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Summary of the movie Komi Can’t Communicate

  • Release year: 2022
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Pieces of Life
  • Produce: OLM
  • Directed by: Ayumu Watanabe
  • Voiced by: Aoi Koga Gakuto Kajiwara

Currently Komi has a few friends, but has not achieved the desired goal. Although it is still a bit difficult to communicate, Komi has made a lot of progress now compared to before.

Episode 1-2

Komi Cant Communicate

At school, Najimi suddenly reached out and touched Komi’s cheek. Surprised by the touch, Komi decides to do the same for Tadano.

Before going to class, Najimi charged Komi for books as she said via text message. After that, Najimi changed books and gave Komi a small notebook.

Komi has to use a small notebook to write down all the names of the friends she has known so far. And nervously, Komi asked Tadano to write her name in the notebook. After Tadano’s name was written as her first friend, Komi continued to ask her other friends to write their names in the notebook. . At the same time, Makoto Katai, a new student nervously arrives in class.

Katai’s thug-like appearance makes the students fear him, except that Najimi and Tadano look normal. Tadano even took Katai around the school to introduce different places in the school.

At first Najimi is excited when winter is coming, but at the same time she is also annoyed. Remembering the upcoming winter exams made him think of Nakanaka.

Nakanaka then took Komi, Tadano and Najimi to his house to study. However, Yamai also went to Nakanaka’s house because he wanted to always be near Komi.

Upon arriving at the house, Nakanaka was annoyed with Yamai’s behavior so they argued to get Komi’s heart.

Although Komi gave an answer that satisfied both of them, Nakanaka still felt dissatisfied. In the end, he challenged Yamai to a game and determined who was the best match for Komi.

When the exam arrives, Komi accidentally drops her pencil. But because she was too scared, Komi did not dare to ask her teacher to take her away.

Tadano was quick to help Komi and dropped his pencil near Komi’s dropped pencil. Later, Tadano realizes that he doesn’t have an eraser and Komi decides to repay the favor. The eraser that Komi gave him became Tadano’s valuable item.

The next day, a strong typhoon hit Komi quite frightened. However, a call from Tadano calms Komi a bit and she asks Tadano to come with her a little longer. The storm has passed and school is back.

At school, Yamai is so obsessed with wanting to see Komi’s panties that he tries so hard to see them even though he fails in the end.

The story turns to some of Tadano’s classmates, who are sitting not far from him, suddenly imagining which girl in the class they will date. They start fantasizing about some girls and fantasizing about romantic relationships.

However, it is difficult for them to imagine dating Komi. On the other hand, Tadano suddenly imagined himself dating Komi and embarrassed himself.

The story then continues with Komi, who wants to visit a cat cafe she saw on the news. He wanted to take Tadano and Najimi with him, but neither of them could. Komi then goes to the cat cafe with Oniemine and Otori.

When he got there, it turned out that no cats came near Komi and made him jealous of Onemine and Otori. Then suddenly a black cat named Chocolat approached and made Komi very happy.

The next day at school, Yamai and Najimi play a game of ‘I Love You’ and if their opponent reciprocates that opponent loses.

Yamai tried very hard to say ‘I Love You’ to Komi, but there was no response. Until Tadano was asked to join the game and made himself feel nervous.

Chap 3

Episode 1 2 Komi Cant Communicate

So far only Tadano is the only one who can understand the meaning of Komi’s body or mind language. Afterwards, Nakanaka and Yamai asked Tadano to teach them how to get closer to Komi.

Tadano begins to teach them directly by watching Komi’s movements. However, Nakanaka and Yamai still couldn’t guess what Komi was thinking and only expressed what was on their mind.

Tadano’s classmates begin to re-imagine a romantic scenario with the woman of their dreams. This time, they try to imagine and draw Komi into their imagination.

However, they can only imagine that Komi becomes an excessive and deadly killer. They immediately stopped imagining when Komi suddenly entered the classroom.

