Kung Fu Panda 4 Movie Review

All Kung Fu Panda movies can always entertain the audience. It’s not surprising that producer DreamWorks continued Po’s story into a fourth series. This Kung Fu Panda movie does not have the entire cast, only Po participates fully along with his two fathers.

This time Po struggles with his new task of replacing Mister Oogway as Spiritual Leader in the Valley of Peace. But it seems the mission becomes difficult when a new enemy appears and sabotages Po’s plans. Let’s see the interesting story of fighting Po’s enemies in the following movie review!

Summary of the movie Kung Fu Panda 4

  • Release year 2024
  • Genres Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Director Mike Mitchell
  • Jack Black Awkwafina cast

Dragon Warrior Po (Jack Black) has completed his mission well. He completely protected the Valley of Peace, his homeland, from many enemies. This makes people live in harmony. Once, Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) asked Po to continue his duties as Spiritual Leader of Master Oogway.

But Po refused, he felt comfortable with his current title of Dragon Warrior. Po doesn’t want anything to change. Hearing this, Master Shifu said that this must be done so that everything in the Jade Lau would be in harmony. The title of Dragon Warrior must be passed on to a new hero.

Po also tried meditating for inspiration. Instead of practicing inner peace, Po cannot concentrate, especially after meeting a mysterious figure he has never seen before in the castle. The main character is a corsac fox named Zhen (Awkwafina) who wants to steal some relics in the storage room.

Po immediately stopped Zhen, who did not believe that the fat panda was a warrior. Zhen surrendered and was immediately arrested and thrown into prison. At the same time, one of Po’s greatest enemies, Tai Lung (Ian McShane), reappears; even though he should have been in the spirit realm.

Kung Fu Panda 4 Review

The news was immediately reported to Po. All the residents began to worry that Tai Lung had really returned to take revenge. Zhen, who learned this news by chance, then told Po that it was not actually Tai Lung but a villain named Chameleon (Viola Davis) who resembled him.

Po asks how Zhen knows this. Zhen then offers a deal that he will help Po find Chameleon if he is released. Without thinking long, Po let go of Zhen and together they went to another city where Chameleon was.

Arriving in a city filled with criminals, Zhen immediately took Po to a mountaintop castle with tight security. The chameleon is an evil chameleon that can absorb a person’s powers and abilities; and Zhen hoped Po would be extremely careful in dealing with him.

After overcoming many obstacles, Po and Zhen entered Chameleon’s castle. Unfortunately, a trap locked Po in a lock that had been anointed with ancient magic; so Po’s warrior power would not be strong enough to penetrate it. Po also asked Zhen to help him use the wisdom stick.

As soon as Zhen held the staff of wisdom, he gave it to Chameleon. It turns out that Zhen is a student of Chameleon, who was asked to bring Po and his staff of wisdom to the castle. Po learned about this and was very disappointed and sad because he thought Zhen was his new friend.

Zhen felt uncomfortable, because Po had repeatedly shown that he was not like the other ruthless masters. Po is a kind and sincere person. But Zhen couldn’t do anything because the trap was his teacher’s request. Po was thrown out of the castle by Chameleon in the hope that he would die.

Luckily, Po survived thanks to the help of his two fathers. Ping (James Hong) and Li Shan (Bryan Cranston). He survived and returned to the castle. On the other hand, Chameleon began performing a ritual to absorb the power of the masters in the spirit realm, including Tai Lung. Zhen saw this and immediately went to find Po in the hope that Panda was still alive.

Sure enough, arriving at the castle gate, Zhen saw Po and immediately hugged Po and apologized for betraying Po’s trust. Zhen warns Po about the ritual the Chameleon has started. Po forgives Zhen and immediately enters the castle. Meanwhile, Zhen and Po’s fathers seek help through Zhen’s criminal friends.

Battle begins. There were now dozens of powers that Chameleon had mastered and he was convinced that Po would never be able to defeat him. Before the battle, he went to meet all the masters of the spirit realm and promised to restore their strength once again and defeat the mad chameleon so that the masters could return to the realm in peace. soul.

Kung Fu Panda 4

The chameleon begins to attack Po, who has now regained his wand of wisdom. The chameleon constantly uses the power of its owner. However, Po did not give up. He continued to fight Chameleon tooth and nail. Meanwhile, Zhen’s father and Po, who are also Zhen’s criminal friends, paralyze the guards.

But Chameleon’s power was really strong, so it overwhelmed Po. Chameleon had Po locked in bars and unable to move. Po then threw the staff of wisdom at Zhen and asked Zhen to continue fighting. Po says that Zhen must believe in the power he has.

Now Chameleon’s opponent is his own student. The Chameleon said that Zhen would not be able to fight him because the war stance that Zhen used was the teachings of the Chameleon himself. Unfortunately, Chameleon didn’t know there was another fighting move that Po taught him and it paralyzed him.

Taking this opportunity, Po, who had just escaped from the bars, immediately released his master’s powers back to their owner. The masters thanked Po and returned Chameleon to the spirit world. After it was all over, Po and Zhen returned to the Valley of Peace, where Zhen trained to become the next Dragon Warrior.

Review of the movie Kung Fu Panda 4

Po was offended

We will be convinced by the half-dead Zhen; thinking that Zhen could be Po’s partner in everything against Chameleon. This is deeply imprinted in the minds of the audience because almost half of the movie is about Po and Zhen’s journey together fighting crime, facing obstacles, etc.

In the scene Po is trapped in the magic rod and Zhen betrays Po. I can not breath! Because Po put all his trust in Zhen and Zhen destroyed everything in an instant. For some reason, this incident seems very relevant to the real world. Luckily in the end Zhen still sided with Po.

Introducing Kung Fu Panda 4

The best quotes

Kung Fu Panda is famous for its best sayings. Starting from Master Oogway’s lecture before his death, to Master Shifu’s words of encouragement when Po began to lose his sense of fighting to become a warrior. However, in this Kung Fu Panda movie there is a great quote presented by the scriptwriter.

His quote goes like this, ‘Change is not always bad and you have to do it; because if everything good is repeated over and over again it will get bland and you will get bored’. This was said by Po’s father, Mr. Ping, as Po reluctantly continues his spiritual leadership duties.

Continuing Zhen’s story

Before the movie ends, Zhen meets other warriors besides Po. There are Cranes, Vipers, Monkeys, Praying Mantises and Tigers. They reteach what they taught Po when he was appointed by Master Oogway as the next Dragon Warrior; a room full of traps and war strategies.

In this way, the title of dragon warrior will be carried by Zhen and indicates that there will be a sequel story where Zhen begins his mission as the new protector of the Valley of Peace. Will producer DreamWorks make a new story or continue with the fifth Kung Fu Panda movie?

Let’s keep that thought, it would be better if we previewed and enjoyed the interesting story of Po and his friends in the movie Kung Fu Panda 4. Salenhanh dares to give 4/5 for this movie directed by Mike Mitchell for the good plot. Don’t forget to watch this movie with your family, the rating is for all ages!

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