Knock at the Cabin Movie Review

Knock at the Cabin is one of the horror films that are eagerly awaited by the audience on the big screen. The production by Universal Pictures and Blinding Edge Pictures offers an unusual sense of horror.

This movie is adapted from the novel called The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay published in 2018. As information, the book The Cabin at the End of the World is one of my favorite books. Stephen King’s favorite.

Synopsis of the movie The sound of Knock at the Cabin

Eric and Andrew are a happily married same-sex couple. For complete happiness, the two decided to adopt a Chinese-born child named Wen. In their spare time, Eric and Andrew decide to rent a cabin in New England. This holiday aims to spend quality time with their family.

At first, it was a dream vacation for families. Immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the cool lake water and warm sunshine. It turns out that this family’s dream vacation didn’t go as planned. Something went wrong when Wen met a mysterious person named Leonard.

Review Knock at the Cabin

Soon, the chalet they were staying in was filled with knocks from Leonard and his 3 friends, Redmon, Sabrina, and Adriane. Knock after knock, until these four tried to get in. Each of them also holds a weapon.

Entering successfully, Eric and Andrew did not give up. They tried to fight back, but failed and ended up becoming prisoners. Leonard made their point. Four of them have visions from the future. And they saw the apocalypse happen. One thing they can do to prevent the apocalypse is sacrifice. One of the family members must sacrifice his life to prevent the apocalypse.

Comments Knock at the Cabin

Knock at the Cabin’s Cast

M. Night Shyamalan is the director and screenwriter who made the movie Knock at the Cabin. This horror movie stars some famous Hollywood actors and actresses, such as Dave Bautista as Leonard, Jonathan Groff as Eric, Ben Aldridge as Andrew, Nikki Amuka Bird as Adriane, Kristen Cui in as Wen, Abby Quinn as Sabrina and Harry Potter star Rupert. Grint like Redmond.

Impressive director from India

M. Night Shyamalan was born into a highly academic Indian family. Father is a neurologist, mother works in midwifery. After moving to the US at the age of 6 weeks, he grew up in an environment that was discriminatory against foreigners. He was hated by his teachers because he was “a pagan but got the best grade in the class”.

Knock at the Cabin

In 1999, M. Night Shyamalan took on the role of directing and writing the script for “The Sixth Sense”. The horror film starring Bruce Willis was a huge hit, becoming the second-highest-grossing horror film in history ($672.8 million worldwide) and bringing the Shyamalan’s team 6 Oscar nominations, including “Best Picture” and “Best Director”. Overall, “The Sixth Sense” has intangible value in terms of script and a classic twist, if not the best in horror film history. In 2013, the film was listed in the list of 101 best screenplays of all time by the Screenwriters Guild of America.

The movie The Sixth Sense created a wave in the career and life of M. Night Shyamalan forever. Through hundreds of orders and thousands of phone calls from many major filmmakers, the calm life of the Indian director has been “disturbed”. After The Sixth Sense, Shyamalan continued to leave a footprint with many horror works, such as Unbreakable, Signs, The Visit, Split, Old …

Shyamalan’s horror filmmaking style is diverse, from scary to psychological, from alien to supernatural and supernatural. In particular, the projects of the director born in 1970 are very full of life philosophy, especially about family and life cycle.

Movie Knock at the Cabin

Unique horror movie style

Knock at the Cabin is director M. Night Shyamalan’s 5th project with Universal, marking his more than 30-year journey of filmmaking. The film will explore the theme of life cycle through the story of a family of 3 who are vacationing in a house in the middle of nowhere. However, they are visited by four strangers who demand that one of them sacrifice his life to help save the world.

He used a 90s-style cinematography to create the film, with an extremely attractive cast including former Marvel star Dave Bautista, Harry Potter’s Ron Rupert Grint, Frozen star Jonathan Groff, Pennyworth star Ben Aldridge, and female star Old Nikki Amuka-Bird.

Knock at the Cabin review

With his “unusual” talent and imagination, M. Night Shyamalan will create a Knock at the Wooden House full of surprises, charm, and things for the audience to think about.

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