Moving on to another scene, during lunchtime, Katai wanted to try inviting Tadano to lunch together. Katai is afraid of Tadano and Komi, but the students in his class including Komi see things differently.

After trying to talk to Tadano, Katai left the classroom. Afterwards, Tadano bids Komi farewell to follow Katai’s invitation.

Katai still has trouble communicating with Tadano and is surprised to see Komi watching them.

Katai thinks Komi is assessing the way she communicates with Tadano. But, actually Komi is worried about Tadano and is secretly watching them from behind.

Tadano then tells Katai to relax while being with him. And after realizing Komi was there, Tadano invited Komi to eat with him.

Komi also asks Katai to write her name in the friendship book. But Katai assumed that the list of names in the note were Komi’s ‘students’.

While at home, Tadano thinks back to the incident during the cultural festival, where he dressed as women. This made Tadano feel very embarrassed, especially at that time he was very close to Komi.

After that, Tadano tries to recall what he wanted to say to Komi at that time. Because his mind and heart were in turmoil, Tadano decided to go outside to calm down.

However, he chose the wrong time and made himself even more confused when he met Komi at the crossroads.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Komi Cant Communicate

On Christmas Eve, Komi immediately panicked after receiving a text from Najimi saying that she was going to visit her house with friends to exchange gifts.

Komi is confused about what to give her friends, but then invites her younger brother, Shousuke, to go shopping with her.

Komi impatiently and anxiously waited for her friends to appear at her doorstep. When Najimi and the others arrived, they immediately wished Komi a Merry Christmas and a birthday.

However, Komi did not respond to their words, so they feared that Komi’s birthday was not December 24.

Komi then informs them that her birthday is on the 25th and makes them quite relieved. Najimi also gives Komi a big cat doll and says it’s a shared gift from the others. Then one by one Komi’s friends entered Komi’s house.

Tadano, who arrives at the end tries to notice Komi’s expression, then says that Komi should thank her friends later by sending a message. After Najimi and the others entered Komi’s house, almost everyone scrambled to sit next to Komi. However, some people don’t really care and just sit down at an empty seat.

While Komi’s mother prepares the drinks, Tadano and Komi help set up the party, while the others begin to strategize to sit next to Komi. However, Komi instead chose to sit next to Tadano and annoy Yamai.

After everyone had taken their seats, Yamai suggested playing the game ‘Game King’. The game starts by choosing a stick with a number, but for the King stick it is marked with a red mark. For those who get the king stick, they can then order the number in question.

When Najimi became king, he asked Komi to wear Santa’s clothes. Meanwhile, Komi’s mother unexpectedly joins the game and tells Tadano to ‘kiss’ his male friend, Shinobino.

One by one they become kings and when Komi is elected king, he asks everyone to remain his friends. Of course, it immediately got everyone’s approval and moved them.

But, when they were about to go home, they felt sad and confused because Komi didn’t even talk about the gifts they had given them. Then suddenly they received a message from Komi.

Episode 5

Episode 5 Komi Cant Communicate

When it was still very early, Tadano and Najimi went to Komi’s house. Najimi explains to Komi that she has been excited since the snow started.

Najimi also invites Tadano out of the house in the morning, until they reach Komi’s house. Komi also understood why Tadano still looked sleepy.

After seeing Tadano make a small snowman, they decided to make a bigger snowman. After they finished, Komi’s mother gave them warm soup.

Komi herself is still trying to make a mini snowman doll and place it next to a small snowman made by Tadano.

Najimi then invited her friends to play snow battles with the elementary school kids. Komi is in a group with the elementary school kids, while Tadano and the others are in a team.

The snowball fight begins, but Komi looks scared in the snowball fight. Meanwhile, Tadano’s group easily defeats the elementary school kids and leaves only Komi.

Yamai betrayed his comrades in order to stop those who were pursuing Komi. Komi then easily defeats Yamai, who doesn’t want to throw snow at Komi. So elementary school kids saw Komi as an incredible character.

