surely many people are curious about the love story between Truong Phi Phi and Fan Yue Tong in Love At First Taste (2022)? For the sake of curiosity, you can find information about summaries and brief reviews only on

Love At First Taste movie synopsis

  • Release year: 2022
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy
  • Manager: –
  • Produce: Tencent Video
  • Actors: Zhang Fei Fei, Pan Yue Tong, Chen Yi Xi, Liu Dui, Xiang Nen
  • Episodes: 26 episodes

Tong Xiaoman (Pan Yue Tong) is a passionate young girl pursuing her dreams. This girl is a final year acting student and is trying to build a career.

It’s no secret that Tong Xiaoman’s only dream is to become a famous talented actress.

Love At First Taste

That’s why this girl is trying to get her dream, Song Tieu Man never gives up on participating in various castings. This girl tries very hard to show her skills, even though she knows things are not easy.

On the other hand there is a rich and handsome businessman, unfortunately this man has to live with a curse attached to him.

This man’s name is Ou Ze Ye (Zhang Fei Fei), he is known as a being from the moon clan who is always thirsty for blood every full moon night. It can be said that Ou Ze Ye’s shape resembles a vampire, because he has supernatural powers.

His abilities such as teleportation, mind reading, keen hearing, the ability to become invisible enough to heal someone with his blood. Back in the life of Tong Tieu Ngoc, this girl had to go through something called “falling down the stairs”.

Struggling to build a career, this girl was shocked when she learned that she had terminal cancer. Even more painful, Song Tieu Khai only had about three months to live.

But his meeting with Ou Ze Ye changes everything. This girl can not only enjoy the rest of her life, but also feel beautiful love.

Song Tieu Khai never thought that the strange man in front of her was her true love. However, their relationship did not go smoothly, because someone wanted to separate them.

One of them is Leng Xiao (Lui Dui), a blood-sucking creature like Ou Ze Ye who really doesn’t like Tong Xiaoman.

Even this man did many different dirty ways, just to separate Ou Ze Ye from Tong Xiaoman. Not only that, but Tong Xiaoman’s younger brother, Tong Ran Meng, also makes his day a mess.

This young girl is always jealous of her sister’s achievements, so she often spreads malicious rumors. Tong Ran Meng even cooperated with Leng Xiao to end the relationship of Tong Xiaoman and Ou Ze Ye.

Faced with so much trouble and death, will Song Xiao Man and Ou Ze Ye be able to keep their love?

Love At First Taste movie content review

Less effective duration

Movie Love At First Taste

If you’ve ever adapted a fantasy novel, Chinese dramas never really let you down. Unfortunately for the movie titled Love At First Taste (2022), I felt there were a lot of things that were a bit odd.

Called the erratic up and down storyline, the audience bewildered.

Actually, this makes a lot of sense, because after all, the movie starring Zhang Feifei and Fan Yuezong is a mini-series.

The time is very little, so the writer has to squeeze his brain to be able to convey his message properly. But I personally feel that the number of episodes and the length of the series are less effective and could be made simpler.

Compare that to dividing into 26 episodes with a duration of about three to four minutes each. Tencent Video is indeed too long, but it would be better if they made the series only 6 to 10 episodes long.

While the length of each episode could be longer, at least for 10 to 15 minutes, perhaps the plot could feel more fluid.

In fact, from a story perspective, Love At First Taste (2022) is really fun to watch. This modern day vampire and human love story is really entertaining and very romantic.

But because the length of each episode is too short, this really hinders the effectiveness of the way the story is conveyed to the audience.

The main actor looks so cute

Love At First Taste Movie Review

One of the things that became the biggest attraction of Love At First Taste (2022) was the main character. The appearance of Zhang Feifei and Fan Yuezong in this movie, really creates an extraordinary chemical reaction.

The two appear to be a young couple in love, but their relationship is far from that of other couples.

I want to praise as well as criticize the acting of Zhang Feifei and Fan Yuezong. At first, I didn’t really like the acting that both of them gave.

The reason is, I feel that both of them are less than optimal for playing their respective characters. But after five to seven episodes, I started to like both acting.

Especially with Truong Phi Phi, who plays the vampire, he shows quite understanding the character. As for Pan Yue Tong, this girl is very good at conveying different emotions to the audience.

Then, in the intimate scene that the two showed, to me they were really sweet and made me very happy.

I also want to commend the supporting cast, especially the two villains. Chen Yi Xi and Liu Dui are really good at moving the audience with their manners.

Unfortunately, this emotional feeling feels less powerful because of their minimal personality development. Given only one story with a clear context, perhaps both can rob the protagonist’s attention.

It would be great if it was made into a drama

Love At First Taste Movie Review Price

Judging from the rich story idea, for me, Love At First Taste (2022) has the potential to become a hit drama.

This can be seen through the characteristics of each character, from people suffering from mental disorders to deadly diseases. These two things can be the main capital that is very important and gets the film to be noticed by many people.

Then, about the aliens and the one night stand they did, for romance lovers, these two conspiracies are very popular.

Not to mention there is a conspiracy that causes Tong Xiaoman and Ou Ze Ye to separate because they both want to save each other’s lives.

This plot is perfect for being the emotional climax and moving the audience. But since the form is only a small drama, the strong script and premise cannot be applied perfectly.

I hope Tencent Video can see the potential of Love At First Taste (2022) and make a full drama version. If this really happens, I think a lot of fans will be very excited.

Moreover, in terms of cinematography, scoring and voice acting, Love At Taste (2022) is very good to me. I like paintings that have a rather aesthetic feel and the choice of color theme is a bit dark but soothing.

This adds to the feeling that this drama tells the story of a man shrouded in secrets and mysteries.

This is my review of the mini-drama Love At First Taste (2022) starring Truong Phi Phi and Fan Yue Tong.

It’s a pity that the premise and acting skills of the cast are wasted because the length of the film is very short.

In your opinion, does Love At First Taste (2022) deserve to be made into a TV series? Share your answers below.


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