LiSA Another Great Day Movie Review

For those who love anime and anisong, you’re probably already familiar with Japanese singer, LiSA. He sings pretty well on the soundtracks of popular anime. Some of them are Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online, and Demon Slayer.

On March 24, 2022, Netflix announced a documentary with LiSA, “Rock Heroine”. This documentary titled LiSA Another Great Day, aired on October 18, 2022. A film about LiSA’s journey through life’s ups and downs to enter a new phase.

Bacaterus will review this documentary. For those of you who are LiSA fans and want to know more about LiSA’s life as a famous singer and songwriter in Japan, check out the following review.

LiSA Another Great Day movie synopsis

  • Release year 2022
  • Genre Documentary, Music
  • Netflix production
  • Director Taketoshi Sado
  • The cast of LiSA _

The film begins with Oribe Risa (LiSA) playing the piano. Risa says she lost a lot of things since childhood. And looking back, music was the only thing he had, so he always tried not to lose it to achieve happiness.

But bad luck kept coming, so he came up with a way to deal with the situation. Then Risa decided never to lie and always believe in herself. Like a child who believes in his mother’s words, he always says “Today is going to be a good day!”

Bad luck returned to him when the tour began, his private life was again scrutinized by the public. The day after the news was spread, instead of her personal problems, Risa was more interested in how she could appear as LiSA.

He also realizes that there is always a place that accepts him. It also encourages him to stay enthusiastic.

At that time, Risa still could not overcome her weakness, pain or sadness. But he decided to move on. Then he realized, even though the problem was not resolved, at that time he felt his suffering had lessened a little as he kept moving forward.

There are some things that LiSA believes in, such as that people often betray others in various ways, only to hurt themselves. Risa also decided to live honestly and not betray others.

LiSA Another Great Day
Later, this documentary also shows some of LiSA’s recorded moments. He works closely with all the staff involved, from the producer, to the composer and many others.

He went through a very rigorous, thorough, long and exhausting process to make it. In the end all the hard work done with the group paid off when the tour came to an end.

In addition, this film also shows how LiSA’s career began. Started as a teen rock band, then joined the band Girls Dead Monster, who led him to sing in the anime song project Angel Beat! .

After the group Girls Dead Monster disbanded, then LiSA worked solo. Until eventually he became the first singer in the Aniplex shade.

LiSA has another project singing the soundtracks of some popular anime. Some behind-the-scenes moments when LiSa was involved in the making of the Demon Slayer anime soundtrack are also featured in this documentary.

LiSA Another Great Day movie review

The story behind the life of “Rock Heroine”

Review LiSA Another Great Day

At approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, this documentary shows the story behind LiSA’s life. Not only shows LiSA’s side as a singer, but also Oribe Risa herself.

Although LiSA is known as the “Rock Heroine”, in this movie it shows that she is an ordinary human being. There are times when he feels down, feels like he needs help, and feels anxious in life.

In this movie, we see that LiSA is very close to her family. But on the other hand, LiSA did not hesitate to share her dark past; He tried to overcome all the problems of how his life was constantly changing, until he was finally known as one of the top singers in Japan.

Then in this movie we can also find the inspiration for the hits sung by LiSA. And almost all of the songs that LiSA writes are from the hard times she went through. Each song title has a deep meaning.

One of them is a song called “Gurenge” which he took from the word Guren Jigoku. He got the inspiration for this song after understanding the meaning of the lotus flower that his grandmother loved. These flowers can live in the mud and bloom in the sun.

And after LiSA understood the meaning of the lotus, she felt that the lotus was hers. The lotus flower depicts a struggle to achieve a dream and hopes to achieve that dream.

Between LiSA and Risa

Summary of LiSA Another Great Day

In this movie, Rock Heroine claims to have two identities, LiSA and Risa. Both are the same person, but are two different characters. The name LiSA itself turns out to be taken from the original name itself, just with a slightly different pronunciation.

Another interesting thing is the J-Pop star who made the difference between Risa and LiSA. Furthermore, he says that LiSA is a better, bolder and riskier version of Risa. LiSA is also a star with many fans.

That doesn’t mean, though, that when Risa becomes a LiSA, it’s as if she’s playing a role or impersonating herself. However, the LiSA for Risa is representative of her hard work.

Meanwhile, when it comes to being Risa herself, what stands out will be that she looks more relaxed. No makeup and comfortable clothes for everyday use.

For Risa herself, the shadow of LiSA is a big responsibility. So he always tries to keep doing the best for his life.

Risa also added that she is proud to be LiSA, as there are fans who appreciate her along with her. And the reason why Risa can be a LiSA without a lie is because of her fans in music, so she doesn’t stop trying to be honest.

The power of positive words


From this movie, we can see the power of positive words to have a huge impact in life. Like what LiSA always says when singing live.

“Today is going to be a good day” may be simple words, but those are words that LiSA believes in to this day.

Although of course sometimes there are tough times that LiSA has to face. However, he always believes that good days will always come, even though it takes a process. And he will always live to keep running to make every day a “better day”.

All the stories behind LiSA’s life in this documentary are made in an attractive packaging. His life story description is quite moving and interesting to watch.

In addition, the documentary film LiSA Another Great Day was made to close the 10-year journey of LiSA’s operation, with the hope that it will open a new or better chapter in the future.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of LiSA or anime, this movie is one of the best documentaries to watch. Especially for LiSA fans, you can see LiSA’s struggles in the music world.

Also, overall, you can see that aspect of the struggle is more emotional, inspiring and motivating for the audience to continue to live better.

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