Some time later, Komi and her family visit Yuiko’s house to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Komi is happy to see Akira again, who taught her to play hanafuda (traditional Japanese card game).

While Akira was explaining how to play hanfuda to Komi, Yuiko’s grandmother came and joined the game of cards with the New Year’s bet.

Akira was immediately excited to play hanafuda with his grandmother, but unfortunately was defeated because he was too confident to win. Komi then sought revenge for Akira and won the battle against her grandmother.

The next day, on New Year’s Day, Komi, along with Akira and her grandmother, go to the temple to pray. While praying, Komi confirmed her grandmother’s question about hope last year. Komi was also asked to say thank you for fulfilling this wish.

After praying, Komi and Akira are invited to the temple by their grandmother. But one of the miko (temple maidens) fell ill and the staff there were overwhelmed with tourists. Later, Komi was appointed by her grandmother to help there.

Episode 6

Episode 6 Komi Cant Communicate

On January 2, Najimi stayed at Tadano’s house and offered to take the rest of his friends to the shrine. Najimi tried to call several people including Komi. Then, in the afternoon at the appointed time, they gathered in front of the shrine.

Suddenly Najimi asks the others to hurry up, but Tadano and Komi stay behind. Then they also followed the others who had run into the temple.

After praying, they buy lucky charms. However, Komi hid the results of her lucky charm from Tadano. In fact, he has had great luck for this year.

Katai mustered up the courage to ask Tadano to go ice skating. While going to the shrine the day before, Katai didn’t get a chance to talk to Tadano.

Even though it was his first time going out during the holidays. So he really wanted to invite Tadano to play so he could get acquainted.

The next day, it turns out that the person Tadano invited was Komi. So that made Katai as well as Komi very worried.

Tadano later discovers that Katai and Komi have never skated before. After that, Tadano started teaching the two of them to skate until they could start skating.

The next day, Tadano has a cold and fever, but has to rest alone because his family is taking a hot spring bath.

Tadano also had a rather high fever. When he wanted to ask for help, he tried to call Najimi, but didn’t realize it was Komi!

Episode 7

Episode 7 Komi Cant Communicate

In the room, Komi thinks about the events at Tadano’s house. Komi thinks about whether or not Najimi saw her holding Tadano’s hand. He tried to explain the incident to Najimi by writing a letter. However, every time she thought about it, Komi became even more embarrassed.

At school, Komi intends to put a letter for Najimi in her locker. But, at the same time, Najimi came and immediately took the letter.

Not long after, Tadano arrives and surprises Komi. Tadano senses Komi is being watched and asks what the problem is, but instead Komi turns her face away.

Just before leaving for school, Tadano tried to recall whether Komi really came to see him when he was sick. But he suspected and feared it was just an illusion. But if it is true that Komi visited him at that time, then he is trying to say thank you.

However, before that he wanted to confirm first with Najimi, who had apparently come to his house.

When she got to class, Komi immediately ran to the bathroom because she was so embarrassed. Meanwhile, Tadano directly asks Najimi about Komi on the day she was sick. Later, Najimi replies that Komi only checks Tadano’s pulse when he is sick.

Is Shisuto Naruse, a man who is very narcissistic when he tries to get close to Komi. But, whenever he approached Komi, he was overwhelmed by his classmates.

Naruse nervously leaves the classroom, followed by Komi, who gives her a dropped handkerchief. Naruse was immediately overjoyed because she felt that Komi liked her.

Then, Naruse confidently asked for Komi’s phone number. However, because Komi was worried, she immediately ran away and ended up asking for Tadano’s number again. Since then, Tadano has always received selfies from Naruse.

Najimi was excited when her teacher informed her about the school field trip. Tadano then asks Komi where he wants to visit when he comes to Kyoto. However, Komi was lost in thought and asked Tadano to repeat the question.

When he got home from school, Tadano found Komi a little disappointed, but Komi denied it. After they broke up, Komi unexpectedly called Tadano and told him about her bad memories of going on a field trip in middle school.

