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Lizzie McGuire movie review

Have you ever mistook someone for someone else that turned out not to be that person? Seems like everyone has been through this before, right? So, what if you are mistaken for super famous singers because their faces, poses and styles are almost identical? Oops, some kind of luck or disaster?

The story idea was used by director Jim Fall to fill his film Lizzie McGuire. Brief information, Lizzie McGuire is the name of the main character in the TV series of the same name that has been broadcast since 2001; until the movie came out in 2003.

Lizzie McGuire movie synopsis

  • Release year 2003
  • Genres Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Family , Music , Romance , Teen
  • Director Jim Autumn
  • Cast Hilary Duff Haylie Duff Adam Lamberg Robert Carradine Hallie Todd

Lizzie (Hilary Duff) is a beautiful, friendly but ignorant girl. Because of his carelessness, he often gets his butt done by his older brother, Matt (Jake Thomas). Right at the beginning of the movie, you see the scene where Lizzie is singing when she falls and hits her head in the bathtub and is filmed by her sister.

After cleaning up, Lizzie immediately went to her school’s graduation ceremony. As a senior in high school, Lizzie was asked to take the place of her friend, who became valedictorian; valedictorian with lots of messages and impressions at school, due to Lizzie’s friend getting sick.

Lizzie, who wasn’t prepared for the speech from the start, was confused. He was embarrassed when he started to speak in front of the stage.

Plus the carelessness that is Lizzie’s nature makes everything messed up. Lizzie, who was buying time, accidentally fell and pulled the curtain on the stage, causing all the graduates to fall off the thick curtain.

Matt, who was in the stands, shouted with joy when he captured the ‘stupid’ act his brother was doing. Lizzy is even more depressed after the incident, especially when she was bullied before by her beautiful but cruel classmate Kate Sanders (Ashlie Brillault).

The next day, all the graduates left for Rome for their last vacation. The group’s participants are led by the school’s principal, who is also their super-aggressive tour guide Angela Ungermeyer (Alex Borstein).

Lizzie McGuire

Source: Bumareview

During a trip to Rome, Lizzie’s friends Lizzie and her best friend Gordo (Adam Lamberg) can only obey Angela’s super strict orders.

To Rome, to the division of rooms. Lizzie is extremely upset when she is locked in her room by Kate, her arch nemesis. Lizzie thinks her life in Rome is over. Surely bad things will follow him in the room. Kate and Angie’s mother? The perfect combo makes Lizzie’s health increase 100 times.

On their first day in Rome, they visited many places; one of them is the famous Trevi fountain with the saying ‘throw a coin and your dream will come true’. Lizzie finally participates in the coin toss, as soon as the coin falls, Lizzie is suddenly confronted by a handsome man named Paolo (Yani Gellman) who calls her Isabella.

But as soon as he saw the confused look on Lizzie’s face, the man realized that Lizzie wasn’t Isabella. Before asking Paolo’s intentions, the man was dragged away by the bodyguard, leaving Lizzie and Gordo also immediately left to go to the next location.

When it was time for a break, the group participants stopped at a gelato shop. Before getting inside, many people suddenly competed to take pictures, even giving a huge piece of cheese. They called Lizzie Isabella. This made Lizzie think something was wrong with her and Isabella.

Lizzie was really confused, but when Gordo showed her something, Lizzie understood why she was called Isabella. Lizzie’s face is very similar to a top Italian singer named Isabella. Baked areca nut halved! Not long after meeting her ‘fans’, Lizzie received another surprise, Paolo was there to meet Lizzie.

Paolo then tells her bodyguard how Lizzie looks like Isabella. Paolo also quickly made an appointment to see Lizzie again. They were approaching and at least slowly getting Gordo out of the way. Even so, Gordo still protects and supports his friend.

Once, Paolo made a crazy proposal. He asked Lizzie to play the role of Isabella for a while to attend a musical party at the Colosseum watched by tens of thousands of spectators.

Review Lizzie McGuire

Although Lizzie initially refused, but in the end, after being persuaded by the handsome Paolo, too handsome, Lizzie’s heart was also soft. He finally accepted Paolo’s offer. At that point, Lizzie had transformed in such a way that she looked like Isabella.

Once, an unpleasant incident occurred. Lizzie, who called Angie’s mother sick while traveling with Paolo, was almost caught walking with Paolo.

To trick Mrs Angie, Gordo, who happened to see Lizzie with Paolo, then got into a rage that caught Angie off guard. Thanks to this, Lizzie was able to escape, but Gordo had to go home because he felt he was causing trouble.

While at the airport, Gordo meets the real Isabella and explains the real situation. Isabella panicked and didn’t play. Then he invited Gordo to see Lizzie, who was ready to show up to sing with Paolo.

Upon meeting Lizzie, Isabella said that Paolo set her up. He made Lizzie go on stage and sing because he thought Lizzie couldn’t do it and discredited Isabella.

Lizzie was shocked beyond words, Isabella, Lizzie, and Gordo finally planned something. Isabella turned off the microphone of Paolo, who couldn’t sing so that his real voice was heard and out of harmony.

But when Lizzie sings Isabella’s part, she can sing well with Isabella leaving the stage. Paolo’s surprise was followed by cheers from the disappointed spectators.

Finally, Isabella and Lizzie came onto the stage to introduce themselves and Isabella made Lizzie continue to sing along to the rehearsal she had performed. People were surprised to learn that Lizzie could sing as well as Isabella. Not only similar, sound no less! The movie has a happy ending.

Reviews of Lizzie McGuire

Hilary Duff is Dope!

I don’t know if Lizzie McGuire’s character is suitable to be played by an artist other than Hilary Duff. In addition to appearing sweet by acting convincingly as a mature teenager, Hilary Duff easily plays the character Lizzie. I think the personality of Lizzie and Hilary Duff is not much different, that’s why the beauty Hilary can be at her best.

Movie Lizzie McGuire

I also really enjoyed watching the little animation of Hilary, who becomes Lizzie, who often appears as the real voice in Lizzie’s heart. Lizzie ‘small’ makes the story more fun and interesting to follow; This is because Lizzie’s human form and little Lizzie’s cartoon form are both clumsy and make the story super funny.

Both the book and film versions of Lizzie McGuire deliver a lot of good messages for teenagers. Disney apparently created the Lizzie character to represent a 14-year-old girl in real life; where he loves to play, likes to make friends, starts to like the opposite sex and many others.

Lizzie McGuire also shows how she receives love from her parents, succeeds in achieving her dreams, confronts the problems she faces alone, reconciles with enemies, obtains good friends and facing tough choices.

Everything Lizzie teaches teenagers who are facing these issues is that even though they are not famous and not perfect, stay humble and do good to people.

Interesting soundtrack

This Lizzie McGuire movie makes for a super cool soundtrack. Although at that time, Hilary Duff’s voice was not as stable as it is now. Understandably, Hilary Duff played Lizzie when she was very young. Hilary duet with co-star Yani Gellman song What Dreams Are Made Of

Lizzie McGuire review

In addition, Hilary Duff also sang her own song called Why Not with her twin sister Haylie Duff. In addition to these two original songs, there are other songs that are equally classy and perfect for the soundtrack of this movie, namely The Tide is High by Atomic Kitten and Volare by Vitamin C.

Overall, Bacaterus gives this Lizzie McGuire a 3.5/5 rating. This movie can be one of the suggestions for you to watch this weekend. You can watch this fun and friendly story for teenagers, with family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Watch the movie and let Lizzie McGuire entertain you with all of her humor!

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