Love and Leashes Review

Love and Leashing tells the story of an office worker named Jung Ji-woo (Seohyun of SNSD) who works for a large company. She is a new employee in the public relations department.

In the team there is another member named Jung Ji-hoo (Lee Jun-young). He looks like a perfect man with a unique taste. Despite his strange appearance, Ji-woo has feelings for Ji-hoo.

Love and bondage

One day, their office receives a package for Ji-hoo. However, the package actually fell into Ji-woo’s hands because they both had the same name.

When he opened the package, Ji-woo was surprised to discover a necklace with spikes. At the same time Ji-Hoo appeared, who ran fast and snatched the necklace.

To combat this forced situation, Ji-hoo explains that the package is his and that the collar will be fitted to his pet dog. However, instead of believing that absurd explanation, Ji-woo gradually became suspicious and curious. Unable to keep it a secret, Ji-hoo finally confesses to Ji-woo that the rope is part of his sexuality.

He admits that he enjoys sex as master and slave. Ji-hoo also enjoys playing the role of a slave with the alias of submission.

Ji-hoo then asks Ji-Woo to be his master. Ji-woo who initially refused finally accepted the offer. They then promise to run the master and submissive relationship for three months.

Love and Leashes

Over time, a feeling of love arose between them. This makes their relationship even more complicated.

The Korean movie Love and Leashes will premiere on February 11, 2022 on Netflix.

Presenting BDSM topics in a less vulgar way

Based on the synopsis and synopsis, you can guess that Ji-hoo’s unique sexual preference in this drama is BDSM. Ji-hoo is a man with submissive behavior in a relationship. This makes Ji-hoo really like it when his partner in a relationship has the upper hand and treats him like a slave or a pet.

Meanwhile, Ji-woo turns out to be a woman who subconsciously controls someone. Their meeting then leads to a contractual relationship to satisfy each other’s BDSM desires. At first they only explored the domination-submission part of BDSM, but after a while the two of them also tried other elements of violence.

Review movie love and bondage

The discussion about BDSM definitely reminds us of the Fifty Shades of Gray series that also carries a similar theme, doesn’t it? The difference, however, is that Love and Leashing’s take on BDSM isn’t as vulgar as it is in Fifty Shades of Gray. Throughout this movie, you won’t see any nudity or overly vulgar sexual moments.

This non-vulgar presentation might actually be proof that BDSM-themed movies don’t always have to exploit sex in their scenes in order for audiences to understand them. However, of course, there will still be some viewers who think the presence of the BDSM theme in the film seems irresponsible because there are no direct sexual moments.

State common office environment problems

Most of the scenes in Love and Leashing take place in the office where Ji-woo and Ji-hoo work. So it’s not surprising that this movie also raises many kinds of problems that often occur in the work environment. For example, Ji-woo, who is often discriminated against by her boss simply because she is a woman, while Ji-hoo, a man, always receives praise even when he is wrong.

Love and leashes movie review

In addition, this film also raises the issue of how a woman is almost always a victim if she is sanctioned with her partner in a work environment. This can be seen when the sanctions that Ji-woo received seem to be heavier than Ji-hoo even though both are related to the same problem. This movie has conveyed the problem in detail and ended it quite satisfied.

The relationship progressed too fast

Throughout the movie, we will be able to see the development of the relationship between Ji-woo and Ji-hoo from just normal colleagues to BDSM partners. Unfortunately, according to Salenhanh review, the relationship between Ji-woo and Ji-hoo feels too rushed. In fact, this really doesn’t just happen to the two main characters but several other characters.

Movie love and bondage

The factor that makes this possible is most likely because the story is an adaptation of a multi-episode webtoon. However, the entire story was later summed up in a movie that lasted only 118 minutes. So it’s no surprise that the evolution of the character chemistry in this film is being trailed by the length of the film.

This of course is very unfortunate to happen because Seohyun and Lee Jun-young have played their roles to the fullest, but the chemistry between the two is lacking.

The funny scenes are quite forced

In addition to elevating the romantic genre, Love and Leffs also contains comedy elements. So it’s no surprise that throughout the movie you can see various funny scenes of the characters, whether it’s the dialogue or the behavior of the characters which are absurd and often not weak enough. elements to amuse the audience.

love and leashes

Of course, there are still some funny moments that are really funny, but the normal kind of humor isn’t the kind that can make us giggle or even laugh out loud. However, this is most likely to happen because Love and Leashes prefers to focus on the emotional element despite the comedy-romantic genre.

Trailer of the movie Love and Binding 2022


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