Episode 8

Episode 8 Komi Cant Communicate

The day of the actual trip arrived, Komi went to the train station to gather with her friends. While on the train, Tadano was asked by his homeroom teacher to make sure all students were present.

Komi was in the same group as Mikuni Kato and Ayami Sasaki, the three of them felt awkward so it was difficult to interact. Afterwards, Mikuni and Ayami agree to give Komi an unforgettable trip.

Upon arriving in Kyoto, Komi and the others were guided by tour guide Ryouko Tenjouin. However, Ryouko felt shrunken as no one seemed to care about her explanation.

Ryouko tried to stay calm and continued to give them information. When she was very discouraged, Ryouko regained her spirits after seeing Tadano and Komi watching her.

After finishing the tour in several places, Komi and the others finally returned to the hotel where they were staying. However, when it came time to take a bath, Komi felt flustered as it was her first time doing it.

Episode 9

Episode 9 Komi Cant Communicate

On the second day of the field trip, the students were given free time. This time, Komi, who is in the same group as Kat and Sasaki, decides to go to Osaka, according to Kat’s schedule.

One by one, the three began to visit the sites. Starting with horseback riding, deer watching, eating traditional food and much more. Kat and Sasaki also got into a fight, but when Komi shows a picture of the three of them, it calms Kat and Sasaki.

Next, they take the time to come to the land of cinema. There, Komi dressed as a geisha makes visitors marvel at Komi’s beauty.

On the other hand, Komi felt panic, especially when suddenly a group of people dressed in ninja costumes surrounded her. Komi’s beauty made Kat burst into tears of admiration.

Sasaki, who sees Komi, looks around and sees Kat crying, causing her to misunderstand. Unaware of the actual situation, Sasaki ‘rescued’ Komi with her yo-yo skill.

Episode 10

Episode 10 Komi Cant Communicate

Students in Komi’s class still talk a lot about their field trips. However, Komi feels scared to say hello to her friends on a field trip, Kat and Sasaki. However, thanks to Tadano’s encouragement, Komi was finally able to greet them properly.

After school, Onemine invites Komi to her house to make chocolates for Valentine’s Day. As a result, Komi has a new experience of making chocolate cakes with Onemine, Onemine’s sister, and also Otori.

While waiting for the chocolate cake to cook, Onemine’s sisters forced Komi to speak. Then they ask Komi to talk more and make Komi happy.

The next day, on Valentine’s Day, Komi receives chocolates from her friends. Komi also gives chocolates to her friends. Only Tadano did not receive chocolate from Komi. That also made Tadano wonder.

Episode 11

Episode 11 Komi Cant Communicate

On February 15, after Valentine’s Day has passed, Komi feels embarrassed as she recalls the events of Valentine’s Day. At school, Komi’s friends who received chocolates from her thanked her.

However, Komi felt very tense and embarrassed when facing Tadano, her tense face showed. However, Tadano himself did not know why Komi had such an expression.

During the dressing, there was a hole in the leggings that Komi was wearing. Yamai knew that and immediately gave Komi a new pair of leggings. He also immediately grabbed Komi’s old leggings, put them on her head and ran. Komi immediately chased after Yamai with her ‘naked’ legs.

The story continues about Akako Onigashima, a friendly and energetic kid. However, there are times when Onigashima is emotional and makes those around him shy. When his anger was about to explode, Komi helped Onigashima and reassured him immediately.

After a while, the story turns to Satou Amami, a girl who is sweet and always helps others. At one point, his attitude started to change when he came into contact with Komi and Tadano. And the first time Komi and Tadano fight.

Anime Komi Can’t Communicate . Reviews

Komi who started to be brave a bit

Just like the first season, Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 (2022) follows Komi’s daily life at school. Komi is still having difficulty communicating with others and continues to make 100 friends.

Komi the brave

Thanks to Tadano’s support, Komi is now starting to be a little braver than before. So far Komi has about 15 friends, so there are still 85 more to reach her goal.

The funny thing is, Komi is not only nervous when communicating with humans, but can also feel nervous when communicating with cats.

However, after one of the cats who are difficult to get along with the people at the cat cafe approached him, Komi added a cat named Chocolat to her friends list.

Meanwhile, Tadano himself is now used to Komi to be more courageous. He always encourages Komi to start inviting people other than himself to activities, although sometimes Tadano feels sorry for not going with Komi.

In this 2nd season, there is the appearance of a new character named Katai, who is quite feared by Komi and Tadano’s classmates. Despite being very scared because of her scary appearance, Katai is actually hiding her anxiety.

The meeting scene between Katai and Komi is also a very entertaining scene. The scene shows the two nervously trying to communicate with each other.

Overall, from the first two episodes of season two, both in terms of plot, character development and cinematography, in my opinion, it is much better than the previous season.

Of course, those who watched and enjoyed starting from the first season, will be curious about how Komi’s story unfolds in this second season.

Is Tadano starting to like Komi?

Tadano indeed proved to be the one who understood Komi the most. Tadano could easily understand what Komi was thinking. This is also acknowledged by Nakanaka and Yamai, who wish to be closer to Komi.

Tadano and komi

Not only that, but Tadano can easily read other people’s thoughts just by looking at their gestures and expressions. By looking at Komi’s gestures and expressions, Tadano was also able to read the intentions of Katai, who was having difficulty communicating.

In episode 3, it seems that Tadano is starting to think about his feelings for Komi. But on the other hand, Tadano was still confused by his feelings. Is it just her imagination or is she starting to like Komi?

The funny thing is, when Tadano was confused by his feelings, he accidentally met Komi and made him clumsy.

Surprise party at Komi’s House

In episode 4, it is shown that although Komi has difficulty communicating, Komi is actually like a girl. Especially when there is a scene where he is confused about choosing a gift that makes his sister want to go home quickly, this is a very funny scene.

Komis House Party

In addition, this episode also shows Komi’s varying levels of anxiety. Because this is the first time his friends visit his house. Plus, Komi gets to have a Merry Christmas, a birthday, and even a gift.

So it’s only natural for Komi, who has difficulty communicating, to feel confused about how she should show her expression. Fortunately, Tadano was always around when Komi was so flustered, so the misunderstanding didn’t get any worse.

Oh that’s right, don’t forget to watch until the end of the credits, because there is one more lovely video. At the end of the story, it also shows the beginning of why Komi’s friends are able to visit her house.

So far, at least Komi has made some progress, although she is still confused as to how to express herself when she receives a surprise like this one.

Komi Beauty becomes the center of attention

Once again, Komi’s beauty became the focus of everyone’s attention. Especially when he wears Kimono when going to the shrine to pray on the first day of the new year in episode 5.

Komi Beauty

Interestingly, everyone got out of the way as Komi and her grandmother walked towards the temple. So the street became deserted and even his grandmother found it very useful.

But, what’s even more interesting is when Komi has to become a miko. Of course, it was predictable that Komi would have trouble talking to people who wanted to buy amulets at shrine stalls.

However, on the advice of Inaka, who turned out to be Komi’s classmate and became a miko there, Komi was finally able to do her job well as a miko.

Of course, this will be a worthwhile new experience for Komi. So far, there are still 81 people to reach Komi’s goal of 100 friends.

Tadano and Komi Misbehave

Tadano and Komi’s behavior in each episode gets more and more adorable. Furthermore, in episode 6, both Tadano and Komi looked very embarrassed, to the point of blushing.

Tadano and Komi Misbehave

Just like in the scene where Najimi calls Komi, Tadano immediately feels awkward and makes her sister suspicious. Later, when Komi accidentally prepares sick Tadano to eat and when she wakes up, they are both embarrassed.

Then the funniest part was when Komi was holding Tadano’s hand who was sleeping when suddenly Najimi entered Tadano’s room. Of course Komi immediately panicked and seemed to be trying to explain the situation to Najimi.

Komi’s field trips and high school past

It’s funny to see Komi trying to explain a possible misunderstanding with Najimi. She was so frightened that Komi wrote many letters explaining what happened at Tadano’s house to Najimi.

Komi .'s field trip

Actually, it seems that Najimi didn’t think much or maybe Najimi didn’t see the incident that Komi was afraid of.

In episode seven, a new character named Shisuto Naruse appeared. He is a very narcissistic boy.

What’s interesting is that every time Naruse says or makes a move, there’s always the commenter, Kometani Chuusaku. However, every time Kometani speaks, a type of speech bubble will appear, this type of bubble usually appears in comic books.

This episode also reveals Komi’s past and middle school memories during field trips. From there, we know that Komi used to feel isolated. Perhaps because he was difficult to talk at that time, he always felt lonely, so when it came to reality, Komi was quite shy.

However, Tadano tries to convince Komi not to be afraid anymore, as Komi has friends now. Tadano’s words certainly made Komi happy and enthusiastic to go on field trips later.

By the way, when Tadano invited Komi to Kyoto, it was like he was dating Komi!

New experience for Komi

In episode 8, it showed some famous buildings in Japan, Kyoto to be exact. There are Kinkakuji, Kiyomizu-dera and Ryougen-in temples. In this episode, viewers can get a deeper understanding of the history of the buildings that Komi and her friends visited.

New experience for Kimi

While doing field trips, Komi seems to really enjoy her ride. Especially when the girls are about to go to bed, thanks to Najimi’s suggestions for sex, Komi can feel the excitement like going on a picnic.

Meanwhile, the boys, especially Tadano, seemed to really enjoy the post-bath photo session. Although it was strange at first, over time Tadano seemed to really enjoy it. Especially Katai, Naruse and three other students became the subject of the photo when showing off their muscular body.

Day 2 of an exciting field trip

In episode 9, Komi really enjoyed her trip with Kat and Sasaki. However, even though they looked awkward at first, gradually the awkward atmosphere began to dissipate. Komi is used to and feels happy with Kat and Sasaki.

2nd day of field trip

Komi’s relationship with Kat and Sasaki also deepens. Especially at night, they decided to open up a more lively conversation. Furthermore, there is something quite unexpected about Komi’s feelings!

Komi doesn’t seem to realize that she likes Tadano. The funny thing is, when Komi finds out what it means to like someone from Kat, it makes her feel embarrassed and makes her constantly teased by Kat and Sasaki.

This episode is filled with funny situations of the trio Komi, Kat and Sasaki. Furthermore, Komi in this episode looks even more expressive than usual. And until this episode 9, there are 79 more friends that Komi needs to reach the 100 people goal.

Komi tries to be brave

Throughout these ten episodes, Komi continues to strive to be brave, although she still needs encouragement from her friends, especially Tadano. But Komi is grown up now, though it’s still often difficult to strike up a conversation.

Komi becomes brave

In this episode, there are many unexpected and highly entertaining details. Like the image of Katai, who has begun to be ‘respected’ by some of his male friends.

Komi also began to muster up the courage to speak even though it took a lot of time and courage. Then there was also Tadano who felt very hopeful and worried because he didn’t get chocolates from Komi when he got home from school.

Komi and Tadano’s First Fight

In episode 11, there are some visuals that look a bit different. Like in the early minutes of this episode and in the scene where Komi is going to the bathroom with Yamai. In some of these scenes, the image feels strange and not as pretty as it should be.

The Komi and Tadano War

Meanwhile, in terms of story, there are things that are quite interesting. In this episode, Komi and Tadano have a ‘fight’ for the first time. Although, their fight was only due to a small misunderstanding.

But, it’s funny to see them finally experiencing something new. To the point where they were teased by Najimi and embarrassed them.

In this episode, several new characters appear who become new friends of Komi. So now there are 73 people left to reach the 100 friends goal for Komi. Ah yes, you’ll be sure to watch until the end, because it’s a shame to miss Komi’s funny expression